Affiliate Marketing Guide:

Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is making money through promoting the others company products or services. You can earn money for selling or promoting the product or service. For affiliate marketing you don’t need to invest time and create a product or service to sell.  You just have to create a platform for promoting and selling other companies services or products.

Basics of Affiliate Marketing:

When you are planning to start this, first you have to understand the process, what to do and how to make money.

  • How it works: It is an internet based system that helps you make money by referring services or products of third party. In affiliate marketing the people who want sell their product will place ads on your website, once the people who visit your website clicks the banner for buying the products or service, then your website will earn some commission depending on value of product sold.
  • There are many ways to do this, we can do affiliate marketing without website. But many companies need platform for marketing. Through your website you can promote products by posting review on certain products, surveys or by endorsing particular product or service.
  • Affiliate marketing will have special link called affiliate link for every product you are promoting.  When you write some article on particular topic and link to product that is related to the article. This process of merging links in your content is called affiliate linking. Affiliate links have tracking information of every successful sale from your site. You will receive the commission once visitor clicks on affiliated link while reading content.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Cost of investment is very less: Every business need basic capital investment. But affiliate marketing doesn’t need any huge investment.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a singled handed business, you don’t need any staff
  • Earn constant income
  • Make your place around the world: Affiliate Marketing deals with advertisers around the world. So choose the best product and implements necessary techniques to generate traffic to clients all over the world.
  • Minimum Risk: The main reason why people show interest in this is due to its low risk factor
  • No need to take stress to create a product or service. You just need to promote the products.
  • NO need of any research or Expert knowledge
  • Flexible work

Getting Started With:

Create your own website that gives you a platform for affiliate marketing. Website should be visually good with fresh and valuable content. The products you affiliating should be related to your website content.

Affiliate Marketing will be successful when you select a right product to promote and by implementing best techniques like SEO etc.

Affiliate Marketing is the most cost effective way to advertise your business online. In affiliate marketing you will rewarded for generating traffic to the advertiser. Advertiser pays money for you to place ad on your website and for generating sales. If you say in simple works the advertiser pays you commission for their sales or promotion.

Terms to learn In Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing industry has its own language to communicate. As a beginner it will be difficult for you to understand some strange words.  So here are some words listed that may help you.

Affiliate Agreement:

It is agreement done between the affiliate and merchant. It includes the rules, responsibilities and payment charges and others formalities for a profitable relation.

Affiliate Link:

As discussed above affiliate link is a URL from the merchant that will identify you as affiliate while generating the traffic. This link helps to track the traffic or sales generated by affiliate.

Affiliate Networks:

Affiliate Network is platform for exposing merchants to wider network affiliates. This network is responsible to recruiting affiliates. This network provides you all back end technology needed to track performance of affiliate. And they ensure for payment on right time. Some affiliate networks are Readbank, Commission junction, Amazon Associates.

Affiliate Program:  A program by merchant for affiliates to refer people for their services or products. You will be paid commission for participating in these programs. Affiliate programs are associate, partner, Referral or revenue sharing programs.

Charge Back: It any of your referral customer cancel his purchase, the commission received for the affiliate will be taken back.

Some other code words used are commission, conversion, cookies, cookies stuffing, CPA(Cost for action or acquisition), CPC(Cost per click), CPL(Cost per Lead), First Read, Last Read, PPC(Pay per Read),ROAS(Return on Advertising Spend), ROI(Return on Investment), Super Affiliates, White label etc

To become a successful affiliate you should implement the ideas than thinking to implement. As an affiliate marketer success won’t come at first glance, Experience count a lot in affiliate marketing.

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