Best Paying URL Shorteners List in 2017:

The following content is all about Best Paying URL Shorteners.

Earn money online made our life easy and portable, there are lots of easy and best ways to earn money through internet. But one of most easy and best way to earn money online is URL Shortener.  Don’t judge by its sounding that you need technical skills to earn money through URL Shortener, you really don’t need any technical knowledge and any blog or website. 

So are you planning to make money from URL Shortening? 

URL Shortening service/website pays you money when use them to shorten the long URL’s from other websites. You can earn by posting shortened URL’s on your websites/blogs, social networking pages (Facebook, twitter, google+etc)  or any other social channels.  Your URL Shortener account will be credited with money for every click on your shortened URLs. To earn money through URL shortening doesn’t really require website or blog but you will get bonus point if you have website or blog.

Earning money online through URL Shortening is the one of best and easiest way.  So let’s discuss the detailed information about the URL Shortening providers and the list of Top URL Shorteners that really pays you good amount of money.

Best Paying URL Shorteners  – First Step to start to earn money from URL Shortening:

  • Create your account in your selected URL Shortener.
  • Now list the LINK and make short URL of that link from your account. Now share that shortened URL from your websites, blogs, social networking like facebook, twitter, social channels and download links.
  • If anyone clicks your Shortened Link, they will view ads . For this click you will receive amount to your account.

So, now you can get a clear idea that earning money through URL Shortening is best ways. Let’s discuss the highest paid and trusted URL Shortener service providers.

Best Paying URL Shorteners and Trusted URL Shortener To Earn Money in 2017: 

  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – Net: Latest and Top URL Shortener to make money is one of the best and trusted URL shortener. You can earn upto $3 to $5 per 1000 views. The payment for the click count depends on country you live, and this also gives 25% commission for your referral. You just need create account and short your URL and share it among your social circles. Linkshrink minimum payout is $ 5. Process to Earn: 

  • Create your account.
  • Payment process.
  • Referral Rating.
  • Alexa Rank:655.

2.Best Paying URL Shorteners – Best URL Shortener Service 2017: 

One of the high payed URL Shortener Service in 2017 is CPMlink.  You need to shrink your URLs with CPMlink and share them among the all social networking pages (Facebook, whatspp, Twitter etc). Your CPMlink account will be credited with money whenever someone clicks your link. 

Steps Earn through CPMlink: 

  • Create anCPMLink Account.
  • Payment process: CPMlinks pays to $5 per 1000 views. And you can earn 10% commission for your reference.
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Bitcoin Daily.
  • Alexa Rank: 9231. 

3:Best Paying URL Shorteners – New URL Shortener in 2017 is new member in URL shortening sites. also offers handsome amount of money for shortening links and sharing. If you’re looking to earn fast money in URL shortening service then is one of the best sites.

Earn money through is very simple just join – shorten-share. You can share this shortened URL on your Websites, Facebook, Twitter and all the social forums. Your account will be credited for every click. offers you high CPM rated from $ 2.20 to $ 7 per 1000 views depends on the country to stay. is best way to earn money on link shortening and this service helps to monetize your website or social pages with high CPM rated and low payouts. 

How earn Money on :                                      

  • Create an account.
  • Shorten your links and share it among all your internet circle(Website, social pages like facebook, twitter, fan page etc ).
  • io pays $2.20 to $7 per 1000 views. Referral earning rate – 20% commission for life time.
  • Payment mode: Paypal, bitcoins, skrill, payza. 
  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – : Most popular URL Shortener  is very attractive URL Shortening service, it keeps identical from other URL Shortening service providers by implementing innovative ideas  and techniques to earn more money. URL Shortening service provider you highest pay compared to others. If you are a WordPress blog user then has WordPress Plugin to help to earn more money. 

 Steps to start with 

  • Create account by registering into its website. provides you the attractive pay ( $5 to $15 per 1000 views). Min payout is 5$.You will receive 20% commission on referrals for long time.
  • Payment is done through PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Alexa Rank: 6,276. 

5 . Best Paying URL Shorteners – Most Trusted URL Shortener Service in 2017

LinkBucks is famous URL Shortener service providers known for its highest pay. is most trusted and legalized company. pays you $0.5 to $7 per 1000 views and this pay amount depends on the country you live. 

Steps to Start with 

  • Register with
  • Pay: $ 0.5 to $ 7 per 1000 views, Payment will be done through Paypal. Minimum payout is $10. offers to 20% commission for referrals for lifetime.
  • Alexa Rank:10,026.
  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – Best URL Shortening Service Provider in 2017 is most trusted and old Service provider. is old, trusted and legal company which satisfies the users with a guaranteed pay. With offers you $ 5 to $ 10 per 1000 views. The minimum payouts for  is only $ 5 which Is very less compared to others. 

Steps to join

  • Register with .
  • offers you good amounts of money on time. Pay method Paypal. Minimum payout is$5.
  • offers 20% referral commission for life. 

7: Best Paying URL Shorteners – – A new URL Shortening Service providers that implements modern techniques. is modern URL Shortener service that helps make easy money online by sharing the shortened URL on your website/blogs, social networking pages (Facebook, Twitters etc). This service provider offers you $4 to $ 10 per 1000 views. offers you the effective referral program that offers you 20% of commission for your referrals. is latest and modern URL Shortener provider that implements latest techniques to check the real time statics of your shortened LINK. The minimum payout offered by is $10. 

Steps to start work with 

  • Create an account.
  • Payments Method: offers you $ 4 to $ 10 per 10 views. Payment is done through PayPal.
  • Alexa Rank: 1839. 

8 Best Paying URL Shorteners – : Best URL Shortener Website in 2017  also an trusted  service provider which helps you in earning good amount money online. offers you good referral commission program, you can earn 15% if you make some referral. Payment process in is 2-5 $ per 1000 views in your short URL and minimum payout is $5.

Steps to register with

  • Read to register for account
  • Payment Method can be done through PayPal or any others process. It offers minimum payout   of $5.
  • Alexa Rank: 437,901
  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – A modern and new URL Shortener Site is trusted URL Shortening Service providers that offers you $1to $10 per 1000 views. is one of best URL Shortener site but it has both positives and negatives issues. The best part in is their minimum payout is $10 which is too low. And the negatives issue with is it offers only $5 commission which is very less compared other URL Shorteners.

Steps to start with

  • Register with Website.
  • It offers $ 1 to $ 10 per 1000 views. Payment is done through Bank Transfer, Paya, Skrill
  • Min Payout is $ 10 and 5% commission for referral.
  • Alexa Rank: 1551353.
  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – FileMonas:

FileMonas  is one of  the top URL shortener website company. File Monas payment method depends on your internet traffic, it offer $1-$2 depending on your traffic location. File Monas offers 10 % commission for lifetime from your referrals.

Steps to Start with FileMonas:

  • Read to register for account.
  • Payment depends on traffic location.
  • Payment method: Bank or PAYPAL and earn extra  10% through referral program.
  • Alexa Rank : 134014.
  1. Best Paying URL Shorteners – CashFly:

CashFly is another top URL Shortening website with more attractive features. You can earn money for sharing any of your links to people in your internet circle.Its very simple earn in CashFly, just register , short your links and share them . You get money for every visit.

12: Best Paying URL Shorteners – : Earn money by URL Shortening is one of the best URL shortener website that helps you to make money online without investing a penny. Through  you can earn $1 to $10 depending on region or country you live. offer  20% commission rare for referring, you can get extra 20 % of their earning  by just giving reference.

Steps to start with

  • Registration with has 3 different types of account . One is free registration and other are money based with extra features.
  • Payment rate depends on country you reside and payment is done through PayPal, Payxa and Payoneer. Minimum payout is $ 1 via PayPal and Payza , $ 20 via Payoneer.
  • Referral Commission Rate: 20% commission.
  • Alexa Rank 88970.

As per research above are top, best and trusted URL Shortener Websites  to earn money online with doesn’t need any technical knowledge or mental stress. Above listed websites are the top listed and highest paying websites in 2017. So URL Shortening jobs are best way to earn money online.

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