Black Bengal Goat Project Report – Plan

Introduction to Black Bengal Goat Project Report, Business Plan, and How To Start: Hello friends, are you interested to know about the profit and cost of the black Bengal goat project in India? Well, you landed in right place. The goat is a multi-functional animal and plays a significant role in the economy and nutrition of landless, small, and marginal farmers in the country. Goat rearing is an enterprise that has been practiced by a large section of the population in a rural area.

A Guide to Black Bengal Goat Project Report or Economics, Business Plan, and How To Start

Black Bengal Goat Business Plan
Black Bengal Goats

Goats serve as the chief meat-producing animals in India and have great international and domestic demand. Goat rearing within the intensive and semi-intensive system for commercial production has been acquiring pace recently. Several commercial goat farms have been established in various regions of the nation.

Black Bengal Goat breed

The Black Bengal goat is a breed of goat which is usually found in brown, white, or grey colors. It is smaller in size compared to other goat breeds. It has a tight body with small legs and short horns. The Black Bengal goat is poor in milk production but body weight ranges from 25 to 30 Kg in Male and in females the weight varies from 20 to 25 Kg. The sexual maturity in the Black Bengal goat is earlier compared to other breeds. A female Black Bengal goat gets pregnant twice in a year and per birth, it gives one to three kids. The Black Bengal goat breed is adaptable to any kind of environment and has a high disease-resistant capacity. It produces very high-quality meat compared to other breeds and multiplies its number at a faster pace.   

Market potential of Black Bengal Goat breed

More than 80% of the Indian Population consumes meat. The purchasing power of the people is increasing but there is a divergent shift in eating patterns, non-veg is almost consumed daily in the meals. Mutton is desired by the population more than chicken or beef /pork (though by specific population only). Availability of Mutton is less if compared to the need. It demands less capital and is not as risky a venture if compared to Dairy. The sale of goats/goat meat is not a trouble for the above-mentioned causes. India stands first with respect to the goat population and for producing milk. The goat meat demand is high and is faster than its availability because of the low goat population. Goat plays an important role in delivering supplementary income and living to many marginal and poor farmers residing in villages of India.

Export potential of Black Bengal Goat breed

There is a great potential for export but for selling goat meat to other countries one has to comply with several phytosanitary obligations, regulations, and standards of the specific nations.

Area required for starting Black Bengal Goat breeding business

The goat farm is could be established in a location with an assured market available throughout the year is and the farm should be accessible to the main road.

Housing for Black Bengal Goat breeding

Low-cost housing can be constructed by using a raised platform. It should be about 1 m in height from ground level. It can be built with bamboo/wooden poles or by setting it up concrete pillars. The floor and side walls are composed of wooden material. The roof will be added on top with either grass, coconut leaves, or even asbestos sheets. The normal floor space for a kid is 0.75 to 1 sq. meter. The floor should contain a minimum of 1 cm space between bamboos/wooden planks to permit seepage of dung and urine down to the ground.

Feed and Fodder Cultivation Requirement for Black Bengal Goat Breeding Business

Fertile land with proper irrigation facilities is important for fodder crops that are in turn used as green fodders for animal feeding.

Water Facility Requirement for Black Bengal Goat Breeding Business

Good quality freshwater is essential for drinking, cleaning works, washing, etc.

Hiring labor

Honest, reasonable, and regular availability of labor is the essential factor.

Veterinary aid required for Black Bengal Goat breeding business

Veterinary aid/ breeding centers facilities should be checked close to the planned goat farm.

SWOT Analysis in Black Bengal Goat breeding business


▪ There is very less requirement for laborers.

▪ Black Bengal Goat is such an animal that does not only support the nutrition of poor farmers who do not have agricultural land in the country but also contributes widely to the nation’s economy.

▪ Black Bengal Goats can abundantly survive on available shrubs and trees during extreme environmental conditional and under low fertility farming areas where no other crop seems to grow.

▪ Even the beginning investment necessary for Black Bengal Goat farming is low.

▪ Even there are no hindrances against goat slaughter associated with any religion and meat consumption is widespread in the country.

▪ Black Bengal Goat farming generates rural employment for the rural poor at the same time aids unpaid family members.

▪ Black Bengal Goat are tough animals that are capable of defending against various infections.

▪ The Black Bengal goats are comparatively small in size, the amenities and provisions required for their care are less.

▪ Black Bengal Goats usually love staying with humans as domestic animals do and they are extremely obedient.

▪ They show great fertility rates and attain maturity in a few months (approximately 5 – 6 months). They probably give rise to twins in most cases.

▪ Commercial Black Bengal goat farming will survive even during the drought time and is not so much risky when compared to other livestock breeds.

▪ Black Bengal goats even help to improve the health of the grazing land and reduces encroachment of bushes.

▪ Black Bengal goat meat is an appealing food to the public because of the health advantages it has. It is low in fat content, calories, and cholesterol.

This is perfect for individuals who consume low energy diet process.


▪ High and readymade market is available for goat meat.

▪ Assured ever-growing market costs.


▪ The Black Bengal goat population is snowballing and as per the government census, reduced grazing land is the major root cause that challenges this segment.

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Business Plan of Black Bengal Goat Breeding or Balck Bengal Goat Project Assumptions

Basis & Presumptions

Bread of Goat: Black Bengal Goat

System of rearing: Semi-Intensive

No. of does: 50

No. of bucks: 2

Age of maturity: 10-12

Kidding interval: 8 Months

No. of kidding Per month: 1.5

Kidding percentage: 80%

Average litter size (average of single, twinning, triplet, quadruplet): 2

Male Female ratio: 1:1

Mortality of kids: 20%

Saleable age of kids Months: 11

Payback period: 6 years including moratorium for the 1st year.

Black Bengal Goat Project Report/ Economics of Black Bengal Goat breeding business in India

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Economics of Black Bengal Goat Farming
Economics of Black Bengal Goat Farming

Space requirement per head for buck Sq. ft 15

Space requirement per head for doe Sq. ft 15

Space requirement per head for kid Sq. ft 4

Cost of construction of a shed for buck, doe & kid Rs./sq. ft 120

Cost of one doe (Female) Rs. 10,000

Cost of one buck (Male) Rs. 12,000

No. of unskilled labour Nos. 1

Cost of one semiskilled labour/annum Rs. 72,000

Cost of Chaff of the cutter- 1 no.: Rs. 10,000

Requirement of concentrate feed (adult animal/month) Kg. 10.5

Requirement of concentrate feed (kid/month) Kg. 4.5

Rate of concentrate per Kg: Rs. 17

Misc. expenditure i.e. Vaccine medicine and Veterinary aid per animal per year: Rs. 100

Electricity and Water supply per month: Rs. 1,000

Rate of interest for bank loan % 12

Own contribution in project cost % 25

III. Income norms

The sale price of Buck (at the age of 11 months): Rs. 8,500

The sale price of Doe (at the age of 11 months): Rs. 7,500

The total cost of the project

I. Capital Cost

Own Land

Site development: Rs. 25,000

Cost of does Nos.50: Rs. 500,000

Cost of bucks Nos. 3: Rs. 30,000

Shed of does Sq.ft.750: Rs. 90,000

Shed of bucks Sq.ft.30: Rs. 3,600

Shed for kids Sq.ft. 120: Rs. 90,000

Equipment for feeding female & other Nos. 100: Rs. 5,250

Chaff cutter Nos. 1: Rs. 10,000

Rope chains Ls: Rs. 5,000

Water storage and distribution: Rs. 10,000

Contingencies: Rs. 38,443

Total-A: Rs. 807,293

II. Working Capital (Ist Year requirement)

Fodder cultivation acre/season: Rs. 10,000

Concentrate feeds for two months @ 7.5 Kg is Rs. 17 per Kg, quantity 780 Kg, total: Rs. 17 x 780 = Rs. 13,260

Cost of concentrate feeds for kids @ 4.5 kg per month/kid for one month is
Rs. 17 per Kg, quantity 270 Kg, total: Rs. 17 x 270 = Rs. 4,590.

Wages of labour per annum

Per labour: Rs. 72,000

Insurance: Rs. 26,500

Misc expenditure i.e.vaccine, medicine /animal/year: Rs. 5,200.

Electricity and water

supply /month: Rs. 52,000

Transport charges: Rs. 5,000

Total-B: Rs. 1,88,550

The total cost of project total (A+B): Rs. 9,95,842

Sale price: Rs. 13,31,510

Profit: Rs. 13,31,510 – Rs. 9,95,842 = Rs. 3,35,668.

Conclusion of Black Bengal Goat Farming Business

Here you got the entire Black Bengal Goat farming project report and business plan which will aid any individual to start a Black Bengal Goat farming business. This project report will help you to do a Black Bengal Goat farming business and assist you to acquire a loan for Black Bengal Goat farming. When you check this project report and plan to raise 100+4 goats on land you will surely make money. This is the easy method of Black Bengal Goat farming guide that you will not find anywhere or taught by any farmer.

To acquire maximum gains, you have to raise Black Bengal Goats for selling their meat and during the festivals like Eid, the business will get you lakhs of rupees easily.



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