Blouse Hook Making Business, Process, Machine Cost

Introduction to blouse hook making business process, machinery, cost involved

Are you aware that blouse hook-making is a less expensive business and can also be initiated from your home? If you are checking about low investment small scale business idea, then you must go through this article. It is well known that a blouse hook is a widely used thing in the clothing industry. From garment producers to dressmakers and wholesalers, they all use this item for finishing children and ladies’ wear. Moreover, blouse hooks are effortlessly available in the general shops and also at wholesale costs.

A step by step guide to blouse hook making business in India

Basically, the continuous demand for blouse hooks throughout the year creates this as a booming business. Most essentially, it needs very little speculation to start the business and is feasible to operate too. The returns could be less during the initial stages in small-scale business, but if it can be run smartly, you can effortlessly grow the business thought of blouse hook making into a money-making venture.

Why choose blouse hook making business

Any individual must choose a business idea after seeing various aspects. For example for joining a company for a job, a person looks at several things like the salary, the company’s goodwill, job role, similarly, while choosing a business idea, you also must analyze few things. Below there are few benefits of selecting blouse hook making business: –

Market potentiality of blouse hooks

Before choosing any business, the primary thing that must be considered is the demand for the product in the market. The blouse hooks are one of the most basic tailoring elements which is needed in blouses, different outfits for children and in other clothes. Thus, there is a steady and high demand for blouse hooks in the market.

Required skills for making blouse hooks

Your educational qualification may not contribute to run this business but with basic business skills, one can effortlessly run the business and do not need any kind of high-level technical skills for this business. The manufacturing procedure is also easy as the major segment is carried out by the blouse hook-making machine.

Required capital for manufacturing blouse hooks

Since it is a small-scale business, you must have very little investment to begin a blouse hook making you can easily begin and operate the business with a basic capital of Rs 1.5 to 2 lakhs. As the machine itself costs Rs. 60,000 to 70,000.

Home-based business of making blouse hooks in India

You can easily begin the business from your home. It will save much of the capital that usually needed for renting or leasing a place. Apart from that, you can also have assistance from your family members in the functioning and steps of the business. The home-based business also gives a platform to the retired personnel and housewives to work from home along with other home needs.

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These are the few benefits of starting the blouse hook-making business which we have already informed previously. But we also encounter few disadvantages as well. So, it is mostly recommended to conduct a proper survey and thorough market research about the business before beginning the same. Research aids to know the various aspects of the business and help in making plans accordingly for operations related to the business in a successful manner.

The manufacturing process of blouse hooks

As I said before, the blouse hook preparing process is a simple thing. You must not to join any training or courses for learning. By doing research you may easily know about the process.

Raw materials required for making blouse hooks

The basic raw material is stainless steel wire or copper. The quality of the wire depends on the demand in the market and the needs of the client. Usually, the wire is around 20-21 gauge stainless steel or iron wire. The other things needed are chemicals for polishing the hooks and there is also a need for plastic pouches for packaging.

According to the needed size and production output, you are required to select the right machinery for your plan. This type of machine does not occupy more space so a 10′ x 12′ space is enough to begin this project on a small scale.

With an automatic blouse hook-making machine, you may get 110 – 120 pieces production every minute. These machines have low maintenance and operative costs. You can also use a high-speed machine that has auto feeding provision and straightening device, and an auto-stop option when there is a fault.

Before buying the machines check the reviews and enquire for warranty and on-site training.

The machinery required for making blouse hooks
Blouse Hook Making Machine Cost.
Blouse Hook Making Machine Cost.

An automatic blouse hook-making machine will have the price of Rs 1.5 lacs. It will yield around 110-120 pieces per minute. Based on the scale of business select the machinery.

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The manufacturing process of blouse hooks

As told before, the procedure of blouse hook making is very easy. You must keep the wire in the roller of the machine and switch it on. The hooks will be prepared automatically.


Thus, after the hooks are manufactured, it is important to pack those items in plastic packages in the preferred quantity. You could name your brand imprinted in the packaging material. This will spread brand awareness in the clients.

Procedure to start a blouse hook making business

Take license

You should apply for a trade license must obtain VAT registration with a pan card from your local body. You also must open a current account for cash transactions.

Before starting a blouse hook making it is crucial to get a Trade License from the local body. You also should get GST Registration. One must obtain a pan card and should register the business as SSI Unit.  Should open a current account for your business and in case you are starting the business as a beginner, kindly register your business as a proprietorship company.

Arrangement of capital

If you are short of investment, you can avail of loans from various financial institutes.

Find customers

Tailoring stores and large-scale clothes producers constitute a major customer base of the blouse hook-making. Must obtain proper contacts of these clients and try to improve a relationship with them. The nearby stationery and grocery shops are also contributing as customers of your business.

A proper advertisement of the business and a nice relation in the market is all that you must-have for the accomplishment of the blouse hook-making business. You can also initiate this business as a part-time business simultaneously with your current business or job to enhance up your income.

Blouse hook making process

After the arrangement of the raw material, you must set the wire properly in the roller of the machine. Switch on the machine and automatically hooks will be produced. You must purchase different types of blouse-making machines for various specific designs.

It is very significant to sell the product in the wholesale market. However, some other regions where you can have a potential market for your blouse hooks are the tailoring shop, boutique shop, alteration center, and garments factories as per the requirements. Thus, you can resource them directly.

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