Candle Making Business – A Beginners Guide

Candle Making Business Guide:

How To Start A Candle Making Business:

Making yourself a business person is not a big dream, choosing the best idea and a perfect and systematic implementation makes you successful. There are many business ideas that you can start from your home, Candle Making is one of the best and easy business.

To Start Candle Making business you just need a right information and clear idea on business startup costs, business licensing requirements and marketing tips. This article gives you a perfect business and marketing plans for a successful candle making business.

Candle Making Business  – How you can earn on Candle Making:

To earn money in candle making you should sell candles directly or through reseller like shops, events organizations or other crats retail vendors. Candle making business is very common option, to get successful in this field you make you product more impressive with its appearance (pillars, floating, voting, tea and different varieties of shapes withunique impressive colors), fragrance and outstanding quality. And cost of candle also should attract the end user; you should set a reasonable price considering your profit and customer worthy.

You even take or your expenditure in purchasing raw materials without crossing your budget.  Take complete markets research to find the area where you can get materials at lower prices.

Candle Making Business – Expenditure for Candle Making:

Candle making business doesn’t require any special office space; you can start it from your home using kitchen. Remaining things needed for candle making can be purchased from direct market or online depending cost.  All ingredients, candle science and candlechem should come below 10K.

Candle Making Business – Raw Materials Needed for Candle Making:

  • Paraffin, gel, soy, beeswax or other wax.
  • Utensils like jars, tins and containers that you keep from your kitchen.
  • Wicks.
  • Fragrance oils.
  • Coloring Agents.
  • Packaging Materials.
  • Shipping cost of raw materials.
  • Other expenditure includes creating a website which cost zero to thousands depending on its graphic and designing. And you also need camera that helps to present your candle images. Candle making business expenditure also includes stall cost for presenting your products.
  • Secure your business by making it insured for fire. As there is some chance of fire accident. This insurance protects you from complete loss.

Make a Strong Online Presence:

Many varieties of attractive candles available in the markets, to compete with market you should have good art and craft skills to make outstanding candles designs along with sales and marketing ideas. To make your candle business successful you should seek different ways branding using website/ blogs and social networking pages for showcasing your products theme in attractive way with excellent images and photography.

Make your products present at all top online shops like amazon, ebay and Etsy. There will be lots competitions in these so make reasonable prices compared to other with some attractive offers. There many arts and crafts sales plate forms like Etsy, ArtFire and Craft Is Art.

Candle Making Business – List out the key responsibilities of Candle Maker:

  • Collect all the raw materials you need. Candle making stock includes wax, wicks, container, essentials fragrance oils and color.
  • Make your candle more attractive by making them more artistic and colorful that keeps you on top.
  • You should keep track on all ways possible ways to increase the sales through online and event direct markets like stalls in malls, exhibitions
  • Internet has strong influence on today’s world, so for any successful business you need strong internet presence. Create website and social networking pages on the sites of arts and crafts dealer.
  • Should keep contact with your customers through online or direct.
  • You should maintain good track record for your product delivery on time.
  • Make your website innovative with outstanding photography for your product to attract the users.
  • Implement all the internet marketing strategies to promote your business.

Candle Making Business – How to reach the customer? 

All the customers need candles for their different uses, some have pragmatic needs- for events like birthdays, receptions, farewells etc. some uses the candles for churches for prayers decorations. Or for decorating showrooms on special occasions.

Candle makers appeal to re-sellers who buy candles in bulk can be a good idea to earn good amount of money.   The re-sellers can be stores keepers or events managers, to meet these re-sellers you keep track on arts exhibitions and craft shows around city you live.

Presenting your products in all the art exhibitions, malls, crafts shows , fairs and festival gathering will help to meet customers  and exhibit your product in an attractive way.

Attracting Customer is common task but making customer a constant buyer is bit tricky. You should satisfy the customer’s needs so that they enjoy the quality on candle. As candles are disposable items that used frequently, your relationship with customer can be lucrative over time.

Other than online presence through an attractive website, blogs and social networking pages, you should design an impressive business card. You should send you business cards through you delivery packing. When you meet customers face to face on fairs, art exhibitions, craft s show s or any places business cards or label helps you to share the contact information

Technical and Manpower Requirements in Candle Making Business

Before getting into candle making process, first decide the type of candles you want to sell. There are many types of candle like soy, votive, tea light, hurricane, wickless, gel, pillar, jar , novelty or fragrance candles. Not only candles you can also sell the candle related accessories like plates, warmers, wick trimmers and holders.

Now you should have complete knowledge on candle wax, pouring instructions may vary for all candle wax.

Candle Making Business – Main items for candle making is

  • Deep fryer with thermostat (presto kettle): This utensil used for melting unscented candle. Thermostat in these utensils helps us to balance overheating.
  • Thermometer: This is very important item in candle making. Thermometer helps us to check temperature as different candle wax requires different heating and pouring temperatures.
  • Pouring Pot: You have to dip the required amount of melted candle wax from the presto kettle into pouring pot. Pouring pot used to mix the fragrance oil and candle dye with melted candle wax. And pour the candle mix into selected candle mould .
  • Digital Scales: An important item you required in your candle making is Digital Scale. Digital scale used to weigh your candle wax for making candles correctly.  You have to weigh candle wax and fragrance oils on the digital scale instead of counting using cups.

Some fragrance oils are heavier than other so in that case you have use digital scales to make exact balanced candles.

Candle Making Business – Other items you need in Candle making:

  • Wooden spoon for stirring purpose
  • Dixie cup for weighing candle fragrance oils
  • If you are making container candles you need hot glue or silicone for gluing candle wick in jars or candle wick stickers.
  • And good quality of candle wax, fragrance oil, candle wicks and candle dye.
  • Different candle moulds and containers.

Once you’re ready with ready with your home made candles now it best decision to test them before putting them in market. There are many things to test before marketing your candles, test your candle wax in your different containers with different candle wicks to find with once gives best burn.

Candle Making Business – Steps in Making a Candle:

Making a candle has main three steps:

  • Making Wrick: Preparation of the wicking
  • Wax Base: Preparation of wax base
  • Moulding: Moulding candle as per your plan
  • Extrusion

Candle Making Machines are also available in Market:

There are many types candle making business are available in the market. You should select right machinery; there are 3 types machine available in market Manual, Semi- Automatic and Fully Automatic candle making machines.

Manual Candle Making Machines:

  • These machines very handy and works very efficiently by solidifying the melted wax in cavities with wick pre-inserted in center of the cavity. Finished candles should be collected one by one. Each machine has different production output such as 300,550 950 pieces per hour. These machines can make daily lighting candles, extruded cylindrical candles.

Semi-Automatic Candle Making Machines:

  • These Semi-automatic machines are very easy to operate, you can adjust settings. These machines have fast cooling system with water circulation. Semi –automatic candle making machines are bit advanced than manual machines, candle made by these machines are very accurate in dimensions.

Fully Automatic Candle Making Machines:

  • Fully Automatic machines are well designed machines with fines quality of steel, brass pipes and RC -pipes. These machines make plain, square, spiral, colorful, scented birthday-types, tea lights with very high quality and exact dimensions. Outputs will be 240 pieces per minute.

Candle Making Business – Marketing Plan for Exact Execution of your Business plan:

Candle Marketing Ideas.
Candle Marketing Ideas.

 Make clear marketing plan:

In success of every business marketing plays a key role. So implement perfect plan to drive you to business success:

  • Attractive online presence by creating website , social networking pages, new letters.
  • Meet your customers face to face.
  • For create awareness of products to users, distribute your products in your friends and communities.
  • Keep yourself active at all local markets events like exhibitions, crafts shows, mall events, Art exhibitions etc. Meet all the events manager and retailers who are capable in giving you the bulk orders.
  • Attend all the home parties to represent your products.
  • Make your products more colorful and attractive.

Candle Making Business – Quote a best price:

Setting price for your candles is to figure out your cost on the product. Set the cost as per ounce of your wax and additional materials costs like color, scent, stearic acid, vybar, petro etc. Once you calculate the cost per ounce, figure the number of ounce in a particular candle you make and multiply that by your cost per ounce.

In addition to cost per ounce of wax, you should also add the cost of the container if you are making container candles.  And also add the approximate price of wick and cost for packaging. Now you calculate the exact cost that need to make a candle, as per market rule mark up your total cost 3 or 4 times for retail, and 2 times for wholesale.

Candle Making Business – Tips to gain customer retention:

As per market study scented and decorative candles have huge demand, so make candles by market demand so that your business gets good profits. Here are some tips to get customer retention:

  • Make your candle more creative as per customer requirement
  • You follow all safety and legal rules in making candles
  • Should get potential vendors
  • Distribute sample products among your customer and their circle of friends, their relatives circle
  • Should track the specific customers and list out their requirements
  • Never loss the customer contacts, surprise them with new products
  • Reward loyalty

Brand your Candles:

Branding your candle making business is to make name for yourself. Think of attractive name that attract customer at a glance.

  • Design an Logo and attractive name for your business that can create unique identity in market
  • Design promising business card
  • Gain industry expertise
  • Give adds on local papers
  • Make strong online presence
  • Meet other business people who are into same business

Candle Making Business  – Safety Measure in Candle Making:

Melting in wax in or on utensils that doesn’t have temperature control may lead to burst, because wax have a flash point and will burst into flames when it reaches the flash point (Flash point for wax is 290-380 degrees). So never melt them in that kind of utensils and be safe and attentive while making candles.

Bottom Line of Candle Making Business : Perfect business plan and hardworking natures make expert at any levels. Independent candle business are able to compete with well establishes companies, as customer doesn’t look at the name when it comes to quality and performance of the candle while making purchase.  Small business or big business it doesn’t matter only success matters.

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