Captcha Jobs Guide:

Captcha Jobs:

Online jobs are flexible jobs that can be done without disturbing our daily routine. So people are searching for many online job options, this article suggests you best online job” CAPTCHA Typing”. CAPTCHA Typing Jobs are most popular work from home jobs. This article gives you complete information about CAPTCHA Jobs and the website and companies that offer these jobs.

First Thing you need know is ..

What is CAPTCHA?:

CAPTCHA (Complete Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers Humans Apart), CAPTCHA will be in image format that you need to convert into text by typing.

CAPTCHA is a security code that allows the human access and prevents robot action.  In many online registration forms you will asked to solve CAPTCHA(typing the letters from image). CAPTCHA solving is must for opening email accounts, net banking or any other registration purposes. This CAPTCHA solving is done only by human;

CAPTCHA helps to protect our website registrations. All website like Gmail, FaceBook, Yahoo , ETc has introduced CAPTCHA for protected registration process.

  • CAPTCHA saves us from hacking in net banking, Mobile shopping, Mobile banking etc.
  • CAPTCHA prevents Online- spams and protect your pc from viruses.

How can we earn by solving CAPTCHA?

Many companies are introducing CAPTCHA in their registration processes, so they spend millions for creating CAPTCHA for their security purpose.  CAPTCHA will be in the form of image, they need human helping to convert it onto text. For solving CAPTCHA, companies go for websites that has more groups of members to solve CAPTCHAS.

These companies pay money for CAPTCHA solving sites for solving CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA sites spend some amount for members who work solve CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA entry sites work as mediators for companies or websites that involve CAPTCHA in them. CAPTCHA Entry job are very cool jobs, You just full speed internet connection, Basic knowledge on alphabets, payment processor ID(PayPal is the best payment processor).


Process to work may vary on each site, some site provides software. In some you need login to your account and start working.

  • A CAPTCHA Image will appear with some text inside; you have type the text box. Many website maintain time limit for typing the text from CAPTCHA image.
  • If you cannot complete the task in given time you will be kicked out, multiple kick outs may loss you job.
  • Some CAPTCHA images may be unclear, in that case you can have option like “Don’t know” or “ ESC”. But if click “ESC” many times you will be warned.
  • If image is not appeared you leave empty space, and if they case sensitive they are mentioned.

Some Important points to note about CAPTCHA jobs:

  • CAPTCHA jobs need high speed internet, If net speed is low loading of CAPTCHA image will be low that may affect your work. If you are solving CAPTCHA slowly you will be banned. More speed more CAPTCHA images more money.
  • In CAPTCHA jobs main skill you need to earn more money is FAST TYPING.
  • Beware of scam in CAPTCHA jobs, as these job are free don’t get cheated by paying money for joining website for CAPTCHA jobs.

Main Advantages of CAPTCHA jobs:

  • In CAPTCHA jobs there is no limitation on earning money per day.
  • SCAM sites are less in CAPTCHA compared other work from jobs opportunities.
  • These jobs don’t require any investment.
  • CAPTCHA job doesn’t have any IP address limitations.

Disadvantages of CAPTCHA jobs:

  • These are very tough jobs compared other online jobs.
  • They require high typing skills.
  • You need fast internet connection.

Top Websites offering CAPTCHA jobs:

2 CAPTCHA: Best and trusted website that offers CAPTCHA jobs.  2CAPTCHA offer $.50 tp $1.50 for solving each CAPTCHA image. Payment is done through PAYPAL, PAYZA or Webmoney.

MEGHATYPERS: This is most popular CAPTCHA sites, ranked top on google page ranks. It is a trusted site for work and payment.

PROTYPERS: It is a genuine CAPTCHA work site; you can check all reviews of protypers. Protypers pay good amount, you can login for free and start earning.

CAPTCHA2CASH: A trusted CAPTCHA payment site. This site gives you instant pay.

CaptchaTypers: This also a trusted website that pays good amount for CAPTCHA entries.

Some other website are :

  • PixProfit
  • Fast Profit
  • Short Task

There many more website that offers CAPTCHA jobs.

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