Chocolate Making Business:

Start Your Own chocolate making business:

Chocolates are the most loved food item by everyone irrespective of age. Chocolates come in various forms ranging from dark chocolates to milk chocolates. Chocolates are part of every individual life in all their happy moments. Kids and youth would eat chocolates daily without any reason. This love for chocolates could bring you money. Up to now, you have purchased many chocolates since your childhood, but now you love chocolates can earn you lots of money. Your passion for chocolates will make you start a homemade chocolate business. You can easily get success in making homemade businesses if you have organizational and management skills along with a sweet tooth and a taste of exotic chocolates.

A complete business plan for the homemade chocolate business plan or chocolate making business:

Like any other business, the chocolate business should have a complete and successful business plan. Only making chocolates cannot take you to your comfort zone, you can also make other items that can be made from chocolates. There are many other things which make made with raw materials used for chocolates, like chocolate cookies, brownies to fudge to candies to caramelized chocolate bars to nutty rolls to all other tempting items.  One thing it is very important to care that whether you will be able to handle preparing all the items together or you will focus on preparing one item. And you should do complete market research on which type of chocolates are in demand and which ones are lacking in supply. You should be confident enough to start your own homemade chocolate making business that has been crafted with your wholehearted love and an exotic recipe and design a new variant and tasty chocolate that can be hit at the market door.

Skills needed for chocolate making business:

Every business needs few entrepreneurial skills as mentioned below:

  • Leadership Skills.
  • Management Skills.
  • Investment management.
  • Team Management.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Customer Relations.
  • Networking.
  • Cooking skills.
  • Variety of chocolates making recipes.
  • Wrapping skills.
  • Tracking the marketing trends.

Investment required for chocolate making business:

Investment depends on market and location, the volume of investment for your chocolate business may vary. The business would need capital and resource investment in terms of buying raw materials, which are sometimes exotic fruits or chocolates and can cost really high, and equipment and appliances for treating chocolate.

Licenses Required for chocolate making business:

You should apply for permits and protection. Your chocolate business require a

  • Business license.
  • License for handling and preparing food.
  • Tax identification number.
  • Liability Insurance.
  • License from food and safety department.

If you are selling directly in the market you need:

  • Public and retail License.

Business set up for a chocolate making business:

Once you’re ready with an amazing recipe and design of chocolate, next is to set up your business. The first step is to give an attractive name that can easily reach the market. The name you decide should reflect your love and passion with an amazing taste.

Another important thing other than the name is packing your chocolates. The packing of your chocolates should be bright and beautiful with colorful shades and dazzling shimmer.  Make your ideas more idealized that makes your chocolate packing more impressive. The market is flooded with various kinds of chocolates so to stand against those brands; your chocolates should have a name and a packaging that appeals to all, especially kids.

And you also need a license to operate your chocolate-making business and a food-grade facilitated zone where you will make chocolate. You should contact local FSSAI authorities regarding the process you should do to obtain a license. And list out the needs required for starting your business on a commercial level.

Make research on consumer you need to target in chocolate making business:

Chocolates are everyone’s favorite, so while starting your chocolate-making business you must have a complete awareness of a particular group of consumers that you are willing to serve.  In the market, there are various brands (both national and international) at different prices. Before planning to set a price for your chocolates to make market research on consumer interest in buying chocolates.  Just setting high prices won’t get profits; you should know people buying high-priced chocolates are less compared to the people buying low-priced ones. So set a price that can afford by everyone.

This is completely your own choice too and you should go under other pressure or attracted by others business strategies in delivering your products. Always believe in a loyal consumer base, set your own business strategy that keeps you identical from others, and give you the scope to get success faster.

Equipment and human resource required in chocolate making business:

Planning to start with the utensils and appliances that you in the kitchen, I think it won’t be a good idea for your business. You should list out some dedicated kitchen utensils, equipment, and tools that are needed to start a full-fledged chocolate making business. Sufficient equipment makes your work easy as preparing items for the whole population is different from making items for parties or functions. You should bring in the apparatus and implement that would make the task a whole lot easier for you and save you time as well.

Raw materials required for chocolates are raw chocolates, dry fruits, sugar, preservatives, essences, etc. You should find the suppliers who get the material for high quality and for affordable prices. For this, you can search online or contact people who are in the same business. Never commit to a single supplier check for 2 or 4 suppliers before making a commitment, take the quote from all and select one who gives you the best price and quality items.

The not only best recipe for chocolates attracts people, but packing your chocolates also plays a major role in getting more consumers. Select some attractive wrappers that increase its glamour and beauty.  Before choosing the wrapping papers, you should choose eco-friendly items like butter papers on base and wrap them up with creatively designed foils. Never choose plastic items that are harmful. Set yourself an ideal and attractive model of chocolates, and add some playful ribbons and confetti to make it even more Choiseul to the kids and even the elders.

Preparing the recipe with exact proportions and wrapping them perfectly will be difficult done on a single hand.  To prepare everything perfectly and enter into the market, you need to employ a person or take the helping of your family member or friends to join their hands with you and prosper through your business. Before hiring an employee’s make an expense report so the expenditure doesn’t cross your investment.

Marketing chocolates made from homemade chocolate making business:

When you are ready with chocolates, now it’s time to market them. Marketing helps to get people aware of your homemade chocolates. There are many ways to enter the market through social media pages, banners, flyers, and billboards; even the advertising in media would also have to opt for in order to get the attention of people. Marketing through social media is a crucial step these days, and you can promote your chocolate face to face by visiting schools, organizing small kitty parties in your apartments or colonies, keeping stalls near supermarkets, malls, exhibitions, and distributing the sample pieces to them. Mainly you should focus on the places where kids gather regularly for their extracurricular activities and arranging promotional camps there. Attract the kids by gifting some chocolates, gift coupons, small gifts so that they ask their parents to buy your chocolates.  Spread your chocolates among your friend’s circles and relatives and ask them to give away chocolates and spread the word of mouth.

Attract the local outlets and retailers with good margins so that they push the customer to try your products. If chocolates are attractive with amazing taste, quality and low price buyers will automatically keep coming for your chocolates. Try with different types you produce and your business would surely flourish to the point where you achieve your preset goals and get ready for new challenges.

The Chocolate-making business has severe competition across the country. Even international brands also entering a market that means you will have to strategize your productions and marketing plans in order to achieve a firm position in the game.

You should always keep track of competitors about their marketing strategies, new launches, offers and also should know about the kinds of items that are gaining in popularity and which ones getting outdated. You should be capable of knowing the strengths, capabilities of your rivals besides your own. Simple making perfect chocolate with an attractive design won’t give you success; you should have complete knowledge about the market that would make it very difficult for you to survive.

The scope of chocolate making business or homemade chocolate business:

Chocolates are having great demand all over the world; this is the main advantage to taking up this business. The homemade chocolate industry is emerging in a big way in India. As per reports of the Indian market is the fastest-growing one in adult consumption of chocolate. Whatever occasion like weddings, birthdays, farewells, even reconciliation with the loved person chocolates has a major role. No celebration can be completed without the involvement of chocolates which signifies that you have immense scope to make your presence felt among your customers.

We Indians have generated a new passion for varieties of chocolates.  For health-conscious people, they are dark chocolates are available with the exotic taste of chocolates without any added calories. People have become more health-conscious so they take dark chocolates which are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Dark chocolates are rich sources of antioxidants that give you relief from stress and mood swings.

Chocolates consumed are available in various forms and homemade chocolate are always favored for their classic tastes and with the rich protein’s an amazing flavor. The craze for homemade chocolates is replacing and emerging as an alternative to traditional Indian sweets. Homemade chocolate makers are selling a wide range of chocolates, truffles, chocolate-coated fruits, etc. as per the customer base.

Indian Chocolate Industry has a registered growth rate of 15% and a market projection of 23 % CAGR for 2018.

Cons or disadvantages of chocolate making business:

Manufacturing chocolates at home can seem like a good way to cut overhead costs. But outfitting home kitchen to meet health department standards are a bit costly. You need to purchase an additional oven, refrigerator and other kitchen items to be used specifically for commercial production.

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