Designer Lace Making Business in India – How To Start

Introduction to Designer Lace making business in India

Designer lace beautifies the dress and adds an elegant look to every designer wear. Designer lace-making is a popular and traditional business. Any person can start this designer lace business as a home-based with comparatively less investment. Lace is a craft material that used in the textile or garment sector. In previous days, lace was actually crafted by needles manually.

A guide to starting a Lace making business

Nowadays, handmade lace-making is replaced by machinery lace making. Presently, we have numerous types of machinery that can make lace through machines.

Market potential for designer Lace making

The increasing market for fashion garments has increased the need for designer lace. Apart from the domestic market, we can see a huge export potential also for designer lace. Any individual can start a lace-making business with less infrastructure.

Not only this, it is one of the best chances for women and housewives. However, you should have some knowledge and passion about the thread and its various patterns.

Lace making business plan

Designer lace production requires adequate knowledge about textile designing and current fashion. Therefore you must have proper planning, knowledge, and ample capital investment while planning for a designer lace making business plan.

Here we provide you with a stepwise business plan to begin which will comprise the essential aspects while starting the designer lace business in India, which are mainly capital investment for a designer lace production business, essential raw materials, machinery needed, etc.

Apart from this, you must have proper publicity and marketing ideas for the designer lace business.

Registration, license and permissions required for designer lace making business

While you start a designer lace-making business, you should register your business. As a small scale manufacturing unit one could register the business as One Person Company or LLP.

It is essential to get a Trade License from the local authority. Avail GST Registration. You must open a current account for the daily transaction in a nearby bank. As your business expands you will be in a position to hire people. At that time, you should avail of EPF and ESI registration.

Area required for designer lace production

If you start your business at small-scale there is no requirement for special place. You can start it from your home itself. It just required 100-150 sq. mt to arrange the machines, the raw materials arrangements and for the packing materials.

Raw material required for designer lace making

You can build a designer lace-making business in two manners. First one could be by use of a bobbing machine and the other one is by installing a fully computerized automatic lace-making machine. By computerized automatic machines, you will obtain a different variety of products with required quantity output.

Machinery required for designer lace making

Different spindle and bobbing machines can also be procured. According to your need, you should choose the right machinery. These machines available offer-

  • A range of roller patterns.
  • Straight or curvilinear edge cutting and edge treatment for smooth, melting, no rough edges.
  • Two or more layers of fabric can be stitched together without thread replacing the sewing needles, good welding strength.
  • Cut out the several patterns of holes, and treatment of side melting.
  • Single or more cutting of the material simultaneously, and treatment of side melting avoiding burr.
  • Simultaneous sealing, cutting, and embossing to have production synchronously.
Fully automatic designer lace making machine

In a fully automatic designer lace making you will see these features and associated accessories:

The tracing cording device is a distinct device for various cording embroidery starting from thin to thick. Any type of pattern is possible to make with this device.

Laser cutting device:  It is a fast cutting, High precision, smooth cut-edge, long lifetime device extensively used in lace making.

Single sequin device: Single sequin device can be obtained in 3-9mm size, it will help to create fantastic sequin work and will add extra value to an embroidery machine, acute precision, and high productivity is it one of the main features.

Dual sequin device: Dual sequin device is available in 3-9 mm size, can give a sequin effect like alternation sequin embroidery, two size overlap, etc.

Boring Device is to make a hole on fabric, it is also used to create delicate and intricate hollowed-out like effects on the border.

Safety sensor device: It will prevent the hurts associated with the machine so that the operator will be safe.

The major supplies you require for the business are threads, various needles, and yarn. Designer lace making is entirely a customized setup.

You must determine everything as per the particular item you want to produce. In starting a designer lace-making business you must take care of the packaging and storage too.

Investment for starting designer lace making business in India

Designer lace making business does not need much capital. It can be initiated with about Rs. 1-2 lakhs. But depending on the present trendy fashion or quality products the costs can upsurge. However, for beginning, Rs. 1.5 lakhs investment is sufficient for the designer lace-making business.

Profit of designer lace making business

Profit of designer lace making business.
Profit of designer lace making business

As mentioned previously the price margin is 50%, but the profit ranges from 25% to 50% for quality designer lace-making business. The price will be including tax, packaging charges, material, accessories, and other needed things.

Marketing strategies for promoting your designer lace product

Once you have completed all the steps related to products you have to plan the proper designer lace marketing idea for manufacturers. You can also give the samples to the nearby designer boutiques, tailoring shops, etc. to promote your business fast. 

Creating a marketing plan is a very important task in the designer lace production business here we have mentioned some market for production.

How to sell designer lace product online?

B2B websites: Register your business on B2B websites such as Indiamart, Exportersindia, Tradeindia where you can sell your product in bulk.

B2C websites: You can even sell your product directly to the customer by registering your business on B2C websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

How to export your designer lace to other countries?

The designer lace product has huge demand in the international market so if you are planning to export the designer lace to other countries and thinking of how to export lace then you have to obtain IEC code which is essential for exporting goods in any business.

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Designer lace marketing, branding and uniqueness

There are several designer lace manufacturers for years so you must establish your brand uniqueness in designer lace making business. If your product is of standard quality then you need not worry about the product sales.

Here we have stated a few aspects that you have to keep in mind while creating and executing the marketing plan for the designer lace making business.

  • When you are selling the designer lace to the customer’s request them for other relative’s contacts where you can sell your product.
  • Try to grow your customer base using your present clients.
  • If they feel good about your product they will help you to sellout more by simply informing other people about your product.

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