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Introduction to earn money from pig farming business: Pig Farming is breeding and domesticating of pigs for meat. Of all the livestock species, pig farming is the resourceful source of meat production. After broiler, pigs are the effective feed converter. In the present times, commercial pig farming has transformed the social scenario of this trade in India.

A guide to how to earn money with pig farming business in India

Pig farming is the finest and money-making business idea for the people. Many of you have questions like how to initiate a piggery farm guide, piggery farm, and like so. In this article, we have highlighted regarding Steps to initiate commercial pig farming in India.

Important points to start pig farming in India

There are several aspects you must take care before you start pig farming business. Thus we have listed few aspects that will guide you in starting a pig farming business in India.

Breed selection to start commercial pig farming

It is the prime step you must consider. Breed selection plays asignificant role in commercial pig farming. Visit the local animal husbandry department or KVK to get knowledge and some training regarding pig farming. Along with that local knowledge is a better idea to select. In addition, the list of pig breeds has been added in below section.

Popular Pig breeds

  • Large white yorkshire (expensive, large sized, exotic pig breed, excellent breed for cross-breeding)
  • Hampshire – highly meat productive, whitish colour.
  • Banmpudke
  • Chwanche
  • Hurra
  • White Yorkshire – fast growing breed that is majorly preferred in India.
  • Duroc
  • Bandelpygme
  • Wild Boar/ Jungle Bandel

Local market research

  • Refer the nearby pork handling industry before starting the pig farming business
  • Assessment of the income returns from it
  • Land choice
  • Choose the suitable land which is the primary step to consider
  • Make sure availability of sufficient water in the chosen area
  • Prefer to choose a land in rural area
  • Important to have good transportation provision
  • Veterinary hospital amenities must be close to the pig farm

Pig feed management

Feeding plays a significant role in commercial pig farming. Oats, grains, rice bran, wheat, millets are the basic food elements for the pigs. To rise the productivity you can also enhance feed supplements. You must also give sufficient water along with the feed frequently and time to time. Must take care especially while lactation period of the pigs. Castration is done for pigs for 3 to 4 weeks old.

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Pig Feed Management.
Pig Feed Management.

Pig housing management

  • Proper housing plays a significant role for pig farming business
  • One adult pig needs an area of one square metre
  • You must also make sure of appropriate ventilation system within the shelter
  • Perfect housing and its management aids in keeping pigs free from several types of diseases

Water management in Pig farming

  • Sufficient clean water should be provide to rise the pork productivity
  • For the abundant supply of water, it necessary to build an overhead water tank

Disease management of Pigs

Timely medication and vaccination is essential to avoid the infections. Mostly the pigs will be vaccinated during their age of 2 to 4 weeks against swine fever.

Labour management

  • Labour plays a significant part in commercial pig farming
  • It is important to have hand gloves, mask and cap for the labourers in the shed
  • Additionally, the labourers must be perfectly trained

Marketing techniques of Pigs

The demand for pork is rising every day. Though it is easily sold in the nearby market. The pork can also be exported, because it is the best option as the export value of pork is high.

Cost of feed for Piggery farm

Boars consume around 4 to 5 kg and female pigs have 6 to 7 kg of food every day. For 20 pigs you need 100 kg of feed every day. While the charges of feed is estimated to Rs.10 per kg. However, breeding and lactating pigs need additional feed supplements which will sum to Rs.20 per Kg. The total price of pig feed is in pig farming project cost table below.

  • Pig feed grains is Rs.10 per Kg
  • Cereal grains processed costs Rs.22 per Kg
  • Full-fat soybean feed costs Rs.30 per Kg
  • Guinea Pig feed pellets costs Rs.150 per Kg

Labour cost for Swine farming

If estimated an average for 20 pigs you must have two labourers in the pig farmingbusiness. One female and one male labour are preferred. The charges of labour is estimated to be 300 per day.

Water management for Pig farm

  • Pig drinks 10 -15 L of water per day.
  • For building an overhead water tank and also for monthly water cost is up to Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 per year.

Marketing and transportation of Piggery farming

  • Marketing can be done at the nearby market.
  • As Pork has great export value, deal with a commission agent to have more returns.

Medicines and vaccination for Pigs

For vaccination and for medicines (that includes-charges of antibiotics, and various types of vaccines including the veterinary consultation fees), the charges will be from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 every year.

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Pig farming project cost in India

Pig farming project report for 20 pigs per annum has been shown in the table below. As the margin of Pig farming in India and pig farming profit is more, you have to use the below information.

Total cost to start a Pig farming business

Cost of pigs (16 Sows and 4 Boars) is Rs. 60,000

Cost of growing shed, Furrow pens is Rs. 1,50,000

Types of equipment within the pig farm is Rs. 20,000

Bio-security and water management cost    is Rs. 40,000

Cost of feed (vegetables and kitchen waste) is Rs. 2,00,000

Medicines and vaccines    costs Rs. 10,000

Insurance costs   is Rs. 2,000

Labour costs is Rs. 20,000

Marketing and transportation costs Rs. 10,000

Miscellaneous costs is Rs.5,000

Total cost involved for starting a pig farming business is Rs. 5,57,000.

Commercial Pig farming profits margin

Profit Margin in Pig Farming.
Profit Margin in Pig Farming.

Pig farming is an extremely technical industry with rapid variations. If you maintain it efficiently, commercial pig farming is a vastly profitable business in India. However, returns from pig farming is based upon the proper management and care of the pigs in the farm. You can estimate the profit by considering the following aspects in addition to the initial investment, miscellaneous expenses, and EMI every month. For example, to get returns from pig farming business, the average weight of the pigs should be approximately 50 to 70 kg.

Pig farming profit calculation to see you can earn money from pig farming

The price of 1kg pork is 300 per kg, but remembers that it varies accordingly based on market price.

5 Boars will attain a weight of 60 kg in a year.

Then, you will get 600 kg Pork. So 600kg x Rs.300 is Rs.1,18,000.

However, you can also sell the whole pig to a processing industry which is more profit.

Processed belly slice sale price is Rs. 1,000

Frozen boneless chop sale price is Rs. 550

Processed back ribs sale price is Rs. 1,000

Frozen Yorkshire boneless sale price is Rs. 500

Spare Ribs sale price is Rs. 1800

Yorkshire Curry Cut sale price is Rs. 500

Pork Smoked Bacon sale price is Rs. 400

Sliced sale price is Rs. 300

Frozen Pork Chop sale price is Rs. 180.

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Subsidies and loans available for commercial Pig farming in India

Below are subsidies and schemes for pig production. Additionally, SBI and NABARD loans for piggery production are also available.

EDEG (Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation)

EDEG scheme is for pigs development is a government scheme to inspire pig farming in India and the thorough data for this scheme is described below.

Objectives of this scheme

The major purposes of EDEG are-To boost enthusiastic farmers and start-up entrepreneurs for improved incomes. Supply and production of advanced germ plasm within India. Rise the employment chances. To promote advanced techniques. To create a constant supply chain for bacon factories and pork industries.

Eligibility criteria for EDEG scheme

Below educations are necessary to be eligible for applying the scheme- individuals, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, farmers, Rural Self Help Groups (SHG s), Non-Government Organisations (NGO s), and organized and unorganized sector groups.

Pig farming subsidy allowance

The subsidy is available under certain conditions like people with below poverty line / SC / ST. The subsidy of 33.33% is available for them and the credit provided is 56.67%. The amount rendered in share of beneficiary is around 10%. The subsidy rendered for Above Poverty Line is around 25% and the credit rendered is 65% and the marginal amount for share of beneficiary is estimated to be 10%.

The several subsidy levels for pig farming for commercial rearing units with 3 sows and 1 Boar) is 25% and the ceiling of subsidy is around Rs.25,000. The subsidy level for pig breeding farms that have 20 sows and 4 boars is around 25% and the ceiling of subsidy is of Rs.2,00,000. The subsidy level for retail pork outlets with the facility for chilling centres is around 25% for ceiling of subsidy is around Rs.3,00,000.

NABARD loans for Pig farming in India

NABARD loans for pig farming.
NABARD loans for pig farming.

NABARD provide loans and subsidies under National Livestock Mission (NLM). Additionally, under this NLM the qualified farmers and individuals can obtain subsidies for commercial pig farming in India. It is also important that you have to see the nearest Bank to obtain the grant from NLS subsidy. You may even visit the Government Animal Husbandry Office situated in your area with your project plan.

SBI (State Bank of India) loan for Pig farming business

Under Animal Husbandry Programme, State Bank of India lends loans for the entitled individuals to begin pig farming. It is recommended to approach the bank with a proper business plan for easy loan approval.

Conclusion to earn money from Pig farming

Commercial pig farming is profitable and has high demand. Start with less numbers and keep adding animals as you gain experience in pig farming buisess. With this guide, you can also teach how to earn money from commercial pig farming in India. You may also check the Profitable Small-sclae Livestock Farming Ideas.


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