Export Business Ideas For Beginners:

This content is useful for beginners to know about Export Business Ideas.

Export Business Ideas  – Introduction to an Export Business in India

Exporting can be a great idea that can a good amount of profits. India’s government offering its complete support for the growth of the export sector. This article will give helpful information that can give a complete idea about the rules and policies required.

Export Business Ideas – Potentiality of Export Business in India

There is no doubt that India’s export business had a good scope, India is a rich source of many valuable products that have great demand in many countries. So, the Indian government has taken necessary steps to increase business in every sector. Govt had come with many policies which help in domestic as well as international trade from the country.

Before you enter into the export business first you should make a study about the products that have good demand in the international market. You should have a complete idea about an international market where you are planning to sell the products. Focus on the different markets as per time and find the products that have more demand. Do a study that there can be any growth in the business with the products your willing to offer. So that you cannot face any losses by choosing the wrong products.  Its always the best idea to select the different markets on a priority basis to know the sales growth and demand.  Even you should be having a complete idea of the export laws of the countries and states where you are entering to market.

Profits in this export business depend on your market, you should select a target market with completing planning and study on the product in that market.

Export Business Ideas  – How to start an export business in India?

Business plan: A perfect business plan runs your business in profits. The business plan will list out all steps of the world required for reaching success. You should keep in touch with the different suppliers and government people in order to keep you updated with the nooks and corners of your business. This business requires good research and should consult the experts or appoint a consultant who can help you in all aspects.

Every business has its ups and downs, so you maintain your calm amidst all the crises and look for an appropriate solution to all obstacles you face in your business.

Export Business Ideas  – The first step for a successful export business-Products you are planning to export

Selecting products, you want to export is the crucial step in the export business. You should select the products that can be exported easily without many hurdles in packaging and transport.

Products that give more profits; Agricultural products, machinery, iron materials, arts, and crafts, etc. will give you more profits. Even heavy equipment, petroleum products, diamonds are also some profitable export ideas.

Export Business Ideas – Second Step- Products Suppliers

Once you choose the product, check the list of suppliers that can provide you the products at a time and right quantity. You should not face the shortage problem once you start exporting. Select the vendor that provides a product with complete packing, and helps in the transportation of product to the port.

Export Business Ideas – Step 3- Give the best price for your products: Another important step of export business is giving a precise price to the products. Product price depends on the cost of production, and all the expenses from packing, to transportation costs, etc.  You should take the necessary steps to make products with good quality and minimum transaction costs.

Export Business Ideas – Step 4- Set your Target: Once you are ready for the price, now set the target revenue you must generate to make good profits. For this, you should work on the business plan and make a complete study of the items you are planning to export. As this business is a large scale, you need to take professional assistance to get a complete idea of the products to export.

Export Business Ideas – List of Products Exported from India

India is exporting a wide range of products to foreign countries. Even our products have great demand in foreign markets. Here we are listing out some products that have good demand.

  • Leather Goods: Leather goods are one of the major export products from India. India leather goods and accessories have marketed in different parts of the world. India-made leather bags, shoes, leather pouches, handbags, etc. have great demand in other countries. Many small-scale and large-scale companies exporting leather goods to foreign countries.
  • Medical Appliances: India is the number one supplier of quality medical appliances. Medical appliances include absorbent gauze, sterile gloves, surgical face masks, surgical caps, crepe bandages, etc. Baby incubators, air ionizers, and digital software have great demand.
  • Precious stones and metals: India exports 30 percent of its jewelry to other countries. India has a market of 20 percent of the gold produced in the world, of which 75 percent are spending to make jeweler items. The gold jeweler sector has a great market that is supported by Indian government policies, banks, and other financial institutions.
  • Meat: India is a rich source of different kinds of kinds, prawns, meat, shrimps that have a great market overseas. Exporting processed meat, fish and prawns will earn good revenue.
  • Exporting Handicrafts: India is famous for its handicrafts, which have great demand around the world. Foreigners are more interested, and they take the bulk order and you get a good chance to export.
  • Agricultural products: India-based organic agriculture products are creating a wave in foreign countries. Major export market Indian producers include China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, etc.
  • Electronics Goods: There are a good market for India-made electronic goods, Indian hardware products sectors which always continue to be dynamic as always. Both India’s hardware and software sectors are creating waves for two decades. Indian IT industry has been made improvements in quality standards in products and services. Indian companies have earned profits by providing export services required for international IT giants.
  • Pulses Exports: India produces the best quality of rice, wheat, corn, and barley, etc. Indian have grown its export business in this sector. India is earning good profits by exporting these items.
  • Exporting Bio Chemicals: India made Bio-chemicals have a great market in other countries. The government is giving a full contribution to the growth of our economy. Indian bio-chemicals have a great demand in the foreign market which contributes a part to the Indian economy.

Not the above petroleum products, garments, and textiles, fruits, vegetables, tea, jute, milk products have great demand in the foreign market.

Export Business Ideas – Select the right products

Now you have got the idea about wide of products that are export, and you will get confused about with which product the business to be started.

  • Never choose a monopolized item, because if you are a manufacturer and exporters of such items, you will possess the capacity to supply it either from your in-house or their sources so that inconsistency in the supply of products doesn’t harm your business reputation.
  • You should maintain consistency in quality. You should select the ISO-certified products that have a great demand in the foreign market.
  • Once you get fixed with the items, you make a study on the rules and regulations that needed for your items in the foreign market.
  • You should get the necessary licenses if you’re exporting the delicate items you’re exporting processed foods, raw items, chemicals, and drugs.
  • You should have complete knowledge on the disparity in time zones, local regulation and cultural beliefs of the countries, labeling standards, the density of local manufacturers, agents, and distributors, taxes and exempting of taxes, market size, and income level of targeted users.

Export Business Ideas – Name your Business

Naming the export business is a bit different, you should determine whether the items you are exporting are exclusive of your country. In that case, give it a name that would help your customers understand its significance as Indian commodities.

If you are exporting the items that are available across that world or don’t carry identification with your country. That you can give it a name that would help your customers understand their significance as Indian commodities.

Export Business Ideas – Licenses Required

An importer-exporter code or the IEC would be needed for setting up your export business.  You will be issued a 10-digital code shall be issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade of the Indian government.

To get this code, you need to have a certificate of Incorporation, AoA, and MoA, PAN card of your as well as your business concern, and 4 recent photographs. Submit the application and the application will be reviewed by the authority to find out whether you are eligible to conduct the business or not.  Once your processing is completed, you can start your business.

Export Business Ideas – Heads and Cons of Export Business

Disadvantages of Export Business

Every business has its advantages and disadvantages, Export business needs more time to get suitable market abroad. So, the export business break-even period would be longer. You spend some additional costs to develop a marketing strategy and allocate your employees to travel abroad which depends on your financial sources.

You need to modify your products as per the demands of the international markets and its safety regulations and packaging needs.

Export business is risk-oriented. Payment methods are also very complicated and time taking. Finding required information about the market where you are intending to sell is defiantly much more difficult. It’s very hard to find out data about sales, marketing strategy, business growth in the international market.

The main disadvantage with export business is there are no hard and fast rules that can ensure the smooth running of your business. You should be untestable and patient to get succeed.

Advantages of Export Business

Once you get successful in entering the international market, you would get good exposure and more profits. Participating in the global market will allow the business owner to get a share of the global market.

Once you trying to get exposure in an international market, your production facilities are bound to increase which in turn allows you to lower down the per-unit costs. So that you will be able to sell more products that have seasonal demand in your country but are in demand all around the year in the international market. You easily cover up the incur losses and those products which are in high demand would not require any promotional discounts.  The main advantage of the export business is that you will gain more experience while you see your business expanding overseas.

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