Free Money Earning Guide:

Free Money:

Free Money .. hearing this word you may feel surprised or puzzled.  You may think that free money is some type of scam. But free money is concept is real, this is a type of promotional activity by companies or website, and they spend thousands of dollars in free money of gift vouchers.

For free money you just need simple form filling and little more work to can be done couple of hours. This article gives you list of some companies names to offer free money.

Here we go.. Make sharp look of the companies and start working….

Earn free money from Stash:

Stash Is an android app, it helps you to earn some amount of extra money in your spare time.  You can get the bonus of $5, by entering email Id and downloading the Stash smart phone App. You just need to create an account with email id with which you have opened Stash App, within 48 hours you money of $5 will be credited into your account.

My Points – A best site for getting Gift cards:

Hope you all have heard about Mypoints website, if not let me explain you ; it is a cash back web portal that helps you to earn reward points by shopping online and getting gift vouchers. These gift cards or coupons can be used for you shopping to save on things you purchase online. Mypoints give 5% cash on every purchase you buy on AMAZON.

Process is very simple.

  • Create your account on Mypoints website using your email or Facebook.
  • You can shop online through mypoints , Mypoints website is connected to many stores like Walmart, Amazon etc.
  • On every purchase you will get bonus points, which can be redeem for a free amazon gift card.

Earn 20$ free money to create account on

Another easy method of earning 20$ for requesting a prepaid, reloadable card is from Netspend.  It’s a guarantee site the give 20$ for free.

Process of earning free money of $20 is very easy:

  • Open a Netspend account with promotional code.
  • You will receive a Netspend VISA Card. Activate in from the website.
  • Now for earning free money you have load your card with minimum $40 through Paytpal or another way.
  • Once you card loaded with $40, Netspend will add bonus $20 to your balance. This VISA card be used as debit card.

It is trusted process you can try.

Swagbacks offers you earn money of $30 for simple surveys:

You may have gone through many website that pay money for reading emails, posting ads, taking survey. But many website can be proved to fake. The best website that offers money for taking survey is Swagbacks. Swagback is a trusted website that offers you guaranteed pay for taking surveys.

You can join Swagback for free, and they pay free money $5 for signing up. Then you can start taking up surveys for earning some extra bugs.

WaoIndis is an incentive based advertising company where you can earn $0.10 for every ad you view for 30 sec and also receive percentage of what all their referrals earn. Advertiser need visitors and they are willing to pay for it. Signing into WaoIndia is free, so take complete overview if website and start earning.

Cleanfiles: Cleanfiles is pay for download site.  Way of earning through cleanfiles is very easy, you have to register to this site and you have to be followed by uploading file onto the site. You will get link of uploaded file, every time people visit to down load file they will be asked complete small survey form. For each completed survey and download is counted and paid. For earning more money you can promote these pages in Social Media.

Not only these websites even you can make money with YouTube, Whats app, Facebook and many other websites.

Many smartphone are in markets that pay free money or gift vouchers just downloading them like mcent ,flip kart, Amazon etc.

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