Freelance Earning Information Guide

Freelance Earning:

Freelance earning is an excellent option for people who wants showcase their skills and creativity, Now a days, making money from freelancing has become popular due to more online business are going up day by day.

Freelance Earning: Make yourself A Successful Freelancer:

As a freelancer you have to take up many short- term jobs or contracts with many website or companies. Through internet you can find bunch of opportunities to make money as freelancer. The count of people who are taking up freelancing has increased around the globe. Freelancing makes you a boss with many challenges that need good judgement.

Freelance Earning – First Step to become Successful Freelancer:

  • Shine up Your Skills: To start your career as a freelancer, you should present all your potential skills that can attract the companies or websites. Not only professional skills even your secondary like typing, photography, researching can help to become successful freelancer.
  • Brand Yourself: To become successful freelancer even your need some branding. So for branding you need an Identity that represents your work includes website, blogs, Social Networking accounts that helps to stand top in competition.
  • Create Portfolio: Best portfolio helps you to become successful freelancer. Some potential client needs demonstrated presentation of profile. They need samples of your work to decide your capability. So you should build strong portfolio along with reviews and testimonials of your work.
  • How charge your work: How to charge your work, this is bit tricky. For this you have to study the market and contact your fellow freelancers from your friends circle. Calculate a middle ground charges for initial contracts, once you get stable with projects and clients, increase charges for potential clients. At the initial stages of a freelancer you should be very reasonable, once you win trust and work good opportunities will be always behind you.

Freelance Earning – Second Step to Become Successful Freelancer:

After starting your Freelance career, you should follow a refine process. Here are some tips that help your freelance work risk free.

  • Sign you Contract :

Do you have a signed contract from client?

Whatever the job you take up from the client, you need an official contract paper. This process helps catch fake job providers. Contract form should include basic terms that you and client agree upon .

  • Terms on work you do.
  • Client Information.
  • Payments Terms: How you will be paid during the process.
  • Form also includes the terms regarding termination on project if your or your client is not satisfied.

Once you have made contract, client can physically print, sign and return or he can use digital sign.

This contract process will protect from fake job providers.

Freelance Earning – Getting Paid Before you start:

To become successful freelancer you need successful payment. One big issues with freelancing is payment, you can hear from many fellow freelancers is that not getting paid on time or getting cheated by client. You can follow down payment process; in this process you can take 50% down payment before you start work. This process helps get successful payment. Once you get sign contract and down payments you can go start work.

Freelance Earning – Prefect Planning to Become Successful Freelancer:

Big mistake made by many freelancers is getting over booked.  Freelancers make mistake by taking too much of work. Even from the initial stages you need to follow a schedule of all assignments. Maintaining a calendar on ongoing and upcoming assignments is compulsory for freelancer.  Freelancers should review their complete schedule while accepting new assignment. Accepting and completing work on time will keep you top on the board.  Planning a perfect work will make you successful freelancer.

There is a good saying on Freelancing “Work for four days, plan for next in fifth day”.

Another best source to become successful freelancer is through Freelancing websites. There are many websites that offer Freelancer the work projects from the clients around the world.

Best Sites:

Upwork: Upwork serves 1.5 million clients around the word. Upwork offers work for all types of freelancers not only technical projects it has projects related articles, data entry, photography, crafts etc. Upwork lists all short and long term projects and per-project work and all entry and expert level assignments. Freelancer also works same as all the platforms that offer millions of projects. But one thing that makes it unique is, it helps us to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your capability. This is great opportunity to prove your stamina that drags potential clients.

Craglist: Even craglist is a best source of projects for freelancer. You can get local projects and even jobs offered remotely.

Guru: Is platform where you can present your portfolio, this website lists out all matching opportunities for your profile. Guru helps you to create a work room to manage all your schedules.

99 Designs: 99 Designs is platform helps for designers to show their talent to grab opportunities.  It helps you to participate in the design contests to push up the talent.

Peopleperhour: This website offers freelancing web projects for designers, Web developers, SEO’s .

Demand MEDIA: If you’re looking for freelancing projects in creative works like Writing, filmmaking, photography and more this site helps you a lot. Dream Media helps you to present you work to clients in attractive way.

There even many more platforms helps to acquire freelance projects as per your skill set and passion. Some other sites that help you are Simplyhired, iFreelancer, CollegeRecruiter, GetACoder and many more.

Freelance Earning – Bottom Line: So just get started with your Freelancer job and become successful freelancer and make life easier with freelance earning.

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