How to Earn Money with Quail Farming in India

How to Earn Money with Quail Farming Business in India: Commercial quail farming business is acquiring popularity throughout the world day by day. If you plan to join this money-making business venture, you should prepare an effective business project before initiating. Basically preparing a clear and expository business plan is very significant for all kinds of farming business. A business plan means a sequence of events that you have to perform before initiating the production process for creating your business more profitable and sustainable. A perfect quail farming plan mustcomprise almost all related to this business such as, products you want to produce, your production purpose, housing, breeding, feeding, health care and marketing. If you plan properly, you can earn lot of money with quail bird farming business.

How to earn money with Quail farming business

I think, you have already checked a lot of articles, magazines, webpages and newspaper about quail farming, and got information that ‘quail farming is highly profitable’. Before starting, you have to make a good business plan and must work according to the plan. Quail farming needs low capital or investment than raising any other poultry birds. You can initiate this business with a very less investment. It can be initiated with a narrowcount of 40 to 50 birds. You will receive your total invested capital within a very short duration, then use the gains for spreading your farm production steadily. It will also be helpful for you, if you practically visit few quail farms in your proximity, so that you will get a briefknowledge about the pros and corns of quail farming business. It will also aidfor your business operations in a perfect manner. However, see the below discussion for preparing an effective quail farming business plan.

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Make money with Quail farming.
Make money with Quail farming.

What is your production purpose?

You can start quail farming business for the money making, satisfying your daily family nutritional needs and just for enjoyment.Have a clear idea about your intention for starting the business.

Quail products

You can initiategrowing quails for producing meat or eggs.It is very essential to have the knowledge about the products that you are interested to produce from your quail farming business. It is recommended to do a thorough market research in the nearest local market to know about the quail products that are having more demand and value. Producing these products with great demand in your nearby market is a noble idea. Because your operations will be much easier and money-fetching, as you can sell your yields in your nearby market.

Raising Quails For Meat: Meat producing quails are known as broiler quail. There are many broiler quail breeds available, although raising broiler quail is not as widespread as raising the layers.

Raising Quails For Eggs: Regular egg producing quails are called as layer quails. Quails lay eggs almost every day, they can place about 300 eggs every year. Although egg production getsreduced from the second year. Thus, it is suggested for commercial quail farmer to have their layer quail for single year.

Quail Eggs
Quail Eggs

Housing for Quail birds

Housing very crucial for quail farming business. Quails need a descenthouse that has all kinds of essentialprovisions for their better production and proper growth. Make sure a proper ventilation system and adequate flow of fresh air is available inside the house. Raising quails in cages has numerousbenefits than floor raising system. And majority of people are interested to raise quails in cage system. Check out some farms near your area and see their raising procedures so that you can copy their cage design.

Feeding process of Quail birds

Feeding your birds in a well-balancedmanner with nutritious feed will aid to keep them productive and healthy. Quails eat a very small quantity of feed every day compared to other poultry birds, such as ducks or chicken. An adult quail can have a maximum of 20-30 grams of feed every day and make sure adequate clean and fresh water is provided. One must be vigilant about the protein content in their feed. Presently, many small to large poultry feed producing companies are generating commercial feeds for quails. This kind of commercial feed consists of all types of required nutrients and one can easily use them to feed quails.

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Breeding of Quail birds

For fruitful breeding purpose, you must keep male and female quails in a proper ratio. For a successful breeding the most effective ratio is 5:1 (one male with every 5 female quails). Quails don’t lay their eggs. So it is suggested topurchase an incubator for hatching of their eggs.

Health care of Quail birds

Quails are extremely disease resistant. Diseases and other health issues are comparatively low in quails. By proper management and care, you can keep the birds productive, healthy and free from all kinds of health issues.

How to market Quails

Marketing is so significant for a successful quail farming business. Make sure you have the idea of the demands of quail products in your nearby market. Onlyexcellent marketing facilities will aid you ingetting maximum returns from your business. You can approach your relatives and friends for spreading the business in their contacts. Announce about the advantages of quail eggs and meat by adding posters all around your locality and inform them to spread to others. You can also publish brochures/ leaflets and distributes in the local market.

Licence requirement for quail farming business in India

  • As quail being a protected species by legislature, license is required to start a commercial business. In India, the Department of Dairy, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries grants the license required for the quail farming business. Several quail licenses have been already issued in India, especially in Maharashtra only you can see about 500 quail farming business.
  • The validity of license is given up to one year from the date of issue and the fee charged differs from Rs. 200/-, 500/-, and 1000/- which is based on the type of businesses like trading, catering and hatchery. It can be renewed yearly before expiry of current license by paying the required fee.
  • To start your business, you need to purchase quails from a license holder.
  • Issuing authority will inspect the facilities available at farming site at any time during the period of issuing the license.
  • Non-functional licenses will be cancelled before issuing or expiry, with prior intimation.

Preconditions for quail farming and/or quail trading:

  • The farm should be located at 4.5 to 5.0 km away from the notified forest area if there is no human inhabitation in between.
  • The farm should be located at a distance not less than 2.5 to 3.0 km away from wildlife and the forest area where there should be no human habitation between the farm and the forest areas.
  • The farm should not be located or set near to water logged area.
  • The license officer should strictly observe bio-security measures particularly hygiene and sanitation with the basic health cover for the birds in the farm. Birds should not be allowed to roam in the open outside areas within or outside the farm areas.
  • There should be adequate fencing around the quail farm to avoid entry of stray animals and the public to avoid the direct contact with the birds in the farm.
  • License shall be issued after the submission of original identity documents such as ration card, driving license, election I-card or valid identity card.

Cost involved in quail farming business or project report of quail farming

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Cost to start a quail farming.
Cost to start a quail farming.
Non-recurring expenditure for quail farming business

Costs involved in construction of the hatchery is Rs. 1,00,000.

Costs involved in setter, hatcher and generator are Rs. 3,00,000.

Costs involved in setting up the generator room are Rs. 20,000.

Costs involved in electrical installation and other charges are Rs. 6,000.

Costs involved in construction of water tanks and its connections are Rs. 15,000.

Costs involved in purchasing the other equipments and licensing are Rs. 10,000.

Costs involved for feed for quail birds = Rs. 1,00,000

Total non-recurring costs per year is Rs. 5,51,000 per one hatch unit

So, total for 52 hatcheries it costs = Rs. 5,51,000 x 52 = Rs. 2,86,52,000

On all around consider Rs. 3,00,00,000.

Recurring expenditure for quail farming business

Cost of hatching eggs is Rs. 1.10 per egg and for 16500 eggs is Rs. 18150

Overhead hatching this includes labour and electricity charges which is Rs. 5,000.

Total recurring charges is Rs. 23,150

Total costs involved = nonrecurring + recurring costs= 4,51,000 + 23,150 =  Rs. 4,74,150 per hatchery

So, for 52 hatcheries = Rs. 4,74,150 x 52 = Rs. 2,46,55,800.

Profits in quail farming business or how much money can you earn with quail farming

Farm gate price for quail bird = Rs. 12 per bird having weight of 100-200 grams.

Total income for 1500 birds in a week = Rs. 18,000 per hatch

For 52 hatches it costs = Rs. 18000 x 52 = Rs. 9,36,000 per week

So, per year the sale price for quail bird meat = Rs. 4,86,72,000

10% will be the mortality rate = Rs. 4,86,72,000 –  Rs. 48,67,200 = Rs. 4,38,04,800.

Profit = Sale price – Cost price = Rs. 4,38,04,800 – Rs. 2,46,55,800 = Rs. 1,91,49,000 per year.

This totally depends on the cost of the quail bird meat in the market and the number of hatcheries which you wish to maintain.

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