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Introduction on how to get Haldiram Franchise in India

Haldiram Franchise in India: Sweets and snacks are food items relished by people all over India. If a person shares a love for sweets and snacks and willing to invest in a snack company, this is the right article for them. Indians love to eat snacks whether it is to be consumed with chai or served to guests. Sweets are deeply rooted in the food cuisine of India. Whenever there is a festival to celebrate, it is done by allotting and eating sweets as on the occasion of Diwali or someone’s birthday party or any other kind of good function. And in terms of sweets and snacks, there is hardly any brand that is greater in India than Haldiram. For years, Haldiram has been the place of happiness for many Indian families who have been eating and sharing the organization’s products. Just the popularity of Haldiram is a good enough advantage for an investor to invest his or her money in the company.

A step by step guide to Haldiram Franchise in India

Why Haldiram’s Franchise?

Based in the city of Nagpur, Haldiram is a huge sweets and snacks preparing company. There are many areas in which the company has manufacturing units are seen like New Delhi, Noida, Rudrapur, Nagpur, and Gurgaon. The company has its plan of retail stores in Delhi, Nagpur, Noida, and Kolkata.

The company was initiated by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal in 1937 in Bikaner city of Rajasthan like a namkeen and sweets shop. To expand the company, they opened its first manufacturing plant in Kolkata, and then in 1970, a bigger manufacturing plant was opened in Jaipur. In the 1990s, the company opened another manufacturing plant in Delhi.

In the year 2014, according to the Brand Trust Report which was conducted by Trust Research Advisory, Haldiram was ranked 55th on the list of most trusted brands in India. The company stood to be the largest snack company in 2017 beating domestic as well as foreign competitors. Haldiram’s success is not only limited to India. The company is seen in greater than 80 countries in the world such as the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and Japan.

Haldiram product range

Haldiram has over 400 products that are widely spread to its customers. The company manufactures products such as traditional namkeens, papads, western snacks, cookies, Indian sweets, sherbets, and pickles. Ready-to-eat food products are even prepared by the company for which machinery was procured from the United States during the ’90s.

Market potential to get and ster a Haldiram Franchise in India

The turnover of Haldiram is approximately 400 crore rupees and the brand’s valuation is estimated to be approximately 1,500 crore rupees. Haldiram has also gained to capture a market share of 25 percent in India. The company also plans to increase the number of outlets to 150 in the country by the end of 2020. The company has determined to grow its business and for this, they are planning the route of franchising. The company plans to expand in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in the nation. So, taking all the analyses and stats into consideration along with the objectives, the company has set for itself, the idea of investing in Haldiram looks like a wonderful opportunity.

Haldiram also helps in a lot of services and support to the franchisee to support him or her in setting up the franchise. The company provides a detailed functioning manual to the owner of the franchise. A two-week training program is one more service provided by Haldiram. Along with expert support from the head offices in Kolkata and New Delhi, a franchisee also will receive guidance on the field and gets assistance concerning technical equipment.

Types of Haldiram Franchises

Haldiram’s Franchise

Various aspects must be taken into consideration while availing of a Haldiram franchise as the company provides various types of franchises. The three different types of franchises which are offered by Haldiram are as follows:

Casual Dinner – An office, water, and other services are needed to apply for this franchise. The area or outlet space needed to open this type of franchise will be from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet.

Kiosk – It is the easiest one for beginners with at least 75 to 100 square feet area to set up a Haldiram kiosk.

Quick Service Dinner – The size of quick-service restaurants could be large or small. Usually, the area that is needed to set up a quick-service restaurant is about 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.

Investment required to start Haldiram Franchise

The cost of investment that is needed by the franchisee to get a Haldiram dealership is determined by the type of dealership he or she opts for. The cost breakdown for various types of Haldiram franchises is as follow:

Casual Dinner – This type of franchise is termed to be the most expensive. An investment of 1 to 4 crore rupees is mandated to set up a Haldiram casual dining restaurant.

Kiosk – Although the cost of investment for a Haldiram kiosk is referred to as the least expensive of the three, there is no full-proof evidence available regarding the amount of investment required. One has to directly approach the organization to avail this information.

Quick Service Dinner – 1 to 3 crore rupees of investment by the franchisee is good to initiate this type of franchise.

Apart from this, there will be various costs that an investor has to bear if he or she wants to get collaborated with Haldiram. The period for the Haldiram franchise agreement is 9 years and the franchisee has must pay a 2.5 percent royalty fee annually to the company.

Profit margin in Haldiram Franchise in India

Profit Margin in Haldiram Franchise in India
Profit Margin in Haldiram Franchise in India

We cannot see this information on the internet about the revenue and profit margin of a Haldiram franchise. The profits of a Haldiram franchise are based on the location of the outlet including the type of franchise that has was chosen by the franchisee. If a person with sufficient capital and a good business plan is definitely to earn big returns.

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Contact details to get Haldiram Franchise

If a person has any doubt and wants to reach the organization, they can make use of the below information:

Haldiram Customer Support Number: 09021994899/ 0712-2681197

Haldiram Manufacturing information

Address 1: Kerki Daula Village, NH 8, Gurgaon Delhi, 122001, Manesar

Address 2: B1/F12, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate Main Mathura Road,

New Delhi-110044.

Haldiram Corporate Office Address

Address: Haldiram Export Pvt. Ltd. B1/H3, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate Main Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044.

Tel Number: 011-288980010/11, 011-45204100

Haldiram Marketing Contact Details

Address: B1/H8, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate Main Mathura Road,

New Delhi-110044.

Haldiram Snacks Contact Details

Haldiram Address: B-1 Sector 63, Noida 201307 (UP).

Address 2: A-2, 3, 4, Sector 65, Noida 201307 (UP).

Address 3: Industrial Area Rudrapur, Uttaranchal.

Haldiram Products Contact Information

Address: Chandani Chowk, Delhi-110006.

Haldiram Business Enquiry Details

Email id:


The statistics and numbers of Haldiram, along with the objectives the company has set for itself for the future, indicate that Haldiram is on a path of growth and victory with no signs of failure. So, if one is planning to invest in a sweets and snacks company, then Haldiram is a perfect choice. We hope all the details regarding the Haldiram franchise was provided here.  

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