How To Invest In Share Market – A Beginners Guide

How to Invest in Share Market?

It’s all about how to invest in share market.

Introduction: Stock market business is the fastest investment business around the world. The stock market business needs some knowledge economics, and should have a grip on opportunities and risks, and should have a good amount of savings to invest. Invest in stocks can earn huge profits. Many of us believe that stock business is a complicated idea. But, once you start up the business with complete knowledge and good amount of money, you’ll find it very comfortable to earn money, below are the steps to start a start a stock investment business.

At the first step you need business first get a complete idea to start, the internet is the best source that gives you a complete idea.  Make a study on the market, the business and related terminologies. And then decide the investment amount,the stock market is a volatile market.

you should be prepared yourself to face profits vs. losses, risks vs. opportunities. And should be able to dedicate appropriate apportionment of the savings into stock investment

How to Invest in Share Market  – Steps to Start Investing:

How to Invest in Share Market – Make a complete study  about  themarket:

Before you invest in any business, you should have knowledge about, what is a stock market is and how it works or operates. Here we listed some h about terms and processes:

  • Stocks: Stock is the main term to understandin this business, stock is also referred as “shares” or “equity,”. A stock is a form of a certificate issued to holder to indicate part-ownership of a company. To raise money, a company can issue shares that the public can buy and can earn investment. Each share refers to a percentage of ownership in the company that issues shares.
  • Shareholder: Next main word you need to know is shareholder, shareholder is a person who owns shares in a company. A shareholder can hold as few as one share and as many as million shares of a company. Shareholders are given some rights in the company and can earn a percentage of the profits earned by the company.
  • Stock Market:Stock Market is platform, this is where shares of companies are carried and sold. It can be a physical location or a virtual market.
  • There are three stock markets in the US are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System (NASDAQ).
  • In India there are two major stock exchanges-National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange of India (BSE). Most of the share trading in the Indian equity market takes places on these two stock exchanges. 

How to Invest in Share Market – Explore yourself with Different Stocks: There are mainly two types of stocks: common and preferred.

Investing in Stocks.
Investing in Stocks.
  • Common stock: Common stocks are in the form of stock these are more accessible to newcomers. Common stock is a share in a company. Common stocks can earn you good amount of profits, these common stocks have the highest
  • Preferred stock: Preferred stock resembles same as like common stock, but are the best for the beginners. And the dividends paid out by preferred stock are constant, but the dividends paid in common stock are variable. Preferred stock is a more secure source of earning, compared to dividend income than is common stock.
  • Stocks are also divided into different classes according to the company choice. Typically, a company will make one part of share has more voting rights than the other part of stocks, to make sure that certain groups maintain control of the company.

How to Invest in Share Market – Gain a complete knowledge about stocks vale fluctuations (Increase or Decrease): Stocks are operated as per the law of supply and demand. Once the demand of the stock increases and people get interested in acquiring shares than selling, the price of the stock goes up. This is caused due to the, there is less supply of the stock and each share becomes more valuable. Demand of stocks depends on the company performance, if a company succeeds, the demand generally increases.

  • The demand for the stock depends on the expectation of company’s future performances. The demand for the share will increase if companies running with good returns and investor feel that the company’s runes with profits.
  • The stock market is unpredictable with its uncertainty. Therefore, there is a high risk associated with this type of investment.

How to Invest in Share Market – Calculate the dividends: Dividends are the money paid to shareholders at the discretion of the board of directors.

  • Giant and stable companies often pay dividends to make investors satisfied, when the price of the stock won’t increase.
  • Dividends are a good source to earn “passive” (automatic) income over a long period of time.

How to Invest in Share Market – Judge completely about the investment: Be clear about what do you want to invest and why do you want to invest and profits you expect from the investment. The stock market is very much volatile and being ready even to lose the investment one day.

  • The Stock market can be a suitable long-term investment. If you are planning to instant money right away, this stock management, business cannot not be a good place to invest the money.
  • Don’t go for debt, to invest money in this business. Don’t go for high-interest debts for investing in the stock market.
  • A successful stock investing business requires dedicated time from the investor. Be clear yourself whether to dedicate a good amount of time in investigating about the companies before you invest. A complete research in compulsory. And even many companies that provide research services that do some necessary work for you.  Some companies that do research work are Scottrade, ShareBuilder, Motley Fool, E-trade, TDAmeritrade, TradeKing, Morningstar, and The Street. Don’t invest before investigating completely, thoroughly.

How to Invest in Share Market – Choosing Stocks:

How to Invest in Share Market – Determine your strengths: Before investing on the make a complete research on the company you want to invest at the first glance, focus at first on companies that you have good knowledge. This make to get interesting and understanding before you start.

  • Go for the local companies, as you may have more of an opportunity to understand and get a complete idea about its profits and business graph.

How to Invest in Share Market – Calculate the value of a stock: Do complete research and calculate the value of the company. It is worth to buy the stocks of a company which have high real price than the listed price.

  • Buying a stock means gaining part-ownership of a company, number of stocks depends on your financial status.
  • Get an information about, how long it will take to pay off your investment from profits, if you own entire company. Use the past results to find whether it is worth to invest in shares.
  • The Profits of the company is widely depending on the market conditions. Demand for the products/technologies/software is volatile, can be changed at any time, obsolete, or rules and regulations may change, and company’s stock can get less valuable or even sometimes useless.

How to Invest in Share Market – Determine the value of a company: To determine the value of the company, you must check with many variables like Future Performance, Cash Flow, and Revenue, etc.

  • How stud the Future Performance of company: A company’s net cost is calculated on projections of future performance. Past performance will indicate that how a company will perform in the future.
  • What is the Cash Flow: A cash flow is a cash in hand that is used to pay debt. A company that has a lot of assets and high operating costs have less cash flow, but a business with less assets and a lower operating cost will have high cash flow.
  • Revenue of a company: Revenue is the most valuable factor that is used to calculate the value of the company. If two companies have the same cash flow, but a company generates a higher revenue, that company will most likely be worth more.

How to Invest in Share Market – Create a diverse portfolio: Invest the money what you are not going for debts, and also don’t invest in only one company. What something happens to the company that you are invested, and you will lose much of your investment at once glance. Invest in many channels will minimize the risk of market fluctuations.

  • Invest in a wide range of economic sectors. If you are heavily focused on technology, it’s better to invest in consumer goods, real estate or any number of other companies.
  • Many investment experts recommend against putting all your investable funds into the stock market. Also consider bonds, currencies, and commodities.
  • Try to create a portfolio of around 10 to 20 different stocks that aren’t related to each other. These should be a manageable number more number can be difficult to keep track of while still providing a wide spectrum of earning opportunities.

How to Invest in Share Market – When to buy the stock? 

Buying the stocks at a right time, which is the main step for success in stock marketing.

  • Don’t take a chance of buying all the stocks at once. If the market goes down suddenly to make you lose the investment at once. It is a good step to invest over some months to minimize the risk at every time you buy.
  • Make a complete study of stock chart before purchasing of stocks. Google and Yahoo both provide comprehensive online stock charts, and there are many other similar services to choose from.
  • Should check the stock trend constantly. This means the price of the stock has been rising steadily. Check with the stocks that are rising gradually, but not rapidly. When the Stocks will suddenly go raise, there’s are lots of chances to drop soon.
  • Note the volume of trades. If a stock is having good market among the buyers, this indicates a good condition of the stock’s health. The increase of price with a decrease in the volume indicates that the price of the stock will drop soon due to lack of interest.
  • Calculate the fluctuating average or moving average of the stock price. The moving average means the average price of a stock over time. Ideally, this average would be increased, and the listed price would be above this average value.
  • Don’t go for volatile stocks. If the price fluctuates too much, and you can see a lot of spikes in the chart, the stock is not that safe to invest.

How to Invest in Share Market – Go for a broker: For buying stocks, you must go to a licensed stockbroker. As there will be many choices, brokers will help will to choose best main option. And you should select what suits you the best.

  • Select an Online/Discount Broker. Online brokers are essentially being the best choice. Online broker doesn’t provide personal assistance and will give you some choices to what to buy and sell your stocks. they charge money per-transaction, and this online process requires very little initial investment to open an account.
  • Broker with Assistance. This is brokerage process is same as the online brokers, but these brokers some personal assistance along with basic research, like newsletters and in-house research reports. These brokers charge more fee than online-only because of these extra services.
  • Full-Service Brokers: These are the traditional stock brokers whom you can meet directly to discuss your full financial position, as well as risk analysis. They will help you to financial plans and give advice in other financial areas such as taxes. Full-service brokers are more expensive than a discount broker, but many offer significant benefits.
  • Money Manager. A money manager will take full control of your personal accounts. Their clients are typically those with a significant amount of income, and the usual minimum account is $100,000 or more.

How to Invest in Share Market – Go for the Good Stock and Hold: Don’t sell the stocks as soon as they in price and go for the other stocks. Keep in control for yourself and hold on to valuable stocks, then making them into cash desperately. Solid and good quality stocks can give you big profits over the long run.

  • Don’t buy and sell in short intervals, even if earn more profits in buying and selling most of the money go in commissions for brokers, and will lose a good amount of money.
  • “Day trading” is stacked against newcomers, because they trade against seasoned professionals and computer programs designed to buy and sell at profitable timings.
  • Instead, hold on to stocks of companies that have good raise in profits. If your stocks pay dividends, reinvest them to increase your earning margins.

How to Invest in Share Market – Refresh portfolio regularly: Once your portfolio is completely created.  Updated it often and keep it updated regularly.

  • Sell the stocks of the companies that not performing well and invest more in the companies that are seeing greater returns.
  • Add more investments with additional funds as they become available to continue diversifying.

How to Invest in Share Market – Should know what to sell:  Best time to sell your stock is when it reaches a determined value you, after investigating the company and when the value of the stock is not expected to increase much more.

  • If the stocks you has doesn’t reach the target value and even there is no chances to increase in the future, or if the price of the stock falls below the moving average. This is typically seen as the “last chance” to get rid of a stock before it fall it too low.

How to Invest in Share Market – When should we approach Brokers: Broker earn money by charging you for each stock transaction (buy or sell a stock).  the transaction fee will be this fee going in. But be clear with a broker about your acceptable level of trading. Many brokers will suck the   money with high-commission stocks and multiple trades.

  • If you have a large account and plan on frequent or aggressive trades, then go for a commission-based account, where the broker gets a percentage of your portfolio irrespective of charging per trade.
  • If your broker does frequent changes and trades, known as “churning,” and are trying to raise their commission. Any trading that eats into your principal should be red-flagged.

How to Invest in Share Market – Figure out the acceptable level of risk. Risk tolerance determines how bold of an investment the broker will take. Stocking same as, gambling, and there are both safe bets and long-shots. Your broker should give complete guidance on where to mould the portfolio, based on your financial requirements.

  • Younger investors should aim for high-risk investments. Stocking is a long game, and any busts now will more than likely be rectified with later booms. You have the dare to afford face the risk.
  • Middle-aged investors should maintain a balance between bold and risky stocks.
  • Low-risk accounts should make safe bets with lower profits. These are great for older investments who could not face with a sudden loss of money near retirement, or those who only want slow, reliable growth.

How to Invest in Share Market – Account options: there are two investment account options, cash or cash/margin accounts. It is good to choose margin accounts, instead of cash accounts except you are a professional investor.  Cash accounts should have a deposit available to make a trade– the money must be on hands on. In case margin accounts you can borrow money from the brokerage firm to purchase stocks. This loan is based on the expected profit from the stock.

  • Cash accounts: Cash accounts are safe, but earns far less profits. You should keep track on where all your money is, and whose money it is.
  • Margin account: Margin accounts are technically will keep you in debt, even though interest rates are less than the bank interest rates. Because they make more money available to you, you stand to earn more money. Some higher-risk trades are only available on margin accounts.

How to Invest in Share Market – Consult a broker for tax status based on your financial requirements: Are you in the stock market and planning to earn right now, or for retirement? Depending on how you classify your portfolio, your broker can get you potentially lower tax rates.

  • Standard brokerage account: these accounts can be swapped, taken out, and edited on the fly. They can be short or long-term investments or a bit of both. These accounts are completely taxed.
  • Retirement accounts: Retirement accounts are same as IRAs, pay much less tax payable. However, these take the money out of them at a certain age, or risk losing much of your profits.
  • A professional trader would usually have both types of accounts, though this requires a lot of upfront cash.

How to Invest in Share Market – Handover Money to the Broker: Most brokers will give 10 to 15 days to give money. You can give them a check, which will take two to three weeks to get cleared. If they are in a hurry, get a routing number and instructions to wire transfer your money over.Deposit your certain amount of cash in  the brokerage account and obtain a money receipt/acknowledgement. GO for an online transaction system if available. Professional investors always set aside specific accounts for investments. They don’t link their investment money to a savings or checking account.

How to Invest in Share Market – A professional broker always often uses algorithm-based trading. The stock market is not what it used to be. Professionals now have lots of data, and computer programs will inspect through them, making quick trading decisions for your investment that you could rarely make alone. Therefore, if you have the money, full-scale brokers earn you good amount highest profits.

  • CDs, or Certificates of Deposit, are savings accounts that mature at a certain date, at which point you receive a small profit. They can range from one month to five years.
  • Bonds are a form of loans that you issue, usually to the government, they will be paid back with interest. These are safer options, consistent investments that generally will raise in long runs.

Analyze the market for a few days. Spend a good amount of for news, follow the market trends and talk to your closest friends and relatives before you buy the first stock.  Start buying and selling of selected stocks. Keep yourself updated with buy/sell orders noted and confirm them after the orders are executed. Maintain an online/offline portfolio of all your stocks. As a starter, remember the success formula “buying at low, selling at high”.Keep a close observation on your stocks in your portfolio. Constantly monitor company information like performance, newer ventures, AGM/EGM, dividends etc. Make a habit of watching/reading financial TV programs, news, online articles, websites etc.

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