How to Make Money from a Fish Aquarium Business

How to make money from a fish aquarium business in India

Any individual can open a money-making aquarium business in several ways. However, the right aquarium business plan and proper design are very essential aspects of initiating a business relevant to ornamental or tropical fishes. From children to adults everyone admires to keep a goldfish in their house. Hence you can think about how to start a goldfish business, as there is a huge demand for it.

Ideas to make money from a fish aquarium business in India

This blog comprises a wide-ranging business plan checklist with expenses, profit, advertising ideas for the ambitious entrepreneurs who seek for setting up an aquatics shop. Liable on your location, spending capacity, and skill, there are many ways to initiate this business. Moreover, you can begin the business either as a full-time business or as part-time. With small to sensible capital, you can have effective gains from this business in a less period. You also need to register your business online so that you will appear in the search ‘aquarium distributors near me’ on the internet.

The market potential for fish aquarium business to make huge money

Before beginning a business in the ornamental fish industry, you should have an idea about how wide the market will be. Presently, fish keeping has developed as one of the best widespread hobbies among millions of enthusiasts across the world. In addition to that, most of the fish species that are available in aquariums are freshwater species.

The increasing demand for ornamental fish among hobbyists is one of the main driving forces contributing to the sales of aquarium accessories. Hobbyists are gradually seeking products like aeration equipment, ornaments, tanks, substrate, and fish food.

Even though there are few pros and cons of commercial aquariums there is an increasing interest of individuals planning aquarium fish has caused the establishment of new shops. Commonly, these stores sell aquarium-related products and services such as installations, maintenance, and cleaning. The aquarium stores are also engaging skilled and knowledgeable workers to assist clients in maintaining their aquariums frequently at their residence. Also, the market is observing the growing inclination for technology-included products. Hence, initiating a business in the aquarium industry is greatly profitable these days.

Skills required to start a fish aquarium business

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Skills required for the Aquarium business.
Skills required for the Aquarium business.

Certainly, beginning a tropical pet fish associated business demands sufficient skill and knowledge. Firstly, you should know the various types of aquarium fishes, behaviors, feeding habits, etc. Also, you should have the knowledge to handle them. Disease management is another essential aspect that you should take care of very wisely. Finally, you should have an idea to maintain aquariums, supplies, and the overall hygiene of the area. So, if you have previous experience then it is good, otherwise, consider gaining some experience with other established businesses for some time to get the practical information.

Different fish aquarium business models to make money

Before starting the business you might also think where do fish stores get their fish, all your questions regarding the fish aquarium business will be answered in this blog.

Aquarium shop

Initiating an aquarium shop is one of the most money gaining retail prospects. The business is easy to begin. However, the metro cities are the only proper location for starting an aquarium business. Also, you must secure commercial retail space for your activities. Before selecting the space, you should identify the potential demand and opposition both in that specific area. Additionally, you must have the store in a location where no other stores exist within 3 km minimum. The store should have an adequate water supply. Also, it must have a power provision. After conducting market research, you must craft the fish shop business plan. Also, must arrange the start-up investment. Based on the particular services and products, you must decorate the interior of the shop.

Licensing & permissions for aquarium shop business

The first question you might think is ‘do you need a license to sell aquarium fish for setting up an aquatics shop. Roughly, you can open an aquarium shop in two methods, these include- either opening the shop with your brand or purchasing a fish aquarium franchise. In India, you can select several fish store franchise opportunities. Thus, based on your investment capability, choose the franchise wisely. ‘How to open a public aquarium’ will be your next thought as this business also needs the same list of licenses.

Usually, opening this type of shop requires two different consents. Firstly, you must obtain a license under shops and establishments act and next, you must get a GST number for proper tax filing and accounting. Also, you register MSME Udyog Aadhaar and apply it to trademark registration if you want to function with your brand. These licenses differ from city to city. Along with these licenses you also need to acquire aquarium maintenance certification to start the business.

Supplies for aquarium shop

Lastly, you must acquire the supplies. Approximately, you can classify the supplies list into two sections. You can maintain the supplies for vending and provisions that are required for the fish aquarium shop. Some of the important things are:

  • Tanks with hoods
  • Stands
  • Fish food
  • Filtration systems
  • Heaters
  • Nets
  • Water treatment systems
  • Tanks decorations
  • Oxygen provider
  • Tank scrubbers for algae removal
  • The test kit for nitrate, pH, and ammonia
  • Siphon
  • Refrigeration or freezer for perishable fish food
  • Ornamentation material for the tank bottoms (gravel, or substrate)
  • Tropical fish care books

Along with these you can also start used fish store display tanks for sale to minimize the used products as they pile up and become a waste.

Aquarium maintenance service

The third idea would be an aquarium maintenance company. This is another forte that you can consider worth exploring. Though you can deliver this service with your current aquarium shop, you can begin only maintenance service as well. Generally, you can begin aquarium maintenance services from your home. However, the functioning of a retail place is always significant. In any case, you should provide the service at your customer’s doorstep. You can also make good aquarium store profits from this business.

Any aquarium must be frequently cleaned and needs maintenance. Sometimes it is difficult for busy people. And they approach for a professional service for this purpose. The aquarium maintenance business plan also requires specific skills and sufficient knowledge. Moreover, you should be a willingness to do hard work.

While operating the aquarium maintenance business from your home you must obtain the trade license as well from the local authority. And your even your transport vehicle must have a commercial registration.

In starting this business, you must design a business plan with economic analysis and advertising strategies. Also, you must acquire the requisite supplies and modes of transport.

Procedure for setting up a fish aquarium business to make good money

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The fish aquarium setup procedure.
The fish aquarium setup procedure.

Generally, an online aquarium shop sells different kinds of decoration items, aquarium accessories, fish feed, and fishes also. Though you can initiate the business from home, you must have adequate spaces for storage and official work. Otherwise, you should think of operating the business from a different office. Presently, it is very easy to open a basic e-commerce store for selling the products online. You can follow the basic steps for starting the online aquarium accessories store.

Business plan for fish aquarium business

Opening an online aquarium business should have firm planning. There are many aspects that you must consider carefully. First of all, you should be selective in the time of choosing the product line. Also, define the territory where you can deliver the service. How you will strive with the other already online stores. So, you should have a proper online advertising plan too.

The cost to start a fish aquarium business

To start the fish aquarium business in India you required Rs. 2 to 5 Lakhs for the initial investment. This investment includes: staffing, maintain the shop, and procuring the equipment and accessories.

Secondly, as per your business plan, you must arrange the capital. In an online aquarium business, you will spend money on procuring supplies, purchasing the e-commerce platform, purchasing the domain name, hiring people, and delivery. This answers your query ‘how to start an online aquarium store’.

Setup the aquarium store

First of all, you will choose a name for your business. And check the domain possibility. Usually, it allows you to operate the business successfully without taking any technical threats. Put the photos appropriately. Also, mention the careful areas where you supply the materials. Also, you must ensure the conveyance time for a specific product. Give your contact information on the website.

Procure supplies

This is another crucial thing that you must perform sensibly. Generally, the most essential thing is vendor management. As you begin the business small, you could face the frequent need for small things. So, you should set the conditions with the vendors accordingly.

Setup the business

Establishing the admin department generally includes designing the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You should have a team of proficient people who can distribute the material after getting the order. And in this kind of business, it is not a piece of cake. The moment you open the store and begin to accept orders, you should be ready for the timely supply.

Promote the store

And as the last step, no business could reach success without advertisement. Practically, there are many options you can employ for promoting your store online. Some of the most useful avenues are social media, google AdSense, etc.

Most fascinatingly, you can even do all simultaneously. And in such a way, an online store will aid you in advertising your other aquarium business to attract the internet audience.

First of all, you should have the idea of an existing aquarium owner of the area about your business. Also, you can even have a business tie-up through the local aquarium shops (in case any). Consult with the local interior decorators as well. In the present day, the aquarium is a prevalent item in creating an attractive interior. Also, approach the commercial business offices are willing to have the aquarium and who depend on regular maintenance. Designing your website could be a better option as well. Also, doing registration in the local offline and online classifieds will be very significant.

Online aquarium store

Finally, if you plan to open an online business in this segment, you can even initiate an online aquarium shop. First of all, you can google it and within seconds you can get several online stores that already exist. It will provide some primary ideas.

Aquarium shop marketing ideas

When you begin the business on a low budget, you should be innovative in marketing. First of all, you should have an idea about the people who have already aquariums. You can consider placing a billboard in a noticeable location in the city. If possible, offer some early opening offers. Also, you can consider offering special discounts for the annual maintenance deals. Consider designing your business website. Try to register your business Google My Business. It will index your business and search results when people search for something like ‘aquarium shop near me’.


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