How to Make Money from a Rubber Band Making

How to make money from a rubber band making business

If you are interested to initiate rubber band making business then you are in the correct place; here in this article, you will have the complete information about how to begin rubber band making business.

An idea to make money from a rubber band making business

The rubber band is an essential item that is consumed, thus, the market potential is high and the rubber industry is expanding over 9% every year, the need for rubber will sustain and never reduce. You can begin rubber band making as a small scale Business with less amount of your investment for some machinery and other materials by doing all the operations comfortably from your home.

Rubber band business opportunity to make good money

According to sources, after Thailand and Indonesia, India has emerged as the largest country for rubber production. The rubber bands are generally more consumable products that employed in the newspaper industry (to keep the newspapers folded together before home delivery), agricultural sector, automobile industry, packaging industry, in households, etc.

As per the survey of IBIS, world estimates the three largest industry of rubber stands for 11.5% of income in the year 2015, the market is wide and there is a vast opportunity for launching a rubber band making small manufacturing business.

The rubber usage is approximately 15.14 million tons every year and natural rubber forms 39% of total consumption.

Licenses required for rubber band business

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License required to start a rubber band making business.
License required to start a rubber band making business.

The beginning of rubber band making as small scale business should be done only after you have different licenses and registration which is provided by the government with some guidelines as mentioned here.

Registration of firm: For operating your business as the small to medium rubber band making Business you should register either as a proprietorship or partnership company. When you begin the business as a one-person company it is mandatory to register as a proprietorship firm. For Partnership type of registration, you must apply the business and register as LLP (Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST registration: The GST number is compulsory for any business, so, you must apply for the GST registration.

Trade license: The local authorities could provide the needful trade license when you request them.

Pollution certificate: This is one of the licenses and permits that directs you and provides consent to operate and establish by a certificate from the pollution control board.

MSME/SSI registration: This registration will permit you to avail the government schemes and subsidies for your business, the application can be done for MSME/SSI by online registration if you are seeking towards rubber band making business.

Trademark: It is a very crucial step for securing your brand name for your business by applying for a trademark.

The area required for rubber band manufacturing plant

You can initiate a rubber band making small scale business from your home, as the space needed is only 1000 sq. ft. If you take permission from the local authority for a home-based business by providing the required spacing for the business then it will save your part of the capital. But in case you are interested in commercial space, the capital will go high and also you must take care of the provision for water supply and electricity supply with proper paperwork with the owner to avoid any disturbances in the future.

Rubber band raw material

The raw material required for rubber band making small manufacturing business can be obtained all along the year but approximately 70% of your investment is meant for purchasing of raw material.

Therefore is very crucial while selecting the quality and price of raw material. The rubber band is comprised up of organic rubber with superior elasticity.

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Organic rubber is obtained from latex which is available on external bark and the Cambium layer, through which the rubber tree’s (Heave brasiliensis) sap flows. Latex is a fluid which comprises c a small amount of rubber and protein along with sugar and mineral water.

Rubber harvesters remove the mature rubber tree in v shape that is approximately a cut depth of around 15 inches and then they cautiously remove the organic rubber in a vessel, the latex flow will stop after 2 hours, and this process is called as TAP process.

Tapping takes place every next day so rubber harvesters carefully tap the same in different places every time, each tapping can provide around 56 grams of a substance.

Rubber band making machine

You can get a rubber band using two approaches, in the first way you can make use of a ready-made rubber for raw material. In another way, prepare the rubber role by use of raw rubber at the rubber unit, in this process the cost of the rubber band making small manufacturing units is more but it will provide you a better profit margin. At first, the manufacturing is easy as the readymade rubber roll is available in the market and you can purchase it along with the machinery to produce the rubber bands. It is easy and possible to produce rubber bands in this way. It will not take much time to produce. The machine is an automatic one and it does its work.

Cutting machine: The cutting machines perform automatically and they are used for cutting the rubber bands in a definite size.

Packing machine: In the second method for rubber production it is important and needs additional machinery for making the rubber roll.

Below is the list of rubber band making machine

Cutting machine 0.5 Hp, dip-in tanks, drying stand, grinder, molds, stirrer, bucket, vulcanizing tank, and cup, etc.

How to make a rubber band

If you are searching for the steps to make a rubber band, below we have mentioned 10 steps rubber band making process. There are 9 steps for the rubber band process. They are-

Processing the natural latex

In the starting stage of rubber band making, the latex is treated and purified which eradicate the other constituent elements apart from rubber.

Purification and making into slabs

Purify the rubber and store in large vats, combine this with the formic or acetic acid, the rubber particle here combines and form a slab.

Squeezing the slabs to the required size

The rubber slab is now squeezed between the rollers to remove extra water in it and have the required size. We can get around 6 or 9 square meter rubber. Rubber is then processed further for other steps of the rubber band making wherein rubber slab is cut into small pieces.


In this step, using the machine rubber is mixed with sulfur to vulcanize. Add pigments for imparting color to it. For enhancing the elasticity of the rubber band, few more chemical is also added at this step.

Heating and milling

In the milling process, the rubber is heated and squeezed to obtain a flat substance using a milling machine.


When the rubber completes the milling step, it is still hot, so it is cut into strips and acts as feed for an extrusion machine. This machine forces the rubber out in long. Extra rubber frequently builds up around the extruding machine, this extra rubber is removed, collected, and placed back into the milling machine.

Curing in mandrels

The tubes of rubber are now forced over aluminum poles called mandrels which are covered with talcum powder for avoiding the rubber from sticking on to it. After vulcanization, rubber is brittle; thus, the rubber is cured for making it as elastic and usable. This is done by the poles are placed into a container which is steamed and heated with large machines.

Slicing to form rubber bands

After the above process, the rubber will be easily removed from the aluminum poles due to the talcum powder that will help to avoid the sticking of the rubber to rods. This runner is now added into a slicing machine that will slice rubber into the finished rubber band.

Weight of rubber bands and packaging

This final product now is weighted using the weight machine and sent for packaging using a polythene pouch or carton box.

The cost to start a rubber band making business

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The cost to start a rubber band business in india.
The cost to start a rubber band business in india.

Cost of machinery and equipment = Rs. 1,50,000

Cost of raw materials = Rs. 20,000

Packaging cost = Rs. 5,000

The cost involved in advertising the product = Rs. 5,000

The total cost involved in initiating a rubber band making business = Rs. 1,70,000.

How to sell rubber band

The advertising for rubber band making small manufacturing business is different from other business promotions as this business is not based upon the brand name.

Rubber band local market

You must contact the consumers of a rubber band who will take the deal of the supplier of rubber. Sell your product to the local retailer. It is recommended that the quality of the rubber should not be compromised. The price is set after a thorough analysis of the market and by comparison with competitors’ cost for rubber.

Rubber band wholesale market

It is also advisable to sell your rubber band in the local wholesale market.

How to sell rubber band online

Sell your rubber band on B2B websites: The popular websites Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia, etc. will aid you in making purchases in the form of bulk orders.

Sell your rubber band on B2C websites: The e-commerce website like – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, are nowadays very useful to reach the customer directly where they will check out your product online and purchase from there itself.

The conclusion of the rubber band business to make good money

Well, with a perfect business plan of the rubber band making business, you can earn great money. You may also be interested in Low-cost Agriculture Business Ideas for Beginners.



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