How to Make Money from Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing

How to make money from aloe vera gel manufacturing business

Aloe vera is a succulent, which stores the water like gel in the leaves. Thus, the aloe vera leaves have an important medicinal value. In India, aloe vera grows greatly throughout the country. From aloe vera, you can generate several products that have wide market potential. The list of products from aloe vera gel could be aloe vera juice, powder, gel, etc. Here in this post, we will guide you to explore the aloe vera gel manufacturing business on a small-scale basis. To start with this business the first question that arises in your mind is ‘how to make professional aloe vera gel’ but you need not worry about that as you this blog gives you the complete information about the business.

Ideas to make money from aloe vera gel making business

Aloe vera gel is a very essential product you can generate from aloe vera leaves. The item has the demand from the consumer as well as for the industrial sector. Thus the concentrated aloe vera gel can be sold for the end clients. And secondly, the herbal companies which produce powder, medicines, etc. could have your gel for their aloe vera based products that need this gel as its one of the major raw material.

In this business, the location is very crucial for the business. If you dwell in an aloe vera growing area, then only you can start this business with less capital or else to afford the raw materials (aloe leaves) from a far distance is money consuming step. This will also increase the production cost.

Aloe vera gel market potential to make money from aloe vera gel

Aloe vera belongs to the Liliaceae family and has thick green leaves that contain gel and latex. The gel consists of major water and the rest includes various vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, hormones, and sugars mostly that are present in the human body.

Aloe Vera gel is widely required in the cosmetic industry, food industry, and toiletries industry, and the pharmaceutical industry for its medicinal properties. In the global market, the aloe vera gel has great demand in which has increased to 11% when compared to the past years. Its demand in the international market counts up to $465 million and is increasing progressively. The market for aloe vera gel is growing progressively over the last decade because of its increasing need for Aloe vera gel in health care, food, and cosmetic industries.

Aspects such as increasing inclination of consumers towards a fitness-based lifestyle, coupled with the increased demand of aloe vera extract as an element in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries are increasing the need and thus has a potential market across the globe. Presently, the major trends verified in the global aloe vera extracts market are: use of aloe vera in the zero sugar beverages and also exploring the usage of new aloe vera species.

Composition of aloe vera gel

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Aloe Vera Plant.
Aloe Vera Plant.

There are around 200 different types of molecules in aloe vera. The aloe vera leaf gel contains around 98% water. The total solid content of aloe vera gel is 0.66% and soluble solids are 0.56% with some seasonal fluctuation.

On dry matter basis, aloe vera gel comprises of polysaccharides (55%), minerals (16%), sugars (17%), lipids (4%), proteins (7%), and phenolic compounds (1%) along with many vitamins such as the important antioxidant vitamins C, A and E. Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), niacin, choline, and folic acid could also be found in the gel.

Registration and license for aloe vera gel manufacturing to make huge money

For initiating an aloe vera gel production unit without any legal troubles, you should obtain several registrations and licenses from the government authorities. It depends on the specific region of your plant. Additionally, if are interested to produce even the cosmetics products then you should apply for other specific licenses as well. Here, we have included some of the basic needs for the processing of concentrated aloe vera gel from aloe leaves.

First of all, you must register your business. According to the management pattern, choose the right form of business.

Moreover, it is essential to apply for a trade license and professional tax registration.

  • Obtain Pan Card.
  • Open a current account in a bank
  • Apply online for MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration
  • Apply for factory license from the state authority.
  • Moreover, you should apply for ‘NOC’ from the Pollution Control Board.
  • Lastly, see the tax liabilities and yearly compliance liabilities.

Aloe vera gel processing plant setup and machinery

In starting the plant, the primary need for the factory unit is space. However, the area requirement majorly depends on the desired production output and business size. You can initiate a small-scale processing plant in around 1000 sq. ft. Along with it, you must acquire a commercial electric connection, hire labor, check the provision for water supply, and transport availability.

You can initiate the aloe vera processing plant in two methods. It is available as a semi-automatic mode or fully automatic basis. It is suggested to start the unit as a semi-automatic basis for small-scale operations. Moreover, in a semi-automatic operation, the scope for adding additional product lines like aloe vera juice or powder which also has a huge industry potential can be done easily.

Some of the major requirement of machines are:

  • Cooling van for getting the aloe leaf from the farm
  • Aloe leaf washing unit and extractor
  • Aloe vera peeling machine
  • Aloe vera gel making unit
  • Filling machine
  • Testing equipment
  • Weighing Scale
  • DG set for uninterrupted electric supply

Aloe vera gel production process

After the material is received at the factory, you must wash and disinfect the plants. There are two general methods of processing. First, the processing of the entire leaf including the shell that includes aloin (1- whole leaf method) and next separating the leaf from the gel before processing (2- separation method).

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In the separation process, the bottom of the leaf is sliced off and the leaves are left to “bleed”. This makes the aloin to leak out of the leaves. This is the part of the plant popular for its bitter taste and its laxative effect. For a quality gel, the aloin must be removed out of the final gel.

After you obtain the gel from the plants, you must filter it. And lastly, homogenize, pasteurize and stabilize it. The last step now is to concentrate the gel. The process from – cutting the leaves and the final Aloe extract must be accomplished in 2 days. However, the quality loss in the process can occur in several ways. It is important to have a quality gel which in most cases not possible due to poor quality of leaves and or slow processing.

Now the concentrated aloe vera gel is ready for selling to end consumers or to the companies who produce items or medicinal products using aloe vera gel.

The cost to start an aloe vera gel making

Cost of the aloe vera gel making machine (automatic) – Rs. 1,75,000

Cost of raw materials – Rs. 15,000

Cost of utensils like trays – Rs. 5,000

Packaging cost – Rs. 3,000

Other expenses – Rs. 2,000

The total expenses required to start an aloe vera gel manufacturing business is Rs. 2,00,000.

Where to sell the aloe vera gel

You can sell your aloe vera gel in local markets or you can even sell in the medical stores. You can also register in B2B websites and B2C websites in online markets to promote your product.

You can also sell your products in supermarkets, small stores in shopping malls, etc. Advertise about your product through social media to get a huge number of clients in this way you can increase and promote your business. Even though there are several aloe vera gel manufacturers in India, but the demand for encouraging the new product is also high because of its medicinal properties. So, you need not worry about the market. You can sell your product based on the aloe vera gel wholesale price India.

You also need to plan your aloe vera gel price, by comparing the prices with aloe vera gel price Himalaya, aloe vera gel price Patanjali, aloe vera gel price Forever, etc.

The conclusion to make money from aloe vera gel manufacturing business

To save input cost in aloe gel making, you can go for Aloe Vera Farming.


  1. Sir,
    The Aloe Vera projects interesting as involves in employment oriented.
    Is there a buyer for it? It need less water and even ariable land is it suitable?
    Than you,
    Paul Ponniah.

    • If you are doing on a commercial scale, you better have a contract farming or buyback agreement from any herbal companies. Without a proper marketing strategy, it will not be successful. Even though aloe vera can tolerate drought conditions, for a quality crop, it also requires a good water source.

  2. sir, i am intersted in hydrophonic cultivation can we do aloe in hydrophonic systems, if so how much cost it will take when we make it in 150 sq. yards and how much production it will produce.

    thanks & regards

  3. I am from West Bengal (birbhum district).
    I want start medicinal farming specialy aloe vera farming.if any body can give medicine company contact number where I can sell the product.
    Also want to start ginger farming I need huge information.

  4. -1-Where I can get the extracting machine?-2-How much the price of small scale machine in nearest?-3-How much dollar can be one kilo Gram of aloe vera jell in nearest?


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