How to Make Money from Bread Making Business

Introduction to make money from the bread-making business in India

The business idea of food items manufacturing is constantly attractive and money-making, and so bread and loaf are one of them. Bread is one of the best widespread food items consumed all over the world. The fragrance of the freshly baked bread and loafs is admired by everyone and over that, it also has an abundant nutritional value and therefore, gets its position in the breakfast table in daily life.

Ideas to make money from the bread-making business in India

Bread is also used in preparing many delicious dishes in India. This makes the point to start bread making business plans and also begin your career in the bread manufacturing business. This blog gives you all the details about ‘how to start a bread business’.

The market potentiality of the bread-making business 

A few pieces of bread in the breakfast will complete the morning menu. The bread-making business has an excessive market potentiality as it a daily consumable item food product that has a good demand in the market.

Bread and loafs are ready to consume items. A spread of butter or jam makes it more delicious to eat. Over that, bread is also considered good for health. The combination of bread with vegetables is mostly liked in the form of a sandwich. Bread is also one of the most normally found food items in the school lunch box of children. Therefore, for the numerous qualities and high demand, beginning a bread-making business in India is great money gaining idea if you have the acquired knowledge and skill to operate the business.

The registration process for bread-making business in India

As bread is a food product, along with the usual registration of the business, you must also apply for Food Business Operating License from FSSAI. So, these are the primary steps to begin your bread-making business. This can be a life-shifting business idea as the bread-making business has a great demand in the market and has an excellent potentiality to be a prosperous one.

Bread bakery business plan

Before beginning the business, you must decide whether to begin a direct bread selling unit as a bakery store or will manufacture bread in huge quantities and sell them to the retailers and suppliers. Detailed bread-making business plans must be made to taking the proper decision.

Bread making process

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The process of Bread making.
The process of Bread making.

Before starting the bread-making business, most importantly you need to have a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process. Being a food product, it is very essential that the quality of the food is of a good standard and also has a decent taste. If you lack the knowledge of manufacturing bread, you have the training from professional organizations. However, now let us know the preparation methods of the Indian bakery bread recipe:

Ingredients required for bread making 

Below is the list of the needed components:

  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Water

Make sure to acquire quality ingredients for the manufacturing of the bread as the aroma and taste of the same will entirely depend on the components. It is also essential to use the proper quantity of the ingredients in the manufacturing process.

Steps of manufacturing of bread

Step 1 Sieving: Sieving of the flour is needed to remove any kind of coarse particles and other impurities. Flour being the main component of the bread manufacturing process must be in the best quality.

Step 2 Weighing: The ingredients which are employed in the manufacturing process must be added in the proper proportion. So it is good to weigh the ingredients before adding the same.

Step 3 Mixing: In the next step, all the components are mixed properly until the gluten is formed. The mixing can be done by hand or using a machine.

Step 4 Fermentation: After the mixing, the dough must go through fermentation.

Step 5 Sizing: After the appropriate fermentation, the dough must be divided into the chosen size as per the order or the general market dimension.

Step 6 Shaping: After the dough is divided properly, and the shape must be given to the same.

Step 7 Final fermentation: After shaping, the dough must be kept for resting for final fermentation.

Step 8 Baking: After that, the dough is kept in the baking pans. The appropriate pan temperature is 90-Degree F.

Step 9 Cooling: The hot and warm bread is great to eat, but to get the best aroma and taste, the bread must be cooled down.

Step 10 Packaging: After the bread cools down, the final packaging for selling is done. So, these are the basic steps that you must be aware of starting a bread-making business.

Equipment required starting a bread-making business in India

The equipment required to start bread making business at home is baking pans, oven, sieving plate, bread cutter, bread packing bags or covers.

How to start a bread-making business from home

Now as you know the complete manufacturing process of the bread, now it is very easy to start the bread making business from home. As the requirements, steps and other things are very simple and do not cost much to start with.

Arrangement of finance

Beginning a bread-making business from home does not incur a huge investment. It just requires Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000. Among them also the costly thing will be the oven and you must have money for buying raw materials. You can also get assistance for capital from the banks by preparing a well-crafted business plan if you want to start the business on a commercial scale.

Profit margin in bread making business

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Profits margin in the bread-making business.
Profits margin in the bread-making business.

In present days bread is becoming one of the important food items in the human diet for its ready-made accessibility and high nutritional value. It is the most usable wheat-based bakery product. The bread is less margin high volume product based on processed food and also the bread business is a labor-intensive business. You might also think ‘how profitable is bread-making business’ because it is such a simple process.

The per capita consumption of bread in a country like India is around 1.5 kg – 1.75 kg in different zones. The organized sector comprises of around 1800 small-scale bread producers around the country, apart from 25 medium-scale manufacturers and 2 large scale factories which were allowed to continue based on their production capability. Wheat flour, sugar, yeast, salt, water, and shortening agent are needed as raw materials to produce bread. The plant, machinery, and the technology needed to manufacture the bread are fully available in India.

The conclusion of bread making business to make huge money

Since the intake of bread is rapidly growing day by day, the demand is increasing extremely. Even though there are many organized as well as the private sector companies, the demand will not meet completely by them in the coming future. The bread manufacturing industry is 4.00 million tons industry increasing at the rate of 6 percent and is expected estimated to grow at the same pace in the medium term. So, for new start-up people, it may develop as a very good segment for investment. Bread business profit can be seen with constant growth in business.

After going through all these you can also get your doubts cleared regarding the question ‘how to start a bakery business from home in India.

To reduce input costs and increase profits, you can go for commercial wheat farming.



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