How to Make Money from Content Writing

Introduction to make money from content writing

Thinking to make money from home, content writing is the best way to get paid to write articles at home. If you have a good knowledge of grammar, an engaging writing style, and are interested in researching new topics and you have a new business idea and writing about them, this is the job for you. Some Indian sites pay for writing articles.

Ideas to make money from content writing

One of the best websites that you can easily earn money from content writing is This is the best method and will surely replace your current job if you are good at English. By reading this article you will come to know how to earn money from content writing. Before diving into it make sure what all you need to be a content writer.

You will need the following

  • A computer or a laptop
  • Internet
  • Average typing speed
  • English grammar

If you want to start content writing on your own, you might have to buy a domain where you will put your written content. There are a lot of domain providers available. GoDaddy is one of the best in this field. You can buy a domain monthly or yearly basis. Yearly would be better as you will get some cost benefits compared to monthly. The cost of a domain would be around Rs. 2000/- per year. This may be more if you prefer any domain names which are on good demand. In the first year, you will find some additional charges for processing. Once you buy the domain you will be given with credentials to access your site where you can post your content.

How do I purchase a domain?

To buy a domain name follow the below steps:

  • Choose a reliable domain registrar
  • Find a domain availability checker tool
  • Run a domain name search
  • Pick the best available option
  • Complete the domain registration by finalizing your order
  • Verify the ownership of your new domain

Hire an experienced writer to buy the articles for your website who can write unique content for you. That way you’re sure the content is customized to your business’ needs and will deliver on your goals.

Top Indian sites that pay money for your content writing

To get started with content writing you must keep in mind

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Content Writing Ideas and Tips.
Content Writing Ideas and Tips.
  1. Use stunning headline: Users should stun by seeing the headline. Headlines will make people attentive. By seeing the headline they have to understand what is the complete article about. Likewise, you need to name the headline. For your content, the headline and first paragraph should be the best part.
  2. Never let your reader feel boring while reading: Reader should not get bored while reading your article as they will pay attention if it happened. So your article will be a more creative and interesting topic and the language used in the article should be in simple terms of English which will understand by the normal people too.
  3. Do your research completely: Before writing the article do some research regarding current topics running around. By researching the things you will get new ideas and you can implement those as an article with creative thoughts.
  4. Length of the article: Article length should not be very lengthy or not very short. Don’t just lag the article without any content and don’t include even unnecessary stuff. Even don’t miss the main content of that article. Article length should be good enough.
  5. Write in a unique style: Don’t just blindly follow the style of others. You should have a unique style while writing the content. You will come across so many writers during your work, just take the inspiration by their style but don’t copy the similar style. Everyone will have a unique style and personality.
  6. Stick to the point: Every content is written for a single topic and doesn’t divert the topic by including unnecessary stuff. In one content it’s okay if you include the related things but don’t mix the different ideas. For instance, if you are talking about content writing you can give them a hint to share it on Facebook or Instagram. But don’t just jump into Instagram marketing.
  7. Become creative: If you writing a similar content that is already on the internet then what is the difference you are making from others. The three major factors that are involved in every content are view, topic, and idea. Before starting to write the article you know what are you writing about means you decided the topic and you have an idea about that topic. So, here view matters.
  8. Use images and infographics: Use some images which are used in your content and it will turn the people’s eyes towards the content. Those images should be related to the content which you are writing. By seeing those images users will decide whether they want to read the full content or not.
  9. Your article must have intent: Every article you are writing must have an intention which is understandable by the users. While writing the article you just keep the people in mind and then write your article in a way of simple terms that reaches the users.

Finally, follow this approach: One should check the content in three stages of edits

  • In the first stage of the edit, re-write all the sentences means to change all the sentences without any duplication and don’t match with any other
  • In the second stage of the edit, check with all the spelling and grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors
  • In the third stage, read the total content if everything seems good to save the file

Finally, the article is now ready with clean and unique content.

Some tips you need to follow for content writing

While writing the content you must keep in mind which will help you to write awesome content and your client will be satisfied by following the tips for beginners in content writing

  • Don’t copy the content as it is in your article but re-edit the copied sentences without any duplication
  • If you want to rank your article in the best position, you need to stuff some long-tail keywords in the article which users will frequently search for. It’s nothing but SEO writing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Keywords will play a vital role in SEO success. It’s impossible to rank for common one-word keywords. So you must include long-tail keywords in content writing
  • You can check all the edited content in “Plagiarism” which will tell you if still, any duplication remains so that you can change them. This will allow up to 1000 words at a time to check the content
  • You can hire a ghostwriter is someone who writes a book or other published work instead of the person who is named as the author. A ghostwriter will get paid by the author for writing their content
  • You must select trending topics for content writing. This means you need to give high priority to those topics which are trending. You can search in Google Trends which is a wonderful tool that helps you to determine the most searched content in the internet
  • You may use the “Grammarly” app to find out the spelling, grammatical mistakes, and even punctuation errors that you typed in your article. This will automatically detect the errors in your content writing and you can correct them in the app itself
  • Be careful while accepting the payment. Paypal is an electronic mode of payment used by most of the businesses and is one of the most secure methods for online payments. It is very easy to transfer money through Paypal. If you have an email id of the receiver you can transfer money to their Paypal account. In Paypal, your information will be kept confidential
  • The best way to start promoting your written content on Facebook is free. On your Facebook page just post a link to your article. This can be done easily by copying your article’s URL to Facebook’s sharing box. In Facebook, cost-per-click prices are low compared to other paid channels. Promotions are easy to set up and manage

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How do I find content writing jobs?

First of all, it’s important to make sure that you are a better writer and have a unique writing style. Once you’ve got that there are two broad approaches to getting content creation work.

Here are the two approaches

  1. Landing jobs from your own self-branded blog

The best way to develop your career as a content writer is to start a blog. Then you can expose your writing skills.

This idea is simple. People will visit the blog which is written by you. Some of those visitors might want to hire you as a ghostwriter for content writing for their website and they will pay-per-word.

How can you set up your blog?

  • Don’t skimp on the appearance/branding
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Develop a separate landing page
  • Include testimonials
  • Overcome obstacles at friction points
  • Get your face on it
  • Develop bloody good content
  • Be on Skype
  1. Landing jobs by building profiles and bidding

The second approach is usually one you take when you can’t afford to set up your own blog or aren’t ready to show it off to your potential clients. Here we can go around to various content creation and copywriting circles and websites there you can develop your profiles so that we can bid on interesting jobs.

How this method will work for us?

  • You can make a list of better and worse content sites
  • Focus on one or two sites
  • Be comprehensive with your profile
  • Be attentive when bidding
  • Know the value of a profile history
  • Understand the house rules
  • Study the successful bidders

What is the average salary of content writers in India?

A good and experienced content writer in India can earn from 20,000 Rs to 25000 Rs per month where beginner writers can earn from 8000 Rs to 10,000 Rs per month. However, the salary will depend on the quality of the work and content that you wrote and delivered to the client.

Some content writing resources are

  • Freelancer
  • Elance
  • ProBlogger Job Boards
  • Digital Point Forums
  • Copyscape
  • Copyblogger
  • Chris Ducker

The conclusion to make money from content writing

Content writing is an easy and best way to make money writing what you love. Everyone will have a unique style and personality in writing the articles. You just explore the things which are currently in trending and showcase your skills. You can have some tips for content writing if you search over the internet. By following those you will get paid to write about anything you want by sitting at home.

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