How to Make Money from Dried Flower Business

Introduction to make money from a dried flower business

Presently, the dried flower business is a very booming business venture all over the world. Flower production is noted as the fastest-growing of today’s agriculture crop trends. In the market, there is a strong demand for all types of flowers, especially for the unique and hard-to-grow varieties.

Ideas to make money to make money from a dried flower business

Now coming to this post, you might think of ‘what is dry flower business’? There is a lot number of use of dry flowers, due to which the business has increased consistently over the last ten years. If you have a habit of gardening then you can turn your gardening hobby into a profitable business venture, thinking about growing flowers for profit. This business gives you an idea of creative things to do with flowers. 

Flowering plants are among the most profitable among agriculture. They produce one of the highest returns of any other crop variety. It just involves growing; processing and selling dried flowers could put you on the path of making money with a sustainable business from the very first year. A dried flower for the craft is the crazy idea for preparing cards used for many occasions, which looks awesome and makes different from other gifts. You might think that what to do with dead flowers, you can creatively use ‘dried flowers decoration’ after drying completely.

One of the chief reasons for planning this dried flower business is the fact that you can easily operate it right from your home. Moreover, you can use your garden if you have as the initial source for the flowers that could be dried and sold. It is important to take care of flower quality and focus on niche marketing. Apart from all these things you might think ‘how long do dried flowers last’ and of course, they last for many years, hence they are popularly known as “everlastings”.

So it is better to understand the primary process of making dried flowers. In this article, you can get an idea of cheap dried flowers and how to make huge profits from the dried flower business.

Here in this article, we have given a brief guide to begin the dried flower business.

Market potential of the dried flower business to make huge money

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Market Scope for Dried Flower Business.
Market Scope for Dried Flower Business.

The success of a dried flower business will mostly depend on its need in the local market. It is suggested to conduct market research and gather as much knowledge as possible to be aware of the competitors, size of the market, and future potential of the business.

It is seen, that the primary demand for dried flowers comes from event planners, hobbyists, and from individuals who are willing to decorate their interior. You must have a linkage of resellers for advertising your dried flower products. There is a huge market for dried flower business where you can find many dry flower exporters in India. You can also find many dried flowers suppliers from India as it has great demand in international markets also.

Process of making dried flowers

As there is a great demand for dried flower bouquet, as the flowers look beautiful even after drying. To prepare the floret dried flowers, you need to follow the below steps explains to you ‘how to dry flowers quickly’ that are chiefly classified into three steps. Before that, you need to first choose the best flowers for drying. The steps include the following:

Crop selection for dried flower business

The selection of specific crops for the dried flower business is so essential to get success in the industry. Few flowers indeed lose their attractive value post drying.

Most everlastings, such as celosia and strawflower, are very easy to grow as well as easy to air dry. People can find a suitable market for dried flowers as antique shops, craft shops, and selling dried flower arrangements to flower shops and restaurants.

Harvesting for dried flower business

The stage of harvesting for different flowers differs according to the species and the form of flower required. You must take care of the perfect time for harvesting. You might also think about what to do with dried flowers from functions. This will help you to get an idea of ‘how to press dead flowers.

Usually, flowers are harvested just before they are fully open and the color has not faded. Flowers harvested at a fully open stage take lesser time for drying than those which are harvested during a tight bud and half-open stage.

Drying techniques for dried flower business

The quality and appearance of dried flowers and other ornamental plant parts are greatly influenced by the technique of drying or by the drying technique is followed. Various practices involved in the making of dried ornamental plant material comprise air drying, embedded drying, press drying, oven drying, and freeze-drying, etc. in the dried flower business. You might also get a question in mind ‘how to start dried flower business at home’ as it involves an easy process; hence from this blog, you can also know ‘how to dry flowers quickly.’

Air drying

The air drying is a very basic method of drying where plant materials are attached to rope/wire and are kept in the hanging situation either in the sun or in the dark for rapid drying. Air drying needs a well-ventilated area with low humidity or a warm clean dark place.

Press drying

In press drying, the flowers and foliage are kept between the folds of blotting papers or newspaper sheets giving some space between flowers. These sheets are kept one above the other and corrugated boards of the same size are placed in between the folded sheets for allowing the moisture to escape.

Embedded drying

Sand, perlite, borax, sawdust, silica gel, and a combination of these are used as media for embedding. Among these, borax and sand are cheaper but they consume much time for drying. For delicate flowers like dahlia, roses, carnation, etc. silica gel is the perfect drying agent.

Oven drying

Currently, microwave ovens and hot air are also being used for rapid drying and to improve the standard of dry flowers in the dried flower business. In these approaches, the plant material is placed in a controlled temperature for a particular time specific for the plant species.

Temperature plays an excellent role in the drying of flowers and other ornamental plant parts by manipulating both quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Glycerine drying

Glycerine drying has been used by many workers particularly to preserve foliage. It was relatively less expensive and has more water-attracting capacity. Several types of foliage have been effectively preserved by either through immersing or placing crushed stems in a 33 percent glycerol solution.

Freeze drying

The most active method of flower preservation in the dried flower business is freeze-drying. Freeze drying depends on the principle of sublimation, whereby ice held in conditions of partial vacuum (less than 4.58 Torr) or low temperature (less than 0°C) will vaporize on heating without even passing through a liquid phase.

The absence of liquid water during the dehydration method means that unwanted chemical reactions will not happen. Thus, even fragrance or color is maintained in the dried flowers.

Once the dried flower business is prepared for expansion, there are a few options. The first is to lease open land to upsurge flower production, and the second way is to buy flowers. Once dried and packaged, the flowers will be sold to retailers on a wholesale basis.

These processes help to know about ‘how to dry flower petals’ easily even at home.

Market research for dried flowers

Collecting information about the need for dried flowers in the local community is enormously essential. Proceed for thorough market research and awareness about your competitors, their pricing, and products. It will aid you in planning the business in the right way.

Name your dried flower business

Select a name for your dried flower company that is trendy and relevant to customers.

Prepare a dried flower business plan to make good money

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Dried Flower Business Plan.
Dried Flower Business Plan.

Based on the information gathered, begin to design a dried flower business plan. Your dry flower making business plan should include your aims of beginning the business, financial terms, operating plan, products, and services offered along with a marketing plan.

If you beginning a small scale business based on own savings, and not thinking for any other funding, make your business plan. The business plan should comprise the following basic features:

  • Executive summary
  • Challenges
  • Solutions you offer
  • Market scope
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Operational plan
  • Hiring plan, if required
  • Financials

Where to sell dried flowers

Networking is important for making any business successful. Approach retail stores, hobbyists, and end customers who have used dried flowers already. Contact event planners and offer your products. Designing a website with a proper company name will also help reach your customers and remember your products.

Create a catalog with photos of dried flowers and spread to potential customers. Also, prepare a profile for the company on popular social platforms which are very effective where you can even post events and news about your company.

Is dried flower business profitable?

Dry flowers have good demand worldwide. Countries like the USA, Japan, and Europe are major importers of dried flowers. The major applications of dried flowers are very wide. It includes making handmade paper, lampshades, candleholders, jute bags, photo frames, boxes, books, topiary, cards, and gift items. The use of dry flowers in the making of these products enhances the appearance and beauty of these products.

Promote dried flower business

You must advertise your products both in an online or offline way. You can establish proper circulation channels. Additionally, you can even sell the flowers through your retail store. Institutional selling could also be a great option for this type of product.

Don’t avoid online consumers. Regardless if you are from a developing or developed country, you could sell the items online to create a rapid client database. It is effectively the best choice for small scale business owners. Moreover, you can also prepare an online store of your own.

Initiating a dried flower business requires adequate drying skills. Moreover, you should have a strong conception of various types of cut flowers. Thus, you should gather satisfactory knowledge before beginning the dried flower business of your own.

Investment required to start a dried flower business in India

Dried flower arrangements can be done with less investment as no machinery or equipment is needed. The only expenditure incurred is to purchase leaves flowers and other accessories. You can begin this business with capital around Rs. 25,000 even from your home.

The profit margin in the dried flower business

The average profit margin of dried flower products is around 30%. Thus, if you could draw a good number of clients, you can very well get around Rs. 30,000 per month from this business as a start-up.

Training requirement to start a dried flower business 

The market survey must be done and market trends should be analyzed before product choice. The proper idea of flower drying techniques should be gained. Product crafting and packing techniques of dried flowers must be known from experienced people before starting the business. The main point in this business is to use best-dried flowers for decor will surely increase your customers.

The conclusion of the dried flower business

There is huge scope to make money with the dried flower business in India. If you own land can go for marketable flowers like Rose Farming.


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