How to Make Money from Envelope Making Business   

How to Make Money from an Envelope Making Business                

Envelope making business is one of the best and smart business ideas to start on a small scale and have a steady income. Envelopes are regularly used for many purposes in several institutions and offices as stationary. Also, these envelopes are majorly used during the seasons like Christmas, New Year, and on several occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Generally, we put the greeting cards into the envelopes and send them or distribute them. Thus, it is a good option to start your own paper envelope manufacturing unit to have a fixed income source. Now, let us get into the details about how to make money from an envelope making business in India.

The market potential to make money from an envelope making business

The demand for envelopes is increasing with the growth of education, industrialization, and some of the commercial activities. The main significant factor that contributes to the growth of the paper envelope market is due to the growth of e-Commerce business. Many of the web-based e-commerce businesses require multipurpose packaging envelopes to transport goods through the mail for several products. The envelope paper is lightweight and occupies less storage space, which can be easily transportable, and recyclable.

Advantages of an envelope making business

Before starting any business, it is always important to know every aspect of the business by doing some research. You should understand the pros and cons so that you can decide whether it is good to start the business or not. Concerning this envelope manufacturing business, the following aspects can be taken into consideration.

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Advantages of an envelope making business.
Advantages of an envelope making business.

Good market demand is an important factor to have a fixed income and sustainable profits from any business. Every day, envelopes are being used in millions for various purposes (for both official and personal purposes). Thus, these envelopes have a great demand in the market. Selecting a location or place of business is also important. One can easily start the envelope manufacturing business at home itself. There is no need to have a huge infrastructure to commence this business.

As the envelope making business can be started as a home-based business, one can save a huge investment or expenditure on the infrastructure. On the other hand, the envelope making business can be started on a small scale and we don’t need much investment to run or operate the business. There is no need to learn specific skills or to have specific academic qualifications to start or run this envelope manufacturing business. The only important thing one needs to know is how to run a business in a lucrative or profitable manner.

Apart from these pros, you may also find many cons or reasons for not opting for this as your business idea. It depends on how you manage or strike a proper balance between the advantages and disadvantages to run your business successfully. With the use of an automated envelope making machine you can easily make an envelope of size 42 inches also (along with other sizes).

Registrations, license, and permissions for an envelope making business

You can initiate the envelope making business by taking the following license and registrations:

  • Firm registration
  • Obtain Trade License from the local Municipal Authority.
  • Apply for GST Registration.
  • If it is a small-scale unit does not demand any permission from the Pollution Control Board, but if you extend your business to a large scale you need to get the NOC.

Raw materials for starting an envelope making business 

The basic things used for the manufacturing process of envelopes are:

  • Papers of different quality
  • Envelope manufacturing machine

Papers of different quality

The basic raw material required for the envelope manufacturing business is paper. Several varieties of paper having different qualities are used in the manufacturing process depending on the client’s requirement. Some of the commonly used types of paper are map litho paper, scrap paper, etc. In general, the paper quality used in envelope making business starts from 70 gsm (grams per square meter) and is used as per business need and demand. Here 70 gsm, refers to the measurement of the density of paper in grams per square meter. Based on this gsm, print buyers and suppliers know about the quality of the paper that they want to order. The more the GSM value, the more will be the thickness or weight of the paper.

Machinery for an envelope making business

Based on the size or scale of the business unit that you want to start and the demand for the product in the market, the selection of the machine for the envelope making process is done. Different types of machines with different features are available in the market. The automated envelope machine price is around Rs.1, 50,000 to Rs.2, 00,000. Also, manual envelope making machines are available in the market which will cost you only around Rs.70,000 approximately. The small envelope making machine is Rs. 4,500 only. These different types of machines that are available for envelope making vary in their features thereby producing envelopes of various designs. So, proper research should be done to select the particular type of machine with the desired features for your business.

You can also avail used envelope making machine by checking the condition of the machine properly which minimizes the machinery cost.

An envelope manufacturing process

The process of making an envelope depends on the scale of the business you have chosen, which is a small scale or large scale. You can make envelopes manually without involving any machines. But by this manual process, you can only make a limited number of envelopes, which is not sufficient for the need of your business. So, there is a need to use machines to attain a higher rate of production of these envelopes. Besides, the process of envelope making is simple in either way (manual or with machines). As mentioned above, there is no need to have a high qualification or skills to start this business.

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An envelope manufacturing process.
An envelope manufacturing process.

The envelope manufacturing process is very easy and involves the following five steps. They are:

  1. Cut the paper according to the required shape and size.
  2. Print inside or outside of the envelope.
  3. Window punching and patching should be done
  4. Seal the envelope by applying gum to the edges.
  5. Fold the blanks in the desired shape.

There are different machines available which can be used in each of the above-mentioned steps. Alternatively, you can just get a single machine that can perform all the above-listed steps on its own. Also, machines that are very simple to operate are available, where you just need to place the paper roll in the machine and it gives you the desired output.

Important points to be considered before starting envelope making business

The following are the three basic and important things that are needed to start the envelope making business. They are:

Market research: It is necessary to do complete market research and find out every aspect of the business before you start the business. By this, you can gain knowledge about different procedures that are important to operate your business and different strategies that are used by your competitors. Thus, by doing proper market research, you can plan your business better.

Capital investment: The envelope manufacturing business can be started with low capital but for buying the machinery and raw materials required for the manufacturing process, you need to invest or have some money. You can apply for a loan in banks or financial institutes by submitting them with a well-designed envelope making a business plan.

Customer attraction: One of the most difficult and important things to do is having a regular and good number of clients or customers to continue running your business for the long term. To attract the clients, you need to promote your business effectively, and also you should try to get the contracts from a large customer base. You need to ensure the quality of your product to gain the trust of your customers.

Investment or the cost to start a making business

It just requires Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 to start the business. This cost includes raw materials and machinery costs.

Where to sell the paper envelopes

You can sell your paper envelopes in retail markets, and also in online markets by registering in B2B, B2C websites.

The conclusion to make money from an envelope making business

Based on all the above points, you can give a thought about starting the envelope making business to have a good source of income for living. In case if you are interested in this: Rubber Plantation Information.


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