How to Make Money from Glass Bangles Making

Introduction to make money from glass Bangles making business in India

Bangles are considered as the tradition by the Indian women. Bangles are used by ladies all over the country irrespective of their religion. These bangles have an essential role for women and have become one of the important items in their make-up part. No matter how modern Indian women will be they never fail to wear bangles. They beautify their hands more on occasion like festivals, social gatherings like parties, and weddings with different types of bangles. Women cannot imagine them without bangles in their hands. These bangles take an important role in the life of all Indian women. There is a great demand for the bangle making industry in India.

Ideas to make money from glass Bangles making business

You can also find ‘Hyderabadi bangles manufacturing video’ because Hyderabad especially Charminar is world-famous for bangles. There are many glass bangles manufacturers in India because of the huge demand in the market both in national and international markets.

Market potential to make money from glass Bangles making business

As these bangles are as significant as a make-up item for women, demand for glass bangles will never come down. There are many uses of bangles in our country especially. This shows that one who spends his capital in bangle business with a suitable business plan can never face loss.

There are many types of bangles available in the market such as recycled bangles, clay bangles, upcycled bangles, beaded bangles, and metallic bangles. All these bangles are made with material like glass, metal, gold, synthetic, rubber, plastic, ivory, silver, copper, chalcedony, and wood. If we look into past times, bangles were made from natural resources like clay and shells which were eco-friendly. Even you can see bangles embedded with precious pearls and stones. Every design reflects the culture and tradition of a region.

License and registration required to start glass Bangles business

The below is the list of licenses and registrations required to start the glass bangles making business in India.

  • Registration of Firm
  • GST registration
  • Udyog Aadhar
  • MSME/SSI Registration
  • EPF Registration
  • ESI Registration
  • Trade Mark
  • IEC code
  • Sales tax permit
  • State tax identification number
  • PAN card
  • Health permit
  • Environmental pollution control as it involves high temperatures for melting glass which is not eco-friendly substance.

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Process of glass Bangle making

Before starting the business first you need to prepare a bangles project report. Glass has been popular with mankind for thousands of years, which offers the highest level of flexibility for shaping into different products. Glass bangles are one of the greatest common items in glass products. The glass bangle making process is described below.

The process regarding the making of bangles using glass melted in a tank furnace with temperatures around 1300°C to 1400°C, bangles is made from soda glass. Firstly the artisan uses a long iron pole to scoop out a glob of molten glass from the tank furnace, he then quickly transfers it to an additional artisan who forms the glob into a conical shape by rotating the rod using a customized tool which looks like a trowel. Then it is moved to another furnace where artisans work in synchronization with the machine, he then pulls a thin filament of glass from the melt and keeps it steadily on the rotating rod which is continually rotated on a motor.

The molten glass loops around the rod will take the shape of a bangle, but thickness is organized by exerting the requisite amount of full on the softened glass these rotating rods arises in different diameters based on the size of the bangle which is needed. Before the molten glob finishes, the next glob is attached to the previous one to keep continuousness. Another artisan who is on the other end of the furnace uses a metallic ruler/ pointed tool which avoids bangles from sticking to each other on the spindle and also ensures that only one layer of glass is rolled on. When the spindle gets filled up it will be detached, and the glass bangles are taken out, which seems like a long glass spiral. These spirals are then cut by using a diamond cutter, which splits each bangle from another.

The separated bangles that are open-ended and not complete then take to unite them using a kerosene lamp or over a candle which is called (Judai) which means joining. They melt the bangle slightly to join the ends which are generally done by women. Bangles are next decorated by zari, silver/golden powder with various intricate designs and patterns on the surface. The bangles are then lastly baked in a furnace called Pakaibhatti which smoothens the sharp edges and it makes the bangles attractive and bright. Bangles are tangled and strung together, and then packed in cardboard boxes to be conveyed, exported, or sold in the market.

The cost to start glass Bangles making business

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The cost to start a Bangle manufacturing business.
The cost to start a Bangle manufacturing business.

You need to have a minimum of Rs. 8-10 lakhs to start the business as the machinery and the set-up itself is a little costly. As it requires a high temperature to melt the glass material.

How to make profits with the glass Bangles business?

Different designs fascinate unlike people because a woman is very choosy when it comes to selecting bangle for them, they pick bangles based upon occasion. When it comes to regular use they look for planes and non-breakable bangles but for the festivals they see for shiny bangles and for special occasions like parties or weddings they need bangles which can increase their look. When a person manufactures all ranges of bangles present in the market then he can be successful in managing a bangle business. Not only just diversities, but he should come with attractive and beautiful designs to survive aggressive competition in the market. You can make good profits from bangle making business. 

A person is willing to initiate bangle business must understand its demand and what variety of bangles are loved mostly by a woman and what is the lowest selling bangle. Below points describe how to get returns in bangles manufacturing:-

Designs: One should be having unique designs to survive in the market as women see for more and more designs all the time she reaches the market to buy bangles. If you sell old and outdated designs then risks are more that you will finish up with a huge loss.

Types: When you begin this business, you must be able to make all kinds of bangles as different ladies like diverse types of bangles. This is one essential point you must remember for a successful businessman.

In-demand bangles: Demand for bangles tend to change from time to time. One must understand the most fashionable bangle types in the market. Focussing on this, one must try to meet the need for such bangle type to incur gains unquestionably.

Bangle making machines: To meet the need for bangles one must rely on bangle making machines which can prepare bangle in large numbers but in less period. There are many bangle making machines obtainable in the market, based upon the need one must invest money. Ensure that you are planning to invest money in purchasing the machine which can aid you to make the most fashionable bangle type in the market.

This is one of the primary and simple knowledge one must possess for a successful bangle seller or manufacturer. You can gain unlimited profits out of this business in case you meet the demand for all types of bangles that are trending in the market.

The conclusion to start and make money from glass Bangles making

With a proper Bangle making a business plan, one can expect good profits. You may also like the Quail Farming Business Plan, License for Profits.


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