How to Make Money from Hydroponic Store Business

Introduction to starting and make money from a hydroponic retail store

If you have a passion for plantation technology, then you can initiate a hydroponic retail store business by turning your interest into a profit-making business. While coming to hydroponics, is a new plantation technology that has been growing in demand over the past decades since it is a soil-free mode of plantation both for both commercial and home use. So, you can plan to establish a hydroponic retail store in India to earn good profits.

Ideas to start and make money from a hydroponic retail store business

Plants’ growing hydroponically eliminates the requirement for soil, so it can be prepared anywhere. Many gardeners are opting for this form of gardening to grow plants that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. For growing plants hydroponically, gardeners require specialized equipment and supplies. Hydroponics shops sell the specialized equipment and supplies which hydroponic gardeners require.

This point makes us think of starting a business to sell the requirements for starting a hydroponics retail store which can give the details for the entrepreneurs to estimate how much does it cost to make an acre of a hydroponic farm in India?

The market potential for hydroponic equipment stores to make money

As per the analysis of ICAR, the hydroponics growing equipment stores industry has an annual revenue of around Rs. 538 million and has been growing at a rate of over 4 percent every year. So, let us learn how to begin a hydroponics store in India and you can estimate the business whether it will be suited to your expectations or not.

Consumers are getting concerned about health issues; environmental aspects, and even water consumption prices, along with availability, and these all are powering the rising demand for hydroponic growing techniques.

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The market potential for hydroponic equipment.
The market potential for hydroponic equipment.

The main benefit of hydroponics, it gives producers effective control of the environment with very expectable high crop yield. The water employed in this process could be held and recycled for future use. The technique is maintained in the sterile substrate with the appropriate quantity of macro and micronutrients and the substrate inhibits the growth of the weed. The application of integrated pest management (IPM) in this technology in protected environments is perfectly suited to hydroponic plantation techniques, particularly when carried out in a setting like a greenhouse or a glasshouse.

Steps to starting a hydroponic retail store in India

Here are the primary steps to follow for starting a hydroponic retail store:

Collecting proper information about hydroponic retail store

To start a hydroponic retail store business you must have some training to have appropriate ideas regarding this new technique. You can have the information during the workshop at agriculture universities or even obtain information from some online tutorials. Analyze the hydroponic store business potential in your region to know about the hydroponic system price in India. Get information about local clients, marketplaces, and demographics. You can also search for a hydroponics store for sale in the nearby areas.

How to set up a hydroponic retail store in India

Determine the store location. When it comes to the selection of a retail store location, make sure that the store could be seen by your expected customers. Also, ensure your store has ample area in the back for the storage of inventory.

While designing the floor plan, remember that you must prepare several different types of fully functioning hydroponic systems with living plants to showcase the usage and amaze your customers. Decide about the pricing of the products. You can consider the cost when it comes to a complete package purchase.

Just like any other type of business, you also must acquire a great location where there is a high customer base to meet your products. So in selecting a business location, make sure to pick the one which will be easily seen by your expected customers. You can even go for a lease or even purchase a piece of land based on your budget and your hydroponic retail store business plan.

The hydroponics growing tunnels and the greenhouses should also be installed properly. The climate control systems and the water setting must also be hooked up properly to secure that your hydroponics will have sufficient flow.

License, permissions, and registrations to start a hydroponic retail store

To legally have the business, you must get business licenses and permissions. Firstly you must obtain your Employer Identification Number, and then you must also contact the Internal Revenue Service. You need to check with check the legal formalities with an attorney to begin a hydroponic retail store business. Below is the list of licenses required to start the business

  • You need to acquire a license from the agriculture department
  • You need to apply for the permission from the state’s agrochemicals and nutrients products
  • Registration under the Companies Act is mandatory
  • You need to get registration from ISO/ BIS for the prevention of cross-contamination of production culture and quality control to meet the international standards.
  • Udyog Aadhar or MSME registration
  • SSI registration
  • NOC from State Pollution Control Board (PCB)
  • Trade license
  • GST registration
  • EIC registration is required for exporting your product.

Supplies for hydroponic retail store

Go for a quick and intensive search for the products like hydroponic grow light, water treatment systems, soil nutrients, organic fertilizers, submersible pumps, air pumps, reservoirs, ozone generators, etc. Gather supplies with trustworthy suppliers and make sure that supply will be easy from their side. Verify the lowest order quantity and shipping period.

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Start-up expenses for starting hydroponic retail store business      

The cost of getting a license, registrations, and permissions is Rs. 70,000

The cost of setting up the store is Rs. 2,00,000

The cost of purchasing sawdust is Rs. 1,65,000

The cost of purchasing plant bags is Rs. 57,753

The cost of purchasing twine and clips is Rs. 28,000

Other miscellaneous charges include Rs. 1,50,000

Total start-up expenses for starting a hydroponic retail store business in India are Rs. 10, 48,753. So, to start a hydroponic retail store business you need to have a minimum amount of Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000.

You also should open your business account to organize all your monetary transactions.

After the process of displaying your merchandise is done in your shop, then you can proceed to promote your business.

Marketing strategies to grow your hydroponic retail store business 

Hydroponics is a new and rapid-evolving technology, clients want to purchase from companies that are on the leading edge in industry knowledge. Get an idea about the industry trend and know in detail about hydroponic than anyone else.

Design a website for your hydroponic retail store business with product information such as features, benefits, and price. It is important to give information about hydroponic and the site and initiate online selling. You can even provide on-site service for your clients so that they can order custom-designed hydroponic systems as per their requirements.

Methods to be followed to make your hydroponic store business more profitable

A hydroponics shop is a business that can increase its income by manufacturing and branding its equipment. This requires proper knowledge about hydroponics, and entrepreneurs who have this knowledge will be able to save their charges of goods and, therefore, increase their returns.

It is very important to have a proper and comprehensive business plan for your business to function in a step-by-step manner. As per the sources we have, this kind of business is so perfect to venture into because it has less failure rate. The business plan also must be focussed well on the needs, competition, and the anticipated gain as well as expenditure.

Applying for a business loan to start the retail store business

Later, you can apply for a business loan in banks or other organizations. You must obtain financing assistance which is majorly determined upon the presentation of your business plan. The financers will inspect and evaluate it keenly to know if you are worthy of a business loan or not.

The conclusion to start and make money from the hydroponic store business

Well, hydroponics is a new way of farming, and people are showing great interest in this, there is a good chance to make money from the hydroponic store business.  if you are planning to grow plants hydroponically, you can check this: Hydroponic Gardening.




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