How to Make Money from Meat Processing Business

Introduction to make money from the meat processing business 

Do you know India stands top in producing the meat; hence the meat processing business is into good profits even though you plan to set up a small-scale meat processing plant. Meat is one of the most consumable food items in the country. Therefore it must have the longest shelf life. Meat processing business needs proper business planning and should have investment for meat processing plant business in India.

Ideas to start a meat processing business and make money

Setting up a meat processing plant is one of the best meat business ideas.  The meat processing industry involves only a few easy steps to start with.

This blog gives you an idea about ‘how to start a meat supply business’.

Market potential of the meat processing business to make money in India

The reason for the quick growth in demand for processed meat is for the increasing awareness of protein-rich diet also about the diversities of the processed meat available in the market that will aid to boot the meat processing business.

There are various types of meat processing plants which are available that are categorized as mentioned below:

  • Chicken processing plant
  • Pork processing plant
  • Goat processing plant
  • Sheep processing plant
  • The freshwater fish processing plant
  • Seafood processing plant

Therefore beginning meat processing plant business has great potential in India.

Meat processing business plan to make huge money

Preparing a meat processing business plan is the most essential factor. While beginning any product-based business you should perform market research, also must identify the demand in the market about various types of processed meat. Additionally, you also should verify the availability of the raw material. Once you gather all the information and design a meat processing business plan then it will aid you in making proper decisions for the business.

Create a meat processing business plan depending on your capital and meat processing plant size. You must check for competitors’ business ideas which will help you to prepare a business plan for a meat processing plant.

License and registrations required to start meat processing unit

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License to start a meat processing plant in India.
License to start a meat processing plant in India.

Meat processing business is classified under the food processing industry so it requires different food processing licenses, registrations but licenses needed for meat processing business are may differ from state to state.

Meat production

List of licenses and registrations that are needed for the meat processing unit.

Registration of firm: You may begin the firm as small to a medium meat processing plant in Proprietorship or Partnership Firm pattern.

If you are initiating this business as One Person Company, then you must register your firm as a proprietorship firm. For Partnership function, you must register as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or as Private Limited Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST registration: Obtain GST number (mandatory for all business after GST law), along with tax identification number and insurance certificate.

Trade license: Get a trade license from local bodies.

Pollution certificate: The pollution certificate is important because the meat processing business is dealing with the pollutant.

MSME/SSI registration: MSME/SSI Registration will allow you for availing government schemes and facilities, so in case you are interested to get the government subsidies or schemes regarding your business then it’s important to have MSME/SSI Registration

ESI registration: Employees state insurance is an insurance scheme for the workers.

EPF registration: Employees’ provident fund is essential for the business in which greater than 20 employees are working.

Trademark: Register your brand name to avoid copyright issues with a trademark and secure your brand.

FSSAI – Food Safety and Standard Authority of India: The processed meat industry is classified under the food processing industry so it is essential to obtain the FSSAI license.

IEC code: When your business is expected to go for export the processed meat product to other countries then the IEC code is required and compulsory for mandatory for export of any product. Additionally, you must get the PFA act that is available online presently.

Area required for meat processing plant

While starting a meat processing plant or any other business it is a crucial step to choose the right area location for business. To starting a meat processing plant the minimum are needed is 1500 sq ft.

While choosing area location for the meat processing plant you must ensure that they should be accessible by the market and to raw material suppliers. Also make sure that the area should have sufficient water supply, proper drainage facility, and provision to the power supply.

Raw materials used in the meat processing industry

To set up a meat processing plant business plan in India, the major raw material used in the meat processing industry is the livestock, you must choose the raw material as per the procedure and need to acquire the livestock repeatedly. For producing value-added items, you must also obtain different kinds of sauces, onion, edible oil, pepper, salt, and spices.

Apart from this all components you must acquire the packaging materials that are based on the product you are making in your meat processing industry.

The list of packaging the raw material used in the meat business is mentioned here.

  • Aluminum cans for canned processed meats
  • Polyethene
  • Skin packaging
  • A single/ multilayer film

Meat processing machinery and equipment setup

While picking the machinery and equipment arrangements for a meat processing business, you must choose machinery according to your budget as well as the meat processing plant size and its production.

List of machinery required for meat plant

  • Meat grinder
  • Automatic rapid patty maker
  • Hydrator and dehydrator
  • Meat mixer
  • Meat grinder
  • Vacuum sealer
  • Sausage linker
  • Sausage stuffer
  • Slaughtering arrangements and chillers

List of meat harvesting equipment that is used in the meat industry

  • Hog cradle
  • Splitting saw and captive bolt stunner
  • Sterilizers
  • Electronic rail scale
  • Plastic barrels
  • Pressure pumps
  • Offal cart
  • Hydraulic lift and trolley rack

List of meat processing equipment used in the meat processing unit

  • Weight scales
  • Bacon slicer
  • Vacuum tumbler
  • Meat injectors and mixer
  • A band saw knife sharpener and grinders

The list of packaging devices used in the meat business plant is mentioned below.

  • Ice machine/ refrigerators
  • Box scale
  • Vacuum packaging machine
  • Freezer carts
  • Pressure washer and pumps

Meat processing steps

There are various types of methods of processing meat you must determine the technology and method by proper research and for that, we are providing you a few methods of processing meat.

The first stage of the meat processing is the slaughtering of the livestock. Then you must proceed for skinning the carcass, then trimming and separating the different parts of the body. Then you must sterilize the meat to evade the bacteria that could exist in the meat.

The treatment period for sterilization is based on the bacteriological quality of the meat. And it also based on the nature of the meat where the incidence of a high degree of fat in the meat will impact the sterilization process. Other factors comprise slaughtering conditions and sanitary circumstances after the slaughtering. Then the meat is cooked in the sauce along with other components and canned at last.

Meat processing plant business guide for start-up

Arrival at the processing plant

Be careful while choosing livestock and the raw material and make sure livestock supplier is close to the meat processing plant, for preventing a long-distance journey.


Once livestock is delivered at the meat processing factory the staff should handle it properly. In modern processing units, every effort is made to avoid pain to livestock are processed quickly. First, they are made unconscious to avoid pain before they are slaughtered.


The present advanced technology makes slaughter very rapid and also it minimizes the livestock discomfort by a single cut to the throat of livestock which is most effective, the accurate maintenance of equipment and skilled staff makes the slaughter process more quick and efficient.


After slaughtering is performed properly, process livestock enters into the evisceration stage in which skin and feathers of livestock are removed that are important to make livestock ready for the next process.

For chicken meat, the process is designed in which chicken is placed under the hot water which aids to lose the feather and once it starts to lose, the feathers are removed using a machine known as a picker. Once the feathers are removed then every part of livestock can be used.

Cleaning and chilling

Once every part of livestock is removed it is sent to cleaning before the examination. This is then kept in the chiller to keep it clean and fresh.


After the cleaning and chilling process is complete, the livestock is sent for inspection wherein the livestock is properly examined and in case any problem is identified then that particular livestock is discarded from the processing plant.

Additional testing

Once the inspection is performed and livestock is sent from the inspection process they are tested for microorganisms such as Salmonella.

Second processing

Once all cleaning, chilling, and inspection of livestock are done then they categorized under different products like thighs, leg quarters, breasts wings, and more.

Before reaching clients the products are sent for inspected for quality and safety purposes.


Once the livestock is categorized into different types it is then packed under different packaging stages. And kept into blast tunnel in which they get chilled atmosphere so for extended shelf life.


Lastly, the livestock is packed under various boxes and labeled as per the categories and sent to the customers.

Meat processing business marketing strategies in India

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The processed minced meat.
The processed minced meat.

Advertising and branding of any business is the utmost significant task here and we have mentioned some marketing ideas and the targeted market for the meat processing plant business.

How to sell meat at a farmers market

You can focus on establishing the circulation network in the local market. Also, look for about sell meat at a farmers market as this is also one of the markets for the meat processing business.

How to sell processed meat at the wholesale market

Moreover, dealing with departmental stores, supermarkets, and retail chains is essential. Also, you can think through contacting the restaurants, big hotels, and resorts in the wholesale market as big hotels, resorts, and restaurants are the main consumers of processed meat.

How to sell processed meat online

B2B websites: To capture online meat business in India it is very important to register your business on B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia where you can sell your product on bulk orders.

B2C websites: The B2C websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Bigbasket, are also a perfect platform where you can sell your product which is directly reaching to the customer.

Processed meat export business in India

Processing meat has marvelous demand in the export market as well thus it is suggested you look for about the meat export business in India, to begin the export of process meat you must apply for the IEC code which is compulsory to export or import any product.

Additionally, you must focus on developing brand awareness among the people for your meat processing business.

The conclusion of the meat processing business to make huge money

Well, with a proper business plan, one can earn great profits in the meat processing business in India. If you are into livestock farming especially, goat farming, sheep farming, or pig farming you can make good profits.


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