How to Make Money from Nail Polish Making Business

Introduction on how to make money from Nail polish making business
If you are well aware of the fashion trends and then you will definitely know about the importance of nail polish in the market. Nail polish is considered an important accessory for every lady. Most of the women prefer to wear nail polish as per their clothing so it causes demand for a nail polish which is used mostly as an everyday item. This shows the importance of this trend and starting a nail polish manufacturing business with less investment is rightly a money-gaining business.

Ideas on how to make money from Nail Polish making business

Then the first question that arises in your mind is ‘how to make nail polish from scratch’. This blog helps you out with all the requirements to start the business and also helps you as a nail polish-making course guide.

The nail polish manufacturing process is very easy and the raw materials of nail polish are available easily in the market both online as well as offline, but make sure the quality of the nail polish is fine and chemical-free to achieve your target. If you wish to make our business a brand you must apply for trademark registration at the beginning from the relevant department that is valid for 10 years and can be renewed from time to time.

small-scale nail polish business is quick money earning business. The sole aim of this article is to introduce every possible detail about how to start a nail polish manufacturing plant.

Nowadays, nail polish is a very usual beauty and cosmetic item. The cost of the product differs from Rs. 50 -1000 in our country. Even there are very costly brands available in the market. Almost every age group of women use this item frequently.

Any person can initiate this nail polish business as a small, medium, or large-scale category. But for the success of the business, it is important to keep in mind the demands of the product, the strategic marketing ideas, and promotion operations.

Nail polish market potential

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Potential for Nail Polish in India.
Potential for Nail Polish in India.

Majority of the independent women in India those are working with different companies and financially independent urban places are having the cosmetic items for enhancing their looks and nail polishes are considered as one of the beauty enhancing tool. Hence, the nail polish manufacturing business is money fetching idea for entrepreneurs.

How many types of nail polish are there?

There are many types of nail polishes available in the market and the process of manufacturing is similar but only they are made up of the various raw materials in a different formula.

There is also a category of nail paints that are popular as French nail paints that are quick-dry, topcoat, base coat, etc. base coat prevents nails from discoloring and topcoat adds shine to the nail paint from chipping and fading and finally, it stays for longer periods.

License and permission for nail polish making business

The below are the license and permissions for nail polish making business in India

Register your firm with ROC: In the beginning, you must apply for an LLP registration (Limited liability partnership) or OPC registration or as Private Limited Company Registration for having a legal presence and to get benefit from taxation, banks, and other legal sections.

Apply for a GST Number: Whenever you are providing taxable services to your clients you should apply for GST registration and open a current account in any bank.

License under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940: You must apply for a cosmetic manufacturing license in form 31 with required fees to the associated department along with supporting paperwork.

NOC from local authority: For doing this nail polish manufacturing business you must take NOC from the pollution control board.

Trademark registration: For securing your brand name of nail polish you must apply for the trademark registrations that will prevent others from keeping a copy of your brand and no one can use your brand name apart from you.

Nail polish making business plan

Before starting the business you need to design an excellent nail polish business plan to get an idea about the expenses, area required, raw materials used, and listing other important things.

The machinery required starting a nail polish making business

Before beginning your unit, you must search for space to set up a manufacturing unit for your product, and for this; you must have a well-designed nail polish business plan before you avail any loan can be by the banks for the capital you need for the starting of your business.

Moreover, you must acquire the provision for electricity, water, staff for operations, and transportation possibility, along with few other major machines which are: chemical blender, stainless steel boilers, weighing balances, laboratory device, and automatic liquid filling machines.

Nail polish manufacturing process and raw materials required

There are different formulae for the preparation of nail polish. And as per these formulas, there are different quantities of components needed. According to the most popular procedure of making nail polish, initially, take a photographic film or cellulose Nitrate, then wash it properly and cut into small pieces and then dissolve into the solvent like ethyl alcohol, etc.

Later castor oil and digylthalate are added so that once the nail polish is applied, it is not removed easily. Later colors and shades are added to it according to the needed dust. This mixture is finally safeguarded into bottles and transported to different markets.

The list of raw materials for nail polish making business –

  • Cellulose nitrate
  • Dibutylthalate (plasticizer)
  • Loban
  • Camphor
  • Acetone
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Colour, etc.

Nail polish making is a reasonably easy business to begin in the chemical industry. But similar to any beauty product, the item requires a smooth distribution and its promotion.

Packaging of the nail polish is also an important concern

The packaging is a very essential concern as nail polish generally comes in a transparent container with a fine brush and printed with a logo or brand name on the bottle.

Nail polish manufacturing plant cost

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The cost to start a nail polish making unit.
The cost to start a nail polish-making unit.

The cost involved starting a nail polish making business includes –

The machinery cost – Rs. 50,000

The cost of raw materials – Rs. 10,000

The packaging cost is high as it involves packaging in glass bottles – Rs. 40,000

Marketing cost – Rs. 10,000

The cost involved in getting registration and license is Rs. 20,000

Other miscellaneous costs – Rs. 20,000

So, the total cost involved in nail polish manufacturing plant cost at a small scale (at your home) is Rs. 1,50,000.

Sales are the most important aspect of the nail polish business

Sales can be done through retail or online through a website but online you must publicize your brand through television, magazine, social media, radio, newspaper, etc. It will be easy to initiate an online store as compared to a retail shop as more expenditure is needed. In the last few decades, people have committed to do online shopping as there are attractive offers and coupons which are meant to save their money and also can save precious time. Also, check with the other nail polish brands and the varieties they produce in the market to attract customers.

You also need to think of the other nail polish manufacturer as there is competition in the market. Hence you need to try with different colors and even with different materials for example ‘how to make nail polish with crayons’ this might also clear the question like how to make non-toxic nail polish.

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