How to Make Money from Notebook Making Business

Introduction to make money from the notebook making business

Hi friends! Don’t you think the notebook has importance in many fields especially in education? Then why don’t you think of starting a notebook making business, which is cost-effective with good returns? Now let us go through the details about ‘how to start a notebook making business in India’.

Ideas to start and make money from the notebook making business

The notebook is the most important thing in the study area. Every person in the educational field requires a notebook hence it has become mandatory to study. Different types of notebooks are produced based on the requirements of different subjects, which are sold at different prices in the market based on paper quality.

List of different types of notebooks

A wide variety of books are required for the students for various purposes due to the diverse syllabus and curriculum of the students. Most popular and widely used books are listed as follows:

  • Notebooks
  • Record books
  • Exercise books
  • Note pads
  • Graph books
  • Drawing books
  • Laboratory books
  • Scrapbooks

Now let us get an idea to start a notebook making business with affordable investment and make a big profit by selling them with quality output, which establishes your brand in the market. You can also search for notebook manufacturing training videos online to get the complete idea of notebook making.

If you want to do notebook manufacturing, then you can start this business by investing a minimum of about Rs. 3 lakhs. Along with this simultaneously you can also start the business of bookbinding which is included within the cost of a notebook manufacturing business.

The market potential for notebook making business to make money

In India, out of the 140.06 crores of population, students constitute a great proportion of about 25 crores. Since all the students require notebooks for writing and studying purposes, the stationary market has a tremendous demand and increasing potential for growth in India. The stationary market in India is estimated to grow at a rate of 11.3% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) during 2019-2024. In India, the stationary industry is disintegrated and dominated mainly by unorganized business units. It is comprised of office and educational products. The school books fall into the category of school stationery and they are considered as the major and most important components of the school stationery market.

Therefore, with the increase in the number of colleges and schools in remote areas by the government for stressing the importance of education for all initiatives, the demand for book bindings and notebooks is more not only in urban and semi-urban areas but also in the rural areas of India.

Market research about notebook making business

In schools, the most popular and commonly used stationery items are notebooks and exercise books. Every student needs these notebooks and exercise books throughout his/her entire primary and secondary education. The demand for notebooks will be at its peak usually when the schools re-open every year, which is in June, July, and August. Besides, the demand for notebooks usually exists throughout the year. There is also a huge demand for record books and exercise books as they are widely used in institutions, government organizations, and offices throughout the year. In India, the exercise book is also popularly known as Khata. Nowadays, notebooks and exercise books with well-improved, beautiful, and creative 3D covers are available.

If you want to start a notebook manufacturing business, you need to do some research and gather information by approaching all the local stationers to find out the number of books sold per month, the popular brands sold, and their selling prices. Initially, a location should be selected to launch your notebooks and exercise books. You need to select an area that has many schools and colleges in the vicinity. The most important thing to be done before starting the notebook manufacturing business is the creation of a well-crafted business plan to start and operate your business smoothly.

Business plan for notebook making business to make great money

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Business Plan for Notebook Manufacturing.
Business Plan for Notebook Manufacturing.

A proper business plan should be submitted to get financial support from banks. You can start manufacturing the most selling books, that is, exercise and notebooks with 100-150 pages.

You can make money using the notebook covers by printing funny and creative content on the outer and backside cover of the books. You can approach the local entrepreneurs who want to advertise their products and services and then you can also make money by using the inner side of your notebooks to print for marketing such local businesses like coaching institutes, restaurants, hostels, etc.

To outsource the printing of these notebook covers and labels, you need to find a suitable notebook for manufacturing companies. The cost and quality of the paper which is used by your potential competitor in the market should be taken into consideration while buying the paper. Design an attractive logo and select a brand name that is easy to remember and recognize. After selecting dealers who are having a good sale record, supply a small quantity of around 20 to 25 books to the dealers. Based on the customer feedback and inputs, do the necessary modifications in your next production batch.

The manufacturing process of notebooks  

Manufacturing a notebook or exercise book involves a very easy process. Gather the main raw material that is the amount of paper needed and get started as follows:

  • Print rules on a white paper sheet by using a ruling machine.
  • Fold the ruled paper sheets to the desired size and arrange the sheets in order.
  • Perforate or pierce the paper.
  • Bind or stitch it with covers and labels.
  • Uniformly cut the pages and pack them.

License, permissions, and registrations required to start the notebook making business

To start a notebook manufacturing business, you need the following licenses and registrations.

  • Business registration as per management and scale or size of the business should be done.
  • You need to apply for a trade license.
  • Registration for Udyog Aadhar MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) is needed.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) needs to be obtained from the State’s Pollution Control Board is required.
  • VAT registration should be done.
  • Registering for a trademark is important.
  • Tax registration is needed.

Raw materials required for notebook making business

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Raw Material Required for Notebook Manufacturing.
Raw Material Required for Notebook Manufacturing.

The following raw material is required for manufacturing notebooks:

  • 40-50 gsm white sheet, which is the main raw material
  • grey board sheet
  • ink for printing
  • cover sheet
  • gum
  • stitching wire

You need not purchase a printing setup or equipment if you start your business on a small-scale. Instead, you can get the cover pages printed from other printing companies.

The machinery required for notebook making business  

The notebook manufacturing business can be started just with simple machinery which is semi-automated. The notebook making machine price varies from place to place. For example, the price of the notebook making machine in Jaipur is different from the notebook making machine price in Odisha, notebook making machine in Kolkata, and notebook making machine price in Hyderabad.

So, it is better to research the price of notebook making machine by searching semi-automatic notebook making machine price in India online. If possible you can also avail old notebook making machine by checking its condition thoroughly, it will minimize your expenses.

If you want to meet specific requirements and to increase the production output, you need to increase your machinery. You have to search for a notebook making machine wholesale market. Following is the list of basic machinery for the notebook manufacturing process.

  • A discruling machine to rule the paper on both sides.
  • A semi-automatic paper cutting machine used to cut around 28 pieces per minute.
  • A Book stitching machine
  • A Book pressing machine
  • Three Knife/Three Edge Trimming Machine
  • A perforating machine to pierce the paper
  • Manual press
  • Spiral notebook making machine

Investment or the cost to start a small home base notebook making business

The notebook manufacturing business is not capital intensive which means it does not require an investment of large sums of money if you are planning to start at home. Then you will be producing books in small quantities by working manually. You would need an investment of about 3 to 5 Lakhs for this business.

The cost of a notebook making machine ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh, depending upon the size and type of book you have chosen to manufacture. Even though the students are using the internet and digitalization, the way of learning and studying has changed to an extent but it could not affect the demand for notebooks among the students.

Marketing strategies for selling the notebook

One of the most important marketing strategies in the marketing plan is the promotion of your notebook. Some of the promotional strategies for selling your manufactured notebooks in the market are listed as follows:

  • Personal selling: It involves selling your products personally or directly to the customers, retailers, wholesalers, dealers, etc
  • Advertising: One strategy to promote your product is advertising by describing the properties of your product such as quality, pages, color, etc.
  • Sales promotion: This can be done by hiring sales executives.

Direct marketing:

  • Direct marketing involves the selling of your products or services directly to the public rather than involving retailers. This can be done through mail orders or telephone.
  • Publicity: A good publicity for your company can be given by pamphlets distribution and with the help of flexies.

The conclusion of notebook making business to make a good amount of money

This is a great idea to make money from small scale notebook making business in India. You may also check this: Sunflower Oil Extraction Process, Methods.


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