How to Make Money from Paper Straw Making

How to make money from paper straw making business in India

Initiating a paper straw-making business is not a tedious task. Already the paper straw manufacturer in Delhi is in the market. As paper straw is eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to the environment most of them prefer to use paper straw in their business. So the government also supports this eco-friendly project by providing various subsidies and schemes. Moreover, knowing about the potential demand for paper straws in the market will aid you to estimate your gains. In this way, you can begin the business and have a rough estimation of the product demand in the market. Now, let us get into the details of the paper straw-making business to make money out of it.

Ideas on how to make money from paper straw making business

Paper straw is an important thing in many businesses like fruit juice, bakeries, etc., and thus, it is basic to know about its usage. Paper straw has a great demand in both small shops as well as shopping malls. In this article, we have mentioned the details of beginning the business and the items needed for the same. The business also has a great demand in the export market. You can also contact the paper straw exporters to export your product.

Different types of drinking straws used in the market

Straws are of two varieties based on the raw material – one is through plastic, and the other is prepared from paper. If we have a thorough research about the market, we will identify that the plastic one is majorly used.

But the plastic straw is considered unsafe for the environment so the demand for paper straw is increasing day by day; hence many shops prefer using paper straws. When thinking to begin a paper straw-making business, it is superior if you choose paper straws that are durable and now the demand is increasing in the market.

Raw materials required in making paper straws

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Raw Material Required for Paper Straw Making.
Raw Material Required for Paper Straw Making.

Paper straw making business is a cost-effective business. But to develop the business, you must know the paper straw raw material needed to prepare the paper straws. Other than materials, you must also know about the machinery and equipment that is required to produce the paper straws.

The machinery required  to make money from a paper straw making business

Before you begin the business, you must have a proper idea about the variety of machines that you must purchase to operate the business. With this, you must know about the cost that is needed to buy the machine. In this paper straw business, two types of machines are needed. One would be needed to prepare the paper straws, and the other is needed for cutting the paper straws.

Cost of paper straw making machinery

However, to purchase the machine, you need about 2 to 3 lakh rupees. Along with this, the cost of the paper straw-cutting machine is around rupees 50 thousand. So, if you properly estimate your budget, you can operate properly without any trouble after starting the business.

Purchasing the paper straw making machine

You can either purchase the machine directly from the market or buy it from the online store. Ensure you have machinery from proper online shops and it may reach you within 20 days or so.

Raw materials required for making paper straw

Before you begin the business, you must know about the raw materials that are needed to make the kinds of stuff. Apart from this, you must have an idea of the source from where you can have a sufficient supply of raw materials. After having this information, you can estimate the cost that would be needed to purchase the raw materials, based on this, you can set the rate of the straws that you are going to produce and sell at the market.

Thus, for making paper straws, is raw paper, glue, ink, and white oil are needed. Moreover, curarine is also needed as it is used to paint straws. So, you should purchase the ink and glue based on the color of the paper straw you are willing to produce. The price of ink and glue is around rupees 120 per kg, though it can differ slightly from market to market and place to place.

Paper straw manufacturing procedure or process

Apart from all these things first you should know how to make biodegradable straws. So, the process includes putting raw paper or paper roll and ink as feed in the paper straw making machine. In the machine, both the substances will get mixed, and they will make the straw. Next, you can provide a size to the mixed material in the machine. After providing shape, it will be then cut into pieces. This will be carried out by another machine.

In this way, the paper straws are ready for selling purposes. While purchasing the paper straw making machine, you must check carefully the number of straws that the machine can process at one time. This will aid you to estimate the production rate, and thus it will be the deciding factor to purchase the machine.

Packing of the paper straw

Product packing also demands skill as you must pack the paper straws carefully after the straws are prepared. It is suggested to pack the paper straws in cartons that could keep the items safe without any damage. At this stage, you must determine the number of straws that you are willing to put in one carton.

Important facts about paper straw making business

Before you begin the business, you should do market research that will aid you to run the business smoothly without any such obstacles.

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Straw Making Facts.
Straw Making Facts.

Location of business – It is an important factor for any business that while choosing the proper location for your business to ensure the shop is located in the center of the city. This shall be convenient for people about your business. Moreover, it will be beneficial for you can avail of electricity and water easily. Apart from this, you must take care of the possibility of the transport facility of the location which is best available if the shop is in the middle of the city.

Appointment of employees – Depending on the size of your store, you must hire to employ individuals. Once, you hire the individual, you must take care of their monthly remuneration which will greatly depend on the profit rate of your shop.

Market research – By the market research, you will know about the demand for the product in the market. Also, you must try to connect with other shopkeepers and have an idea about the tactics that they apply for running the business with ease. Also, it will aid you to have knowledge about your target customers and try to attract to your shop.

Permission, registration, and license required for paper straw making business 

Before initiating the shop, you must have a permit for the same. Also, you must acquire a license for your shop from state government authorities.

Paper straw price in India

The paper straw price in India is 18 paisa per straw. So, the demand has increased as it does not harm nature.

What marketing and promotional strategies should be followed?

By using some active marketing techniques, you can effortlessly generate income through your business in the market. Here, you have to learn the business methodologies that are used by various persons. Both the advertising and promotion of your product would be helpful for you. You can post details about your shop as an advertisement for a newspaper and try to spread it more by distributing brochures, leaflets, etc. in your locality.

The cost to start a paper straw making business to make good money

To begin paper straw making business, you must have a capital of a minimum Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs. This comprises the price of the shop, materials used, licensing, the charges for machinery purchased and getting permission for the shop, and few other miscellaneous charges. You can also avail loans from the bank for the start-up purpose if you do not have complete capital needed. You can also avail of the government schemes and subsidies as the project include the manufacturing of eco-friendly products.

Hope this blog gives you the complete details and helps as a paper straw manufacturing project report to start your business immediately.   

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