How to Make Money from Phenyl Manufacturing

Introduction to making money from a Phenyl manufacturing business

Everyone is concerned about maintaining hygienic space at home as well as in surrounding areas to kill the germs. The cleaning liquids are highly demanded in both national and international markets because they are used daily in cleaning floors and bathrooms. In particular, due to this pandemic corona effect, the demand for the cleaning liquids like phenyl, hand wash, and other disinfectants (that are used to kill the germs) has raised high, as you already know coronavirus cannot withstand the concentration of phenyl and alcohol present in the cleaning liquids.

Ideas to make money from a Phenyl manufacturing business

Phenyl is well known for its use as a cleaning agent. So, now let us go through the business idea about manufacturing the liquid phenyl. It is an emulsion of light creosote oil and water with soap. It is used as a disinfectant to kill germs. Due to its deodorizing property, it can be used to get rid of foul smells. The phenyl manufacturing business is considered one of the most lucrative small manufacturing business ideas and therefore, it offers a better option for many aspirants to start the business.

Many individuals wonder ‘how to make organic phenyl at home’ as nowadays it is gaining more importance instead of using chemicals, but many people are not aware of that.

Phenyl manufacturing business plan to make good money

For proper planning, proper research is necessary. For initiating a phenyl manufacturing business plan, you need to do the following:

  • You should first acquire knowledge about the market potential of phenyl liquid. You need to know about the ‘how to get phenyl manufacturing license and registration’ and the process involved that are required for the phenyl business.
  • You also need to get phenyl making training before starting the business.
  • You have to estimate the finance required for phenyl manufacturing business ideas.
  • You should know about the Phenyl Manufacturing Setup.
  • Arrange the machinery required for the phenyl manufacturing business and acquire the knowledge to start the process.
  • You should know about the raw materials required for the production of phenyl.
  • Finally, you must be aware of the phenyl manufacturing process.

The market potential to make money from the phenyl making business

This is the first and foremost thing to be done for initiating the phenyl manufacturing business plan. Phenyl is mainly used for cleaning the floors and toilets and is a commonly used cleaning agent in most households, corporate agencies, hospitals, schools, colleges, public areas like bus stands, railway stations, etc. With the increase in the awareness of health and hygiene among people nowadays, the demand for phenyl has increased. The demand for phenyl also depends upon the area, which means it has more demand in urban areas than in rural areas. Another important factor that has a key role in the market potential of phenyl is the increase in the population.

Licenses and registrations required for phenyl manufacturing business

The second thing you need to start with is the registration process and what are the licenses required for starting a phenyl manufacturing business. This can be done as follows:

  • Firstly, you need to take a trade license for the phenyl manufacturing business
  • You also need to get “Consent to Establish” from the PCB (Pollution Control Board) as it involves the manufacturing of the chemical. As per the drug act commission, the liquid phenyl is notified or reported as a “Drug” and hence you need to take permission and license from the Drug Control Authority which is the foremost important license for the phenyl manufacturing process.
  • Then register your company with ROC (Registrar of Companies).
  • For any business you start with, you need to have GST registration.
  • You also need to apply for Udyog Aadhar registration.
  • To avail of a few business subsidies and loans, you need to have SMSE or SSI registration.
  • At last, you need to obtain permission and a license from the Drug Control Authority for the production because a drug license for phenyl manufacturing is very important for this business.

Arranging the finance for phenyl manufacturing business

This is the next thing you need to do for designing a phenyl manufacturing business plan. It is important to estimate ‘how much finance is required to start the phenyl manufacturing business in India’. You also need to keep in mind that for any type of manufacturing business, you should maintain the two types of finances. One is fixed capital and the other is working capital.

You can apply to any financial institution or a bank to obtain a combined project loan for a phenyl-making business. In either case, you must invest your capital. There are many types of loans available for phenyl making business in India but keep in mind that it requires collateral security for acquiring loans.

Setting up the phenyl manufacturing unit to make huge money

In this phase, you must be ready with a detailed project report along with financials to start the phenyl manufacturing business. Now you need to establish the business setup with the following things calculating the area required to start the business, selecting an appropriate location, designing a layout planning for the phenyl manufacturing business. Once these steps are done, you need to arrange all the major utilities required in the production of liquid phenyl. These include arranging for the water supply, and also for the electric supply

The machinery required for initiating phenyl making business

It is important to know the machinery used in the phenyl production business with proper research. Once you have an idea about what is the basic machinery used in the business, you need to procure them. The machinery used for phenyl production includes:

  • Mixing Vessels
  • Planetary mixture
  • Balance and measuring equipment
  • A liquid filling machine
  • MS Tank (Mild Steel Storage Tank)
  • Storage Vessels
  • A furnace with a platform and a diesel pump
  • A hydrometer
  • Finally, a Cap sealing machine

To obtain the desired production output and to manufacture a specific product, you should carefully and correctly choose the machinery to be used.

Raw materials required for the production of phenyl liquid

It is essential to know about the raw materials required for the production of Phenyl. In this phase, the phenyl must not only possess the correct germicidal strength but also needs to withstand the temperatures and other effects when it is exposed.

The following are the phenyl making raw materials including castor oil, sodium hydroxide (NaOH), carbolic acid perfumes, rosin, creosote oil, monochloro phenyl, and pine oil. Apart from these above listed raw materials, you should also arrange packaging items which include bottles with caps, and cartoons for packing.

The manufacturing process of phenyl liquid

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The manufacturing process of phenyl.
The manufacturing process of phenyl.

This is the last and most important step. The phenyl manufacturing process is not complicated but you need to know phenyl making formula and then follow the simple steps below-

  • Use the rogene of biroza which is available in the market in the form of hard lumps.
  • Now heat this rogene in the pan
  • Wait until it melts properly and completely in the pan.
  • Now mix the caustic soda in water.
  • Later, mix this caustic soda solution in the liquid rogene (after it melts completely in the pan).
  • Mixing of the solution can be done with the help of the stirrer or a mixer.
  • Then, mix the creosote oil in the mixture.
  • Now water is added in such a quantity so that the whole mixture is properly mixed.
  • You need to mix it well by stirring the solution.
  • Now, allow the solution to cool completely.
  • Then, pour this cooled solution into the jars and bottles.

Also, you must maintain the quality standard of the phenyl that you produce, as per the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) specification of the liquid phenyl.

Apart from all these, you need to first decide which type of phenyl you would like to produce because the white phenyl making formula is different from the green phenyl formula and others are also different.

Nowadays every business is made simple, as you can find many phenyl manufacturing videos on YouTube, hence you can also go through phenyl making training videos online to get the perfect idea about this business.

List of different types of liquid phenyl liquids available in market 

There are three major types of liquid phenyl, which include – white liquid phenyl, brown liquid phenyl, and black liquid phenyl are commonly found whereas nowadays green phenyl liquid is also available in the organic market.

The investment or cost to start a phenyl making business in India

The investment to start phenyl making business in India is Rs. 1,00,000 (if you plan to start the business from home) to Rs. 3,00,000 for a small scale most of the cost will be required to acquire the licenses. So, you can plan accordingly. It is advised to start with a small scale and later you can increase it to the medium and later plan for a commercial scale.

Where to sell phenyl liquid

Phenyl is used as a cleaning agent in a wide variety of places. You need to target the places where they are regularly used like places where the phenyl is used daily to maintain a hygienic environment in hospitals, offices, restaurants, colleges, human inhabitation (households), old age homes, nursing homes, hotels, schools, railway stations, and bus stands.

You can also sell them in wholesale markets and retail markets places like Dmart, and other supermarkets.

The conclusion of phenyl manufacturing business to make money in India

Thus, by the above-discussed points, one can conclude that the phenyl manufacturing business is a better option in many aspects thereby encouraging many individuals to initiate the business. The quality of phenyl is determined or judged by an ordinary buyer based on a few properties such as odor, effect after cleaning, and the thickness of the liquid, it should readily disperse in water without stirring.

Finally, this blog also gives you an idea about how to start phenyl making business at home as it is a very simple and easy process.


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