How to Make Money from Ponytail Hair Band Making

How to make money from ponytail hair band making business

Ponytail hairband making business is a simple profitable business with very low investment, which can be even started from home. It is a very easy and profitable business idea involving a very simple, uncomplicated manufacturing process and also has a good market potentiality. It is one of the easiest ways to earn good profits with less investment. Ponytail hair bands are very essential form children to women for fashion purpose and as the people are getting more fashion-conscious, ponytail hair bands have a great demand in both urban and rural areas thereby increasing the business.

Market research to make money from Ponytail hair band making business 

A detailed and rigorous research needs to be done before starting any business to get complete information about your business idea. If you decide to start your business or implement your business idea, instead of jumping into conclusions by hearing from other people or looking at the success of others, it is always better to understand all the aspects including the pros and cons of a particular business idea. Thus, proper research helps to know how to start a business as well as how to make plans to operate the business in a remunerative way.

Certain important aspects of the business that should be considered in your research are as follows:

  • Market potential of the business idea for better ponytail hair band making a business plan.
  • Understand the pros and cons of the business.
  • Legal procedure to start the business.
  • Knowledge about the manufacturing process of ponytail hair band making business.
  • Identification gathers the details of a potential customer.
  • Finding ponytail hair band wholesale suppliers acquiring required machinery and others,

The market potential for ponytail hair band making business to make good money

Ponytail hair bands are considered as fashion accessories by women and used by people in both rural as well as urban areas in India. Hence, there is a huge scope to operate the business profitably because of such demand. The market potential for ponytail hair band making business is high because the requirement is more.

But the demand for your product in the market can be attained only if you produce good quality products at a reasonable price. By following the fashion trend and finding out the taste of customers, try to introduce new and modern designs in the market. You can also check for the ponytail hair band manufacturer in India for the trending designs.

Procedure to start ponytail hair band making business

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Procedure to start ponytail hair band making business.
Procedure to start ponytail hair band making business.
Registration and license for ponytail hair band making business

For registration of your business, you need to contact your local Municipal Corporation or administrative office. There you can get the detailed steps to register your business according to the Indian and state laws. Applying for VAT registration, trade license, and several other formalities are needed to be done to complete the registration process.

Investment or the cost to start a ponytail hair band making business

A minimum capital of Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs is required enough to start the ponytail hair band making business at a medium scale. Financial assistance can be obtained by submitting a well-designed ponytail hair band making a business plan to the bank.

You can further minimize your investment by starting your business on a small scale at home which saves so much capital that you spend on renting a place to operate your business. You can start the business if you are having an amount of Rs. 50,000. The machine cost starts from Rs. 40,000 and the raw materials cost Rs. 5,000 and the remaining amount will include other charges. You can even start this in your home.

Promoting your ponytail hair bands business

One of the important things to be done is promoting your products. Giving an attractive brand name to your product allows the proper differentiation of your products from the other products. Extensive promotion should be done by advertising your product in a way that every possible customer gets to know about your product. Also find the ponytail hair band manufacturers near your area, so that you can fix the sale price less than them to attract customers.

How to sell your ponytail hair bands

You can sell your ponytail hair band wholesale suppliers, at the best price, and also to the stationary shops, by registering in the B2B and B2C websites. You may also check this: How to Make Money from Crab Culture Business.

The manufacturing process of ponytail hair band making business

Nylon threads of various attractive colors are the basic raw materials required in the process of ponytail hair band manufacturing. Also, a variety of decorative items are needed to give different designs to the product. The selection and purchase of the perfect machine is the most important task. You need to buy the machinery according to your business scale (small or large). If you want to start your business on a small-scale, then you need to check for ponytail hair band making machine price in India which will be around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

It involves a very simple manufacturing process where you just need to put the nylon threads in the bobbin or the place as indicated in the machine. The rest of the process is fully automatic and bands are prepared automatically by the machine. You also need to get a ponytail hair band jumbo roll to produce the bands in bulk amount. After this there is just one task left that is to cut the bands according to the desired sizes and joining the ends. A standard automatic ponytail hair band making machine produces 10 kg of nylon thread band per hour. The ponytail hair band raw material is also easily available in the market.

Advantages of ponytail hair band making business opportunity in India

To start any business, it is of utmost importance that you should be aware of the challenges, risks, and positives of the particular business you would like to start. Doing proper market research and having knowledge about every detail about the business is necessary. The following are some of the advantages of the Ponytail hair band making business.

Ponytail hair band making is a home-based business to make great money

If you wish to start this Ponytail hair band making business on a small scale, you can set up this business easily at your home (home-based) without any difficulty. Such home-based business has many advantages such as:

  • One can take care of both the home and business simultaneously.
  • It is the best and easiest option for housewives to get involved in business operations.
  • One could get extra support and help from other family members.
  • There is no need to spend on renting or buying a place for running the business thereby saving a lot of capital.
Small scale setup

Initially, you can plan to set up the Ponytail hair band making business on a small-scale. With time, as you start making good profits, you can grow or expand your business. So, this Ponytail hair band making business gives you such flexibility.

Low capital requirement

The capital requirement for starting a ponytail hair band making business on a small scale is very less. A maximum of Rs. 50,000 is sufficient to start and maintain business operations. Once you are ready with your well-designed business plan, you can submit it to get financial support from banks. Nowadays, several new government policies are introduced to finance these small-scale businesses.

Demand in the market

As there is a constant demand for these ponytail hair bands in the market, this ponytail hair band making business idea gives a great scope to succeed productively.

Easy manufacturing process

The Ponytail hair band manufacturing process is very simple and can be mostly done with the help of a machine. There is no need for a special skill to learn the manufacturing process. Therefore, by knowing about all these above-stated advantages, you can decide to start this Ponytail hair band making business without any doubts. Apart from these advantages, you will get to know some more additional advantages of this business idea by doing proper market research.

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