How to Make Money from Skype Tutoring: Step by Step Guide

In today’s world, online economies are exploding, and the online tutoring sector is no exception. When compared to face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring has several advantages. The most significant benefit of online education is its flexibility. The tutor and the student both save money, time, and make it easier to plan a class by avoiding travel time.

How to Make Money from Skype Tutoring
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Face-to-face tutoring has several advantages, including the ability to engage with students and the ease with which one may form a relationship with them. As a result, choosing the correct platform for your courses is critical if you want to become successful in the internet tutoring sector. Skype is the most famous and widespread internet platform. Let’s check out how to make money from Skype tutoring.

Selection and requirements of tutors for online tutoring

Many employers prefer tutors who have prior teaching qualifications or a bachelor’s degree in the topic they would like to teach. Having these advanced certifications opens up additional work opportunities for you, but they are not required. Generally, online tutors do not require licenses or years of professional experience. While accumulating experience and knowledge, one can apply to firms with less significant prerequisites and eventually change jobs for greater income.

How to make money from Skype tutoring

Many students require assistance with their studies. They may want assistance with a report they must submit or a difficult research article they are unable to complete on time. Simultaneously, many well-educated persons have the expertise to assist these distressed pupils in return for a price that has been agreed upon.

Students and tutors alike will benefit from online tutoring since they can have their lineups and study at their speed. Around the same time, a learner and tutors do not need to meet in person because they can manage their work from home.

What is Skype?

Skype is a free audio and video calling service that allows users to make multiple communications using a desktop, search engine, or smartphone. There is a form of communication that surpasses cellular plans and traditional landlines known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It has been around for about two decades. Skype has evolved into one of the most popular video communication services since its launch.

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Online Tutoring
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Skype has broken down conventional boundaries to communication, whether you’ve been working online or seeking a means to video chat with colleagues. You may use it to make foreign calls as well as chat with individuals in your in-app contacts. If the people you’re referring to also have a Skype account, you won’t have to pay anything more to chat with them. You may, however, contact and message another non-Skype contact list on their smartphones for an additional fee.

Importance of Skype for online tutoring

Setup is simple

It’s simple to set up a Skype account if the user doesn’t already have one or if the user wants a second account for business purposes. All users have to do now is input his email address and a few basic facts like his name, birth date, and country, and it’s done. Users may then post their profile picture, add contacts, and start exploring the platform.


Skype’s ease of use is one of the reasons why several professors and students choose it. After you’ve made an account, you can quickly search for users, send messages, conduct phone or video conversations, and even incorporate external media.

Skype as an online tutoring app

Classrooms may use Skype to access a range of instructional resources. Students can make friends, learn new things, and engage with people from different cultures. They can utilize Skype to collaborate on projects, improve their language abilities, communicate information about notes with students who share their interests, or propose their coursework to one‘s council.

Students and instructors may also use Skype to take virtual tours of ancient landmarks, contact writers and scholars, and participate in talks with schools all over the world. Skype is an easy-to-use tool for learner development and enhancement.

Skype is free

The best thing is that Skype is completely free to use! This is crucial when starting a freelance teaching business since it drastically reduces your initial costs. Skype also provides free accounts to its customers, which include availability for meeting spaces and other services. That’s a tough one to beat.

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Setting up a meeting in Skype

  1. Go  to
  2. Scroll down to the section titled “Meet Now on Skype”.
  3. Click “Create your meeting”.
  4. On the next page, click “Create a free meeting”.
  5. Click “Start Meeting,” or save the link for future use as a meeting space.

Earning money through Skype

  1. Earnings from the Skype Affiliate Program.
  2. Making money by Tutoring Online.

Earnings from the Skype Affiliate Program

You can join the Skype affiliate program if you are having a website or a blog. When you join, Skype offers us a code that you must include on your website. This is your affiliate link. You’ll utilize this link to refer clients to Skype, and you’ll receive a commission for each new customer you refer.

In terms of the amount of commission you may expect to earn, Skype claims that every time someone subscribes to its commercial services through you, you will receive a payment of 25%. Even skype pays you a $15s bonus commission when someone you mention purchases a Skype Wi-Fi phone plan.

Making money by tutoring online

Now that we know what you may expect in terms of typical wages, it’s time to take the plunge and start to work online. To make money instructing online, you’ll need a laser-like focus and more than enough time to commit to it. For becoming an online teacher and start making income with great language talents, all you need nowadays is a nice laptop, Skype software, and a reliable internet connection.

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What would you need to be capable of teaching online using Skype?

As previously said, the online tutoring market is rapidly expanding. It is necessary that, in addition to being an excellent tutor, your tutoring sessions are of high quality. For example, if you are one of the best instructors in the world but have poor internet connectivity, interacting with your students would be exceedingly difficult before you begin Skype tutoring. Please make sure you have the necessary factors.

A stable Internet connection

Face-to-face conferencing through Skype will consume more data than reading emails or surfing the web. To avoid service interruptions, some tutors install a wired Ethernet connection in addition to Wi-Fi.

A webcam (either built-in or external)

Because Skype is a video-sharing site, this is required for effective teaching using Skype.

A clean, well-lit, dedicated teaching environment

Think about what your pupils will see behind you when you’re teaching. Although Skype has a tool that allows you to blur your backdrop, it is preferable to provide your pupils with a colorful and fascinating online teaching background.

A microphone

Your computer may have one, but you’ll find that using an additional microphone and headset improves c The procedure for getting started is easy.

How to use Skype?

After you’ve made your Skype account, you’ll like to spend some time learning how to utilize it. There are a couple of crucial elements that will be useful for your courses, so keep in mind you can

Call and send emails to learners

Before you begin your training, it’s a good option to do some practice sessions with friends and colleagues to ensure that the user is seen and heard well.

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Sending files

When you’re on a Skype call, you may click the chat icon and launch a conversation box where you can share links. This feature includes a paperclip icon, which helps you to link whatever type of file you choose. This option is also available while texting and may be used to share instructional resources with pupils.

Sharing a screen

Screen sharing is another excellent feature of e-learning. You may use this feature to share web pages and other learning resources with your pupils. It’s also quite simple: during your call, hit the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the display and select ‘share screens’.You’ll be able to give successful and interactive online classes once you’ve mastered these technologies.

  • Typically, it requires you to connect through an intermediary service.
  • For teaching this, you can expect to earn between $10 and $20 per hour.
  • Requirements for online tutoring conversation clarity.
Payments in skype 

It’s vital to note that you only get 70% of your revenue from Skype Premium, with the remainder going to Skype. You must first get a PayPal account to use Skype Prime. However, you should not be discouraged by the 30% reduction because there is a solution. After a few transactions with your clients, you may provide alternative payment methods such as bank transactions or electronic transfers instead of PayPal.

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Online Tutoring
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Benefits of Skype meetings

  • Users need not require to install Skype software to participate in a Skype Meeting.
  • Users do not need to set up a Skype profile to attend the Session as a visitor.
  • A Skype Session URL is indefinite and never expires.

Key points

  1. Download Skype and install it on your PC.
  2. Tutor also requires an additional webcam, speakers, and a microphone.
  3. Cross-check that tutor and your learner both added themselves as Skype contacts.
  4. Make a sample call to confirm that everything is in working order.
  5. With your Skype contact, sketch out a strategy and negotiate logistics.
  6. Go through expectations and procedures with your pupils ahead of time.


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