How to Make Money from Tattoo Making Business

Introduction to make money from tattoo making business in India

If you are thinking about planning your career with some kind of business with less investment then there are plenty of opportunities in India. Not all jobs make you work under someone, and even not all jobs could allow you to work around 10 am to 5 pm in front of a computer. There are options for unusual talents and you can launch your own business to exploit your skill and talent. Let us get into the details of tattoo making business to make huge money out of it.

Ideas to make money from tattoo making business

One of the unconventional business ideas is a tattoo business in India, that could be a worth proving business. But the first question that arises in your mind is ‘how to manage a tattoo shop’? There are many descent aspects of initiating your studios in a way you can drill and showcase your artistic skill, and gain income by it, as well as can work independently. The average income of a tattoo shop owner is minimum rupees 50-80 thousand per month as the business has too much of popularity if you can provide different types of designs and attract customers.

How to start a tattoo making business on body art to make good money

No matter what type of business you are interested to venture into; there are some primary yet significant things that you need to consider. Before you initiate a business you must accomplish paperwork that will aid you to operate the business conveniently. There are numerous legal and infrastructural concerns that you require after before beginning your tattoo studio. The aspects are described below.

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First, you have to make a tattoo shop business plan and then you need to arrange the finance to start-up, take distinct care of the necessary things you need to know while beginning a body art business. To arrange the finance first you need to calculate the tattoo shop expenses and need to proceed further. You can get a question in mind ‘how to start a tattoo business at home?’ as it is a very simple and easy business to start with.

The license or permit for the tattoo business 

Similar to every other business, the license is essential to legalize your trade so it can operate with ease and thus you require the consent of the government. For a tattoo business, acquiring a license is not at all difficult in India. To get the tattoo shop license one must follow a few official procedures. The authority will provide the time of about 36 hours to ascertain that you are capable of the money required to begin the business and once you clear the assessment you will be entitled to get a license. With the assistance of the license, you can begin your business anywhere in the country. The license will allow you to avoid any legal troubles and secure your business. You can also start the business by owning a tattoo shop but not tattooing. 

Equipment for making a tattoo

The most crucial part of the tattoo business is machinery. You must keep in mind that, initiating a tattoo studio is not a piece of cake or joke; you must have a complete studio set up. You need tools that will aid to draw the body art, medicines, create the design and some furniture, and many more. The tattoo shop inventory list usually includes the following ones-

  • Tattoo ink
  • Needle
  • Bed and chair
  • Mirror
  • Paper towels
  • Health and safety equipment
  • Disposable needles

While you are purchasing the above-mentioned items you must buy good brands and always examine the expiry date. A tattoo is directly associated with human health so you must be aware of its hygiene and take care of the tools used are of proper standards.

The cost to start a tattoo shop business

To start a tattoo shop business you need to require at least 3 to 5 lakhs to purchase the machinery, hire the tattoo artist, etc.

Location for the tattoo shop business

To initiate your own business, you must acquire a space; and if you are planning to set-up a studio for body art you must have it at a great location. So, selecting a great location falls under one of the crucial priorities. You must check wherever you planning to start a studio, space has permission for such business. If you proceed without any idea you may end up with the biggest obstacle as law. Unlike foreign countries, not all places in India allows to start a body art business; so you must do some research on the place you are selecting. You can choose 3 to 4 places for your business. While selecting the place you must check other issues as well apart from the permit. You must be sure that the place has a good footfall with a major market nearby; the studio must be visible and should not be much in the interior. This makes a sense to aid you in attracting the customers.

Marketing ideas for the tattoo business

It is a well-known fact that for any business from the start only there should be a strategy about how you will promote your business; as no business can expand without marketing. It is essential to spread about your business and allow them to explore it so that people can come to the studio and have your service. It will strengthen your business and simplify the development of your business. Once you start your studio you can put up a hoarding, spread leaflets, and publish in newspapers and broadcast in electronic media like a TV channel. In present times, social media is sought for most of the population so you can make use of this tool to spread details about your service. Apart from that, you can have a website where you can showcase your works so that people can see it. You must have accounts on social platforms and you must do the same as your website to spread about the service and the creativity of your business. Even spreading awareness regarding body art could also help sustain a few leads for your business.

You can also increase your business, by advertising through a few things to sell in a tattoo shop. You also need to do good research by gathering all the information from the tattoo shop database, so that you can get a clear idea about the business and run it successfully.

How to become a good tattoo artist

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Tattoo Art.
Tattoo Art.

To be a tattoo artist, you must have a passion for art and you must have the patience to work on minute things. You must be careful of small shades regarding design and must be creative in mind to create a new type of design. You must acquire how to design, paint, and sketch different designs. When it comes to tattoo, as it is an everlasting body art so one must be careful of the consequences; you must know the body parts and the pain results if any. You must inform the clients about the whole procedure of tattoo and how you must take care of it and how a specific color of the ink may modify on the client’s skin.

Tattoo business needs a constant effort on your skill and you must develop new skills from time to time. It will aid to bring more clients to your studio and with practice, you will know how a tattoo is going to look at person to person. You can go through the blogs of renowned tattoo artists; watch videos about that. Along with that, you must also read medical journals about the possibilities to maintain hygiene and safety precautions while doing the tattoo.

Ideas on investment and profit in the business

It is very crucial to have a good capital for business because no business is prosperous without investing. It is not only that you need to invest, but also you will gain the profits because most of the people get confused in understanding the investment and gain. You only must invest at the beginning and the profit will mostly be there and it will increase progressively.


It can be determined that individuals with a creative mind and skill can initiate their own business and can good money from the tattoo making business in Indi. The above-mentioned business-related facts will aid you to support your passion turning to business and not only that you can gain a lot of money by switching up this passion as a profession. In case you begin the business you can seek initial financial help either from any government or non-government banks. Once your business is extended you can also appoint employees and it will boost the employment industry. You may also check Low-cost Agriculture Business Ideas.


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