How to Make Money with Hardware Shop in India

Make Money with Hardware Shop.
Make Money with Hardware Shop.

Introduction to how to make money with Hardware shop business

Although there’s a tough competition in the hardware shop segment, since we need very less requirement to begin this business, and through proper way of conducting the business, it can be a cost-effective one. Now, let’s us see how you can make money with hardware shop business in india.

A guide to make money with hardware shop in India

Here are few steps to initiate a hardware business in India:

First, must have idea about what a hardware shop must have-

A hardware shop generally sells hand tools, keys, building materials, locks, chains, hinges, electrical supplies, cleaning products, plumbing supplies, utensils, paint, etc. Therefore, you should list out items you are interested to place in your hardware shop.

Try to understand the market to make money with hardware shop

Learn about the several competitors that are already present now in the market. Then determine the budget or the capital money you are wishing to put. It is better to have an idea about the money you can invest to be safe from future financial crisis while doing the business.

Understand about the details included in a hardware shop business to make good money

Know about the client base, what are their specifications, what is the growth prospective of your business, legal formalities, the operational cost, other rules and guidelines to be followed, etc. Conduct market analysis and gather ideas about the locations with growth potential.

Get the information about the demand for such items, the pricing and choose an area where you can find perfect business growth prospective.

Payment modes

Make sure you also have other modes for payment apart from cash. It is important to offer your clients about various modes of payment to have a feasible transaction for your costumers and they could pay with their comfort. Chances are there that few customers could return back if they don’t have their comfortable payment modes and if you are still approaching the old ways of payment.

Advertising is an essential aspect for any business. For promoting a hardware shop, yellow page ads, billboards, flyers, WhatsApp, email marketing, etc. can be used in present times. It is always preferred to use the methods that will not be a much expense for your business and which will aid your business reach potential clients.

Invest in the right products

Invest in products like steel bars, cement, rods, nails, tiles, hinges, and plumbing materials as these items are sold readily.

Offer discounts

Offer few discounts on some products that are commonly purchased by the clients. Allow clients to purchase in other ways beside visiting your shop always. Allow your frequently visited clients to book any product via phone with online payment and allow them free delivery to their homes. When you offer this, the customers will be comforted with your service and will return back with a few more customers.

Managing the stock

Keep an inventory about the stock time to time for having an idea about the items need to be restocked or have to be purchased.

Hardware shop overview 

Hardware shop majorly comprises with hardware items, plumbing material, building material, keys, agro hardware material, chains, electrical material and many more. That specifically depends on you and your area.

Capital required to start a hardware shop 

Now this is most important segment, as this business needs a rigid financial resource to start up. When you are planning for beginning a total paint and hardware shop then it can charge up to 5-8 lakhs. As said it is based on factor like in case you have a large fund and if your selected market is large and expanding, it is suggested that the above cost could extend to in two figures as well.

Condition and targeted market

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A hardware shop in India.
A hardware shop in India.

It is very crucial to analyse few things before beginning a hardware shop.

Did you have enough funds: It is also one of the essential aspects which absolutely plays an important role for starting this business. You must have capital from your savings or can take aid from your friends, relatives, and also from banks which will be explained later in article.

Targeted market: You should have knowledge about your targeted market and the demand before starting this business. In this scenario your targeted market comprises the people those who are planning to build a house, farmers, building constructor, etc. You could deal up with specific candidates like plumbers, labours, and arts man who can act as resource for your products and thereby build the customer base.

Competitor:  If you are in a locality then there are chances of presence of some established hardware shops which will make it tough for you. Thus, it is preferable to look for place where competition is less.

Market Place: It is most significant section, and people fail due to this cause. It is suggested to select the place of your shop where the chances of construction work is going on and also sustains in future. Make sure you keep ample space around your shop keeping in mind the need for extension of the stocking products if needed. Most hardware shops do survive if placed in a developing area with maximum gains.]Legal work:  Register your shop as per government guidelines and fulfil all legal documentations well before starting operations.

Profit margin analysis and growth potential of hardware shop business

Hardware shop is estimated to have a profit margin of around 15% on average. It depends on majorly on your marketing strategy and other factors like area and recurring customers. It is believed that mass selling is more gaining in returns aspects. By selling you products at 10% margin to a larger group then it will make your shop to a brand in very less time and you can thus aim for long term success.

According to an official survey, it is estimated that the potential of hardware items and its demand in market will raise by 200% globally in coming future.

How to start a hardware shop in India to make money

When you have determined to begin a hardware shop, market analysis and research in the localityto select a best place for your shop is necessary. If opted for a rental shop then be make sure you have sufficient space as you might need a lot more space than you currently planning. It is highly recommended to keep a different shop room for your extra materials and stocks.

To have an establishment without having any legal issues in future it’s recommended in India to have GST registration which is mandatory. This will also help to avail government subsidy and loan for start-up capital investment.

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Now, next step is how can purchase the products you want to keep in your shop. You have two options, either you can reach an agent or deal with a large wholesale shop. It is think the options could be used stage by stage. Firstly, you must buy the products through nearby wholesale shop which will save your time and money and minimise and wait for agent to supply things when needed on urgent basis. This will also help you in purchasing products whenever you want. Later on once the items are stocked you can reach out to an agent and ask for the items needed in time and you can take care of your shop.

In order to have a recurring customer, it is suggested to give a complete solution for their needs. It is possible if the hardware shop has dealing with workers like some labours, plumbers, electricians etc. and you may give their contact if the customer’s needs their help. This renders a feel good sense to your customer about you, which not only strengthens your relation with customer but also your shop’s reputation.

There is one more thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing the items from the wholesale market. Since it is not possible to have all items in your shop due to the presence of several categories. Thus it is ideal to have the complete set of a particular category at least.  For example, if you are planning for electrical items in your shop then keep all components which are relevant to electrical section.

Another one more thing which is suggested to you that have a thorough check of price of your item online  in order to have a complete overview of profit. One more way is to approach the company directly to have the supply of a particular product and have the product at reduced price. This is really a perfect thought in the initial days to earn more.

Marketing for your Hardware shop is very essential for any business and hardware shop is no exception. Even though this is not a business in which you usually can sell things online but still digitalisation could promote the shop in present situation where people go for online purchasing rather than reaching the shops. You may even design a website with custom domain for your website for your shop for which you need not spend much money. It is also suggested to go to Google my business and do register there with your Gmail and make sure you get listed on Google map to improve reachability.

Prepare a visiting card with details like telephone number, email id, your website (if available), shop name and address for your shop to make it more professional.

Prepare a Facebook page for you shop and keep posting all new items frequently; also mention discounted items and any special features about shop to attract customers. It serves as a platform for your potential clients because as people see your profile they start visiting your shop like a reputed shop in market. Nowadays even people have started using whatsapp and the people who visit the shop could be notified for any orders or items well in advance.

Apart from the online promotions, the conventional practices of offline advertising depends on area you have the shop. If you are located in city then a hoarding or banner ads can be publicized at the main centres where you can see more footfall. During the starting stages of the shop any of your relative or friend can go to nearby construction sites and ask them to get product from your newly opened shop and try to offer some purchasing benefits. Here it is not needed to appoint a sales manager or a professional. Even your family member to relative can assist you in their free time.

One of the major aspects is to keep more than one payment method. Nowadays people are digitalizing and many customers prefer cashless transactions. This even renders much more professionalism to your shop as well.

Conclusoion of starting a hardware shop business

One of the best small scale business ideas with low-investment in India. You can easily make money from hardware shop business with proper business plan and hardwork. You may also like the Tomato Sauce Making Business.


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