How to Make Money with TikTok in India

Introduction to How To Make Money with TikTok in India

Tiktok is one of the highest downloaded social media applications where you can watch videos that are trending and more viral. Generally, people have some of the other talents like singing, dancing, acting, video editing, making dubs, etc. but they don’t know where to showcase their talent. For this kind of people, TikTok became a platform or a source to show their talents. If you make a different and unique video that is good then your videos can be viewed by thousands of people.

A step by step guide on how to make money with TikTok in India

Initially, you have to download the app and sign in to TikTok and then you should choose what videos you wanted to make and upload in it according to your interest. Then make videos that you wanted to do and then upload them to your TikTok account. You should make videos such that they should be unique in which your creativity should be viewed by people or audience, then only you will be increasing your followers. Analyze each and every video made by you that how the audience is responding to it, whether it is good or bad. Take positive things that people are attracted to in your video and concentrate on those videos and then if something is negative, neglect those videos or try to make them positive such that the audience gets attracted. By doing these things, you will be increasing your followers such that your videos can be reached by many people.

Earn money through Tiktok

Earn Money from TikTok.
Earn Money from TikTok.

If your TikTok account has a huge number of followers of a particular niche means a category of the audience then you will be asked to market their product which is related to your niche, for example, if you are a gym coach and make videos related to the gym like what exercises to do and what food you should take while doing gym and many more, then you will be sponsored by some fitness-related company to use their product and make videos while using it and upload those videos on TikTok account, such that followers may come to know about the product and they might be purchasing it. The account holders who concentrate on a particular niche of the audience may also be called influencers and this type of marketing is called influencer marketing.

After creating a huge audience, if you want to earn money then you may visit some small companies whose products you want to market and talk to them that you are an influencer and want to tell about the company products to your audience. If they are interested, then make a deal with them. In such a way you can also explain other company products also. This is only the way you can directly earn money through Tiktok.

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If you do good and unique videos in acting, dancing, etc. then you might also be getting chances in movies, short films as character artists initially, and slowly through those opportunities, if you perform well you will be getting main lead characters also.

  1. Sell your Own Products

After you become an Influencer, if you manufacture and sell products related to your niche, then you can share your e-commerce website links, make videos about how to use those products, and also videos on how customers are giving responses to those videos. If your audience thinks that your products are good and best in price than other company products, then they definitely buy the products. You should make new videos weekly and upload them regularly. You should not just concentrate on selling your products because if people get bored with your videos, then they unfollow you immediately.

  1. Go live and make money

If you have a huge audience or followers in your TikTok account and then you go through live in your account, your followers will be watching you, and if you share good content with them and if they like they will be giving you gifts or money. This option will be visible to followers while they are watching your life. Only top TikTok people will be making huge money in this way because they will be having a trusted audience and also that audience will be highly benefitted by these people, so if they want to give money to an influencer or TikTok user they will use this option.

  1. Consulting or Giving Coaching

If you are a coach or if are an expert in some skill, then you can give coaching about the skill, and also you can charge fees for the coaching you give. Mainly gym coaches do this because they will be giving online coaching and also, they will be giving guidance on food what should people take while doing gym like proteins, etc. Gym coaching will not be the same for all the people, it will be based on the customers whether he wants to lose weight or gain weight of getting shape for his body. Based on this his diet will also be changing. For people who can’t go to the gym due to some reasons like not having time, etc.

  1. Promotion of Other ventures

If you are an influencer in other social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, etc. then with the help of TikTok you can leverage your popularity. All your TikTok followers will follow you on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, etc. if they like your performance. This makes you increase your followers on Instagram, increase subscribers for your YouTube channel, etc., and also indirectly makes you earn money through social media apps.

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  1. Making money with YouTube by TikTok

If you are a YouTuber and making videos related to a particular niche in YouTube channel and making money through this channel then to increase the audience or visitors to your channel you can create TikTok and start uploading videos and create huge followers for your videos in TikTok, then tell the followers that you also make videos in YouTube and share your YouTube channel link, if people are interested in your videos then they definitely watch your YouTube videos. In this way, you can earn more through YouTubethrough TikTok. If your YouTube channel has high subscribers and is eligible to monetize your account then you can earn through ads that are viewed by viewers, and also you can earn through affiliate marketing by sharing the links in your channel.

  1. Making Money with Instagram by Tiktok

Similarly, if you are an Instagram account holder, and by this TikTok, you can direct your followers to follow your Instagram account, such that a huge number of followers you can get. By increasing followers, you can also increase earning money through Instagram. Mainly Instagram account holders earn money through sponsored by brands if you are an influencer, You can sell affiliate products by affiliate marketing websites, if you have a business or you are a product manufacturer then you can sell those products in Instagram account or page without any marketing. And also, through selling photos and videos which they capture, mainly professional photographers earn through this way. Website designers usually buy the photos to keep on their website regarding the content what the website is used for.

  1. Show your talents and get benefitted

Mainly people who are interested in films and have talent like acting, dancing, video editing, directing, etc. related to films and you don’t know where to present your skills and how you can get chances in films, then for them, TikTok is the best opportunity to make trending videos and other unique videos by using your skills and then create a group of audience by these videos. Upload videos every week continuously such that you will be connected with the audience. Go through live monthly once, and then at that time your followers may request you to make videos of different concepts, and if you like those concepts make videos on them.

As you gain an audience, some interested people will be contacting you to make videos with them, through this way your network will be increased, and also you can message others, whose videos you like. In this way, you can build a team with people who are having skills like acting, musician, directing, editing, etc. and they should also be interested to team up with you. Now you guys make short films and upload them in the youtube channel. As you guys already have followers in TikTok, ask them to watch your short films and also to share those with their friends if they like those short films. Now you will be earning money through Youtube as you have a channel and also if you get a good name through your short films, then you can get chances in featured films as character artists if you are an actor, get directing chances if you are a director, etc.

And also, you can apply these short films for short film festivals such that you will be getting prize money as well as some awards for the short films if you win the contests.

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