How to Start a Biscuit Making Business for Profits

How to start a Biscuit making business for profits

If you are planning to start Biscuit Making Business then it is a very money-making and home base business, in this blog we will throw some light on the analysis and business plan regarding the biscuit-making unit.

A step by step guide on how to start a biscuit making business

An individual can begin this business; even it is suitable for a student or a beginner who wants to start a business.

Morning tea with biscuits is one of the most popular snacks across the globe, every age group people feel delighted to bite crispy biscuit which is accessible in every shop at a realistic price.

Biscuit is a very delicious food item that comes in various types of shape, size, flavor, and variety.

The potential market for biscuit making business

The biscuit making business has a great potential market; biscuits are mostly consumed in all places and at home on a daily basis.

Every morning biscuits are consumed by dipping in tea or milk to take a bite of crispy delicious biscuits, thus it is a domestic item that is always present in the grocery list.

The demand for biscuits is always more in every class of people either it is in urban or rural biscuits.

Biscuits market mostly depends on planning and strategy for advertising and sales of biscuit, it is an industry that needs innovative packaging, fresh flavors, some attractive and unique ideas, and indeed health-conscious ingredient.

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Potential for Biscuit making business in India.
Potential for Biscuit making business in India.

Many popular brands capture the urban market, even though some local biscuits making manufacturers targeting some aspects like their product quality, taste, and significant factor like price which establishes their own identity.

Some biscuits manufacturers arrive with their ideal recipes of biscuit that stands as an identity in the biscuit making industry.

Licenses required for biscuit manufacturing business

Registration of firm: You may begin the small to medium scale biscuit making business either as Proprietorship or like Partnership Firm. In case you prefer this business as One Person Company, then you must register your firm as a Proprietorship. For the Partnership functioning of your firm, you must register as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. The company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Trade license: You must take a Trade License from your local organizations.

FSSAI license: Biscuits are classified under food items; thus you must take FSSAI License.

GST Registration: It is obligatory to take GST Number for all type of business.

Trade Mark: Make sure the brand name is secured by trademark registration.

MSME/SSI registration: When you plan to get technology cooperation and subsidy from the government, then you should apply and register under MSME online registration (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises)

Pollution control board: It is also important to register your business with the local DIC office. When you are starting a biscuit-making company, it is recommended to take No Objection from the Pollution Control Board as per rules laid by the government.

Selecting the location for biscuit making business

The space needed for the biscuit making unit is around 1000 sq.ft, but you can begin your biscuits making business at your home as well. For home-based business you must complete some documentation, the government had mentioned some guidelines and regulations for the home-based business.

According to government guidelines, the kitchen that you have chosen to start a business should not be used for any other food and the pets are strictly prohibited. The home-based business can always aid you in reducing your investment and thus save your capital to some extent.

If you are interested in a commercial kitchen, then ensure that the area you have chosen should have provision for electricity water supply with the drainage system. Also, complete documentation and registration to the commercial land and must take NOC from local government with the assistance of landowners.

The raw material required for biscuit manufacturing

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Material required for Biscuit making.
Material required for Biscuit making.

The major raw material for biscuit making is wheat flour and other ingredients are sugar, milk powder, salt, ghee, essence, yeast, and edible colors. The quality and taste of your biscuit reflect on the raw material that you use in the baking. So make sure that the raw material you are have bought is of fine quality and in your budget. Packaging is the most important step in biscuit-making business, it is essential to design an attractive and unique packaging material.

Raw materials required for biscuit making business

List of raw materials needed for biscuit making business are mentioned below: Edible colors, flavors, ghee or butter, milk powder, salt, sugar, wheat flour, and yeast.

The machinery required for biscuit manufacturing business

The biscuits making unit needs machinery such as laminators, oven, mixer, flour sifter, spreader, etc. along with a packaging machine like wrapping/ sealing machine. There are varied types of machine that are available in the market but are it important to select an appropriate machine which depends on the production output.

List of machinery needed for biscuit making

Biscuit baking oven, cooling conveyor, cooling tunnel, de-panner, distributor, dough mixer, flour sifter, laminator, molder, oil sprayer, packaging machine, pressure board, rotary cutters, rotary molder, sheet cutting unit, slab slicer, and spreader.

The manufacturing process for biscuit making

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Biscuit making process steps.
Biscuit making process steps.
Step 1: Mixing

In the beginning step of biscuit making, the major ingredients like flour, fat, and sugar are properly mixed using the Dough Mixer. Make sure the ingredients are mixed for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Moulding

Once the mixture is properly done, it is sent through a Moulder to give a specific shape and size. The speed of the molder is determined by the variety of biscuits.

Step 3: Baking

The molded biscuits sent into the oven at the specific temperature for the baking purpose.

Step 4: Cooling

After baking the biscuits is accomplished, they are then sent through the cooling conveyor. On the conveyor, the temperature is lowered to room temperature that leads to sudden cooling of the baked biscuits. This sudden cooling is needed to sustain the texture of the biscuit.

Step 5: Packaging

After cooling, the biscuits are ready for transportation so the prepared biscuits are packed into the carton boxes or pouch or using any other material with the information printed on it.

Where to sell Biscuits

Advertisement is a significant step in any business and this business is not any exception. Thus it is a very important stage in every business. As you are alien to biscuit making business you must promote your brand with some new strategies and old techniques. Introduce your brand by running some sort of campaign. Design some promoting material like posters or flyers and distribute it through the local media people or by friends or relatives.

Local market (retail market)

Sell in a coffee shop

Approach some popular local coffee shop, introduce your biscuit brand, and firstly give them free samples to attract the clients, so they can offer it to customers. Once they start taking interest in your biscuits they will purchase it from you, you can give them some introductory offer and design a business card with details of your business to help further promote your business.

Parties and ceremony

Introduce your new biscuit brand in some functions like ceremonies, parties through free samples. Try to collect orders who need your biscuits for special ceremonies, also spread the promotional materials at the ceremony which will help you to gain a client base.

Breakfast service

Biscuits are specifically a breakfast item, so thoroughly check if anybody wants your biscuits for meetings and for their clients.

Delivery service

It is the very significant id you allow an option of home delivery, so customers can place an order by sitting at home and it’s better to give out the promotional materials via the delivery person to the customers and request to spread the word to their relatives. It is suggested to take orders in advance so that you can manage the delivery of the biscuits on the time.

Wholesale market for biscuit (FMCG)

You can sell your biscuits in your own city in a nearby wholesale market.

Online market

A small online store of your own to sell your product or have a deal on the hosting site that helps you to advertise and sell your product.

B2B websites: Register your business on B2B websites like Alibaba, Tradeindia, Indiamart, Exportersindia, etc. where you can get bulk orders.

B2C websites: Register your business on B2C websites like amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Bigbasket, etc. where directly customers will contact you.

The export market for biscuits

India has a great export market abroad and you can easily export your biscuits to many gulf counties. Popular brands like Parle, Britannia, Good-day, and many more have been exporting their product to other countries. As informed previously, you must acquire an IEC code that is mandatory to export your biscuits.

Create your own brand and uniqueness

People are always checking out for some new flavors to taste and this is the catch where you have your customers for your business and hold the market. With your ideal recipe and flavor, you can create the uniqueness in the market; by innovating some new flavors or various shapes in a biscuit you can reach with the biscuit industry on a whole new level.

Apart from these cost-consuming strategies, the evergreen social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is a broad platform to advertise your business brand and you can get connected to clients very easily with less investment via the internet.

The conclusion to start a biscuit making business

With a proper business plan, one can start a biscuit making business and earn good profits.

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