How to Start a Mobile Repair Shop in India

Introduction to how to start a mobile repair shop in India

Want to start a mobile repair shop? That too in India? Good for you that you come here.

Mobile or smartphone usage in India is in Millions. It is the same way in any place. More than 50% of the world use smartphones. It became an integral part of our body. We always carry with us no matter where. The rate of new smartphone releases to the market is also high in number. Every release gives new cool features. With fond of cool features, we always tend to upgrade our smartphones. Considering these facts, starting a mobile repair business is one of the best. Note that there will be a great competition too. Success in the competition will give satisfaction though.

Ideas to start a mobile repair shop to earn good money

It is not an easy thing. There are a lot of aspects incurred. You need technical knowledge. Competition is huge in the market as there are countless mobile shops around. But, yes if we put our heart in what we want, nothing can stop from success. If managed properly, it can be a profitable business as well.

What you can do in the mobile repair shop? 

Along with repairing mobiles internal parts, there are a lot more can be done here

  1. Sell mobiles. Different people love different brands. Some like long-lasting one. Some would like to change it often to get new trends in hand. You should study what are most likely brands and models and stock up in the shop
  2. Sell mobile accessories. While buying mobiles people may buy other accessories like cases, safety glasses, headphones, Bluetooth, etc.
  3. Sell mobile sim. Customers may come to get a new number as well. We must know what is the best service provider currently running good and stock up those sims
  4. Mobile recharge. These days most of us are getting recharges using mobile apps like Paytm. But, there are still few who don’t know about those apps. Having all widely used network providers recharge system in hand can give some earnings
  5. Mobile software fixes. If someone’s mobile hanged or some feature is not working. Then there is a chance of the software crash. Customers will come to you for fixes
  6. Many more…

So, before starting, decide on what services you are capable of providing.

  • Screen and battery repairs and replacements
  • Headphone repairs
  • Camera and sensor repairs
  • Other

How much money does a mobile shop make?

Well-performing mobile shop profits can vary between 20% to 30%. But, most of the mobile shop owners close the shops within 2 years due to a lack of cash flow, this happens if there was no proper planning. To be profitable we must plan it better.

Steps for starting a mobile repair business

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Steps of Starting a Mobile Repair Shop in India.
Steps of Starting a Mobile Repair Shop in India.

Now, we know something about mobile shops. Let’s see how we can do this. Here are the steps that are good to follow which helps to lead a good mobile repair shop.

1) Get basic knowledge

Mobile repair shops are not only about repairing internal components. There are a lot of external things too. Nowadays there are 100’s of types of mobiles in the market with a lot of accessories each. Customers would come to get the accessories rather than repair them.

Not all are technical experts. As a seller, you must know everything about it. People like to buy from experts who can explain the pros and cons of different devices.

We must understand

  • What mobile types we have and it’s models
  • What are the accessories for each model
  • Understand Mobile service providers (Airtel, Idea, Jio, etc.,)
  • How to recharge prepaid or postpaid. It will be different for different service providers
2) Learn and get certified

As we know this needs some technical knowledge. Before starting the shop you must attain comprehensive knowledge of repair techniques. You may need to understand the basic components of any mobile. To gain the best possible knowledge, you can join a mobile repairing course. There are a lot of institutes offering these courses in an organized way.

3) Get some experience

Experience is the teacher of all the things. It could lead to failure if you lack experience. Before starting the shop it would be better to have some practical knowledge. Try to work in any other mobile repair shop in real-time. Practical learning is the best. You will get a chance to see real deals with mobile.

  • Based on the complaints from customers we will know what are the common issues with smartphones.
  • By working under the senior technician, you can understand how to handle the issues and can get a few interesting tips
4) Plan the business and get the required things done

Yes, like any other business, planning is important. You have to consider these factors if you want to open a mobile shop

  • You must study the competitor: There are a lot of successful mobile shops around. It would be helpful knowing what business model they follow? How do they handle things?
  • Choose an ideal location: This is one of the most important to consider. You should find a place that will attract customers and give them easy access. This will give fruitful results. Note, that if you plan to put the shop in a place where there are already a few shops exist, then your business models should be stronger than others
  • Set your budget and startup cost: In India, the cost to start this business is low. First, you can find a small place, get some basic mobile accessories, spare parts, etc., and start. Gradually increase the range and quality based on the business state. Licensing is another thing you must think of.
  • Get mobile toolkits: Toolkits are important to repair mobiles. We can get these under 5K from any shopping sites. Mobile repairing tools include multimeter, LCD tester, battery tester, cleaning brush, screwdriver, tweezer, spudger, soldering iron, adhesive tape, magnifying lamp, etc
5) Get a license

Mobile mechanic services require a license too. This is controlled by city and state authorities. All the licenses should be acquired to avoid future problems

  • Get a shop act license from city authorities which permits you to run a shop
  • Starting a small or medium. You must register for the Company. If you are starting alone then proprietorship. For partnership, you should register for Limited liability Partnership or Pvt. Ltd
  • If you plan to have a brand name for the shop, you must register for a trademark
  • GST is an important license to be done. This number is must in your bills 
6) Recruit shop keepers or technician

At first, you can deal with everything by yourself. Because the business will be a little low until you are promoted well to the market. Later, you may need a hand. As the shop is not only for repairs. Customers might come for other accessories or recharge etc., They don’t want to wait long. It is best to have someone who can do a rotational job as a technician or keeper.

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Having an expert technician in hand will help if there is an increasing demand for your service. This will shoot up your productivity as well. Focus on being productive instead of busy. 

7) Get good suppliers

You must have good cell phone parts suppliers to lead a better business. Maintain a good relationship with them. They must deliver your needs before the stock goes down to zero. Talk to them ahead on-demand items. If not, your competitor will get those first. You may get zero stock responses from suppliers.

To understand which accessories are moving fast, have an inventory, and check the stock every week. Get inventory management apps that have an option to alert you if stock is less than a given number. These automatic alerts will save you time.

8) Promote your business

Without promotion, something terrible can happen. To survive in the market, a proper cell phone repair marketing strategy is necessary regardless of your business model. You need to put effort into making people aware of the services you provide, the things you sell. Having your website (make it mobile friendly) will help you reach more audiences. Try to put your details in local classifieds.

Once you are promoted well. People start to see what best you can do than others. The first impression is the best. So, do your best to keep the loyalty with customers so that they can also promote your service in their circle.

Some tips to start a mobile repair shop

Tips to Start a Mobile Repair Store.
Tips to Start a Mobile Repair Store.
  1. Put some offers, in the beginning, to get people attracted. Like, discounts on basic accessories. Free sim with mobile. Etc.,
  2. Never overcharge the customer. If they know someone else is providing the same service for less charge. Customers never come back. You will lose credibility
  3. Offer quick services. As it becomes a necessary item for living. Customers want the issues to be fixed as soon as possible. You must be faster than your competitors in getting customer issues fixed
  4. Allow customers to pay digital cash or card payments. Nowadays nobody carries cash. Enable Paytm, GPay, etc., Register and get card swiping machines.
  5. Don’t miss to satisfy all customer needs. Your customer should not go to your competitor for something which is not available with you
  6. Offer after-sales support too. Like, mobiles will have a brand warranty. But, most people don’t know how to avail. You should be ready to offer those services. 

The bottom line to start a mobile repair shop

Accurate management will lead you to a profitable business and earn you a lot of money. Providing good quality spare parts is the key principle for a reputable business. Good to ask customers for feedback to know their feelings about service. This will help you plan for improvements needed. You must target to get better and better in what you do so that customers will be amazed and maintain the relationship. You may also check the OnePlus Doorstep Repair Service in India.


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