How To Start A PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business

Introduction on how to start a PVC pipe manufacturing

Are you willing to start a PVC pipe manufacturing company from scratch? Or you require a PVC pipe production business plan guide? If your answer is yes, then I request you to follow this article carefully for a successful business in this segment.

The revolution of PVC pipes has downgraded the use of metal pipes when it is used for conveying water, sewer, and even for safeguarding underground cables. Plumbing works have become easier because of the advent of PVC pipes on the market.

A step by step guide on how to start a PVC pipe manufacturing business

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are known to be highly durable and safer, and difficult to damage and are strong as such because of its composition; it is made by plastic and vinyl materials. With PVC pipes you need not bother about rust and bacteria formation inside the pipes mainly when it is used for water distribution.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a manufacturing company that would manufacture products that can be contentedly and effectively used for sewer lines, underground wiring, and water system in buildings, then you must start your own Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturing company to feel the difference.

Starting your own PVC pipe manufacturing company would open you up to various options in the construction industry because there is no construction job that is done without the use of PVC pipes. No doubt establishing a PVC pipe manufacturing company will demand huge capital but the truth is that it is a high-income generating especially if you know how to place yourself in the marketplace.

If you have decided to start your own PVC pipes manufacturing company, then the following main tips should help you.

Market research for the business plan

PVC pipe manufacturing company is not only any kind of company that you can begin without basic preparation. The fact that it needs huge capital to establish a PVC pipe manufacturing company means that you should perform a thorough research and feasibility studies before moving forward into this type capital intensive business if you worry about the risks associated with your investment.

Business plan to setup PVC pipe manufacturing unit

Business plan to setup PVC pipe manufacturing company.
Business plan to setup PVC pipe manufacturing company.

One cannot expect to initiate or own a PVC pipe manufacturing company without a proper and well-designed comprehensive business plan that will stand to be a blueprint for your business. It is nice to get your business plan handy and modify it from time to time when needed by checking it over and over again before you begin the process of building your PVC pipe manufacturing company.

Even if you have started your PVC pipe manufacturing company, you may continue to review your business plan. That is why you should make your business plan in a way that you will be able to make alterations when there is a need.

Investment for starting PVC pipe manufacturing business

If you have completed your feasibility studies and have gathered the required capital to build your PVC pipes manufacturing company; then it is perfect. On the other hand, if are not having the required capital, then you must explore all the available options to raise the required capital.

You may avail of a loan from the bank, or you can sell your business idea to financers, and you can as well collect capital from your friends and family members. Your business plan is the main aspect you would need when you will be trying to convince people to spend in your business; if your business plan is well designed, then the process of raising funds will be easy.

License, permissions, and registration required for starting PVC Pipe manufacturing unit

The registrations and licenses which are important to begin a PVC pipe manufacturing industry are stated below:-

The initial step is to get the company registered. It can be done as LLP registration, Partnership firm or if you are planning for a more corporate structure, opt for Company Registration.

Obtaining a Trade License from the local municipal body. This is obligatory to have the approval by the local body to optimize the trade and ensure compliance with government guidelines and regulations.

Factory license – under the Factory Act 1948[1], the Chief Inspectorate of Factories in the region specified for the set-up of the new unit approves this license. Before setting the factory the occupational certificate or plot allotment letter from the Industries Department is needed to begin the construction.

GST registration is needed for businesses so that the taxes can be claimed from the customers and pass on the credit of the taxes; the business can claim the input tax credit and there is easy processing of input tax credit from suppliers and vendors.

Udyog Aadhaar MSME: Udyog Aadhaar is needed to register the business as an MSME. There are several benefits to possessing the Udyog Aadhaar. Starting from subsidies and low-interest rates, the business associated disputes will be resolved faster, collateral-free loans from the financial institutions; reimbursement of a payment made for ISO certification, qualify for IPS subsidy, 50% subsidy for patent registration, and many more.

NOC from the State Pollution control board

BIS certification – for all domestic manufacturers of PVC pipes, mainly that is related to household electrical goods, it is important to apply for BIS Certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards. The applicant must be submitted along with the fees at the nearest BIS office. In the following step, an inspection of the factory is done by a BIS officer. The product samples are verified in the factory and if the provided the samples pass the test, the license is approved within a specific period of time.

Trademark Registration for the company logo is allotted by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, under the Ministry of Commerce and this allows the business owner or the trademark owner the power to sue other parties when there is any occurrence is seen.

Furthermore, the authority monitoring the industry should inspect your factory before the license is issued and permission is given to start your own PVC pipe manufacturing company.

Suitable location for establishing PVC pipe manufacturing company

The location you select to build your PVC pipe manufacturing company is not much vital as such, so you shouldn’t spend your investment trying to obtain an expensive facility or location. You can establish your PVC pipe manufacturing company far away from the city since it is reasonable to do so. But this will increase the transportation expenses that are needed to deliver goods and procure raw materials. The only risk and disadvantage with starting your PVC pipe manufacturing factory on the outskirts of your city is the cost associated with transporting your goods and raw materials.

Safety and quality measures for starting PVC pipe manufacturing company

People who work in PVC pipe manufacturing factories are mainly exposed to risks that are why you must ensure to carry out best practices when it is associated with safety measures. In case, the necessary safety measures are proper, your factory will be at the risk of being shut down by local authorities.

Another important aspect that is essential to guarantee your PVC pipes manufacturing company to become significant is when you are dedicated to producing only high standard PVC pipes. If the PVC pipes you manufacture are heard to get damaged easily under little pressure, people may not approach you. High-quality PVC pipes are known to bear pressure caused by minor earth tremors to even some earthquakes.

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Marketing strategies for promoting your PVC pipes

If you are assured about the quality of PVC pipes your factory delivers, then you will feel confident in the market place. The market for the PVC pipes is extensive and the profit you stand to make is great as well. Your target market must be focused on people who are involved in any form of construction and plumbing works, and those who are into placing underground wires and cables. So try to reach their sites or any region where you can meet them and thereby market your products to them.

In marketing your PVC pipes, you could enter a deal where you should design and produce PVC pipes based on your clients’ requirements. Another aspect that will give you command in the market place is when you select to deliver the purchased PVC pipes free of charge to your client instead of allowing them to carry on their own expenses will earn some goodwill as well.

To conclude, all the major tips that can aid you to build your own PVC pipe manufacturing company from the primary stage to great success.

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