Indian Fast Food Franchises Information

Indian fast food franchises

Introduction to Indian fast food franchises: Food Franchises are the largest profit based business among all other franchises. Indians are food lovers; they accept cuisines and recipes of all the cultures. Not only the Indian fast food, people have a craze on American, Italian and Chinese foods. The idea of starting a food franchise works great in India as people are keen in trying foods of various cultures.

The market for fast foods is running with good profits since two decades.  Besides the huge competition, food franchise business never goes in a loss as the demand for the fast food. The tastes of Indians are moving towards fast food. So, for this reason, food franchise from all over the world want to invest in India and Most prominent brands like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC etc. were running with high profits.

There is thousands of thousands national and international food franchise offering to open your business around India.  So for you to choose one among the right may be confusing. This article gives you some guidance in choosing a food franchise and the investment required to start.

Top Indian fast food franchises:

Selecting the right Indian fast food franchises from all good brands is bit difficult and crucial task. While you planning to start a food franchise first make a complete study about all the brands available in the market and their demand.

  • Indian fast food franchises – KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken): KFC franchise one of the top and best food franchises that earn good profits. KFC food franchise requires high investment up to 1 crore in India. Even this food franchise has high investment; KFC is most profitable food franchises in India. The above investment is exclusive of the 4% royalty fee on net sales.  ROI of KFC franchise is within 2 to 3 years. This shows the huge amount popularity this food franchise has in the market. KFC food franchise is popular for its fried chicken food varieties.

Application process: First step in stating KFC franchise in India is to fill the application form on the KFC’s official website. On the website, you will find a tag named ‘alliance with Us’ in the footer where you will have to select the franchise option. Fill the form with precision, and make sure that you give a convincing reason in the application. If your form is accepted after being reviewed then you will get a reply email from the Deputy Manager (Business Development). Don’t get disappointed is your application gets rejected, you can re-apply after some time as there is a lot of scope for expansion of KFC.

Contact Details:

Vishal Razdan.

Deputy Manager-Business Development.

Yum! Restaurants (Indian) Pvt Ltd.

Global Business Park.

Tower D, 12 floor.

Gurgaon-122002, India.


Indian fast food franchises – Training and Support:

Training for this franchise is provided by KFC franchise and the franchise, manager as well as the ‘employees that are hired by KFC must be promoted through the KFC’s basic training program in order to maintain the standards of the franchise as per the requirements of KFC outlets. The management at KFC might require you attend additional programs if it deems necessary to them.

  • Indian fast food franchises – Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant in India. Pizza Hut is the most profitable, largest and best pizza franchise in India. It is the most successful enterprises of the Yum!. The investment required to start Pizza Hut is around 2 crores and the franchise fee is around 15 lakhs. This franchise also charges a royalty fee of 6% on sales.  Quality and tasty food of the franchise made it as one of the food marketing leading brands and serves a large number of customers throughout India. 

The term of the agreement is 20 years and as of now, there is no clause for renewing the agreement. Pizza hut had great ROI, So huge investment can be compromised for the sake of huge profits.

Indian fast food franchises – Application Process:

You can get all the franchise application information at the official website of Pizza Hut. You can fill the franchise inquiry form at official Indian website of pizzahut to complete information that you need to know about the franchise.

Contact Information:

Mr Niren Chaudhary.

MD, Indian Subcontinent.

YUM! Restaurant (India) Pvt Ltd.

Training and Support:

Training provided to all the employees of Pizza Hut. The training offered is kind is a “blended approach” which is designed keeping technology and paper-based training material in mind. The training comprises of four steps:

  • Prepare.
  • Show/Tell.
  • Guided Practice.
  • Follow-Up.

Pizza Hut also offers web-based learning for the training as part of technology which is optional. An online Standards Library is also available. The learning system is provided for free for all the franchisees who have registered for Pizza Hut Hiring Management System and Learning Management System Services and Support Agreement. Pizza Hut’s training department often organizes seminars and other training programs for trainees and franchises which are optional and one may attend if they so wish.

Indian fast food franchises – Subway: Subway is the fast-growing food franchise with good profits. Subway is the world’s largest food franchises and that has great demand in the Indian Food Market. Subway serves above 39 thousand people in more than 102 countries. Subway has good popularity among the Indian people as it takes care of the food-related customs and doesn’t serve beef or pork in India. The investment required to start a Subway food franchise of 25 to 30 lakhs. And you need to pay the one-time franchise fee of 4.5 lakhs and for the second franchise, it will be 2-25 lakhs. Subway has great advertisement schemes. Area required to start subway food franchise is about 170 square feet for opening food court and for nonfood court you require the minimum area of 350 sq ft. and 8 people as the staff. ROI for the Subway food franchise is 40 to 50 percent which is quite a good amount.

Application Process:

  • Get the business Boucher form subway and make a not requirement and business details.
  • Fill the form with accurate details and submit.
  • You get the answer for your queries from Franchise Sales Department or Reginal Sales Manager.

Indian fast food franchises  – Contact:

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.

B11/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 2.

New Delhi-110020.

Telephone 011-41754035, 011-41708082.

Taco Bell: One of the top three food franchises in India. Taco Bell is another food franchise of YUM!. It delivers the food as per Indian taste and has an attractive menu which has a wide appreciation. It supplied food with Mexican essence; it offers food items like Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, and Quesadillas etc. Taco Bell food franchise requires a huge investment of 3 crores. But though it has a huge investment, ROI is also great. Taco Bell franchise also has a franchise fee of $ 45000, and a royalty fee of 5.5% on gross sale.

Training and Support:

Taco Bell Franchise provides amazing training and support programs. A basic management training program is provided to all the franchisees. All franchisees along with the manager should go for the training program. This training session includes e-learning training and on-the-job and classroom training. Taco Bell offers the necessary support that required running the restaurant and all the necessary advice.

Application Process:

You can apply to this franchise at the official website of YUM! Restaurants ( You can get complete contact details. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will receive an email which will have a link to the Taco Bell Franchise Application. Fill all the details and submit the form. You will contact by concern people once your application is reviewed.

MacDonald’s: McDonald’s is the most popular food chain restaurants in the world and is the brand of quick-service restaurants. McDonald’s food franchise offers different deals depending on the locations. A traditional restaurant requires an investment of $ 45000 for restaurants located in freestanding buildings, storefronts, and food courts, etc. Agreement term will for about 20 years.  To start this food franchise at satellite locations like strip center, airport, hospitals, stores, etc. the investment will on $ 22500. For STO and STR locations the investment will be around $ 172,425 to $ 627,050.

McDonald’s food franchise has a royalty fee of 4% on gross sale per month is charged with rent or percentage rent on gross sale is also charged.  Break Even point is expected to be 2 to 3 years.


Hamburger is the international training center of McDonald which provides various courses and training. McDonald’s also offers part-time training programs and it also conducts the various annual meeting, conventions, workshops, and other training sessions.

But McDonald’s is not looking to open any franchise in India. But Hard castle Restaurants Pvt Ltd that manages West and South India wants to increase the count of restaurants.  So who are interested in getting affiliated with McDonald’s can contact the management.


Indian fast food franchises – McDonalds India.

Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd.

1001-1002, Tower-3, 10th floor.

India Bulls Finance Center, Senapati Bapat Marg.

Elphinstone Road, Mumbai-400013.

Telephone: 022-49135000.

Indian fast food franchises – Dosa Plaza:

Dosa is another fastest going India food franchise. Dosa Plaza is running successfully in 12 states in India. Dosa Plaza offers nearly 104 types of tasty dosas. Dosa Plaza food franchise is of two models one is the food court and the other is dining restaurant.

Investment required for Dosa Plaza food court:

  • Investment: 25 to 30 lakhs.
  • The menu should contain 104 types of Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Coffe, Idlis, etc.
  • Area required: 400 sq. ft.
  • Franchise fee: 8 lakhs.
  • Royalty fee: 8%.

Investment for Dining Restaurant:

  • Investment: 55 to 60 lakhs.
  • The menu should contain 104 types of Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Wadas, Coffee, Idlis, meals, Punjabi dishes, fresh juices, etc.
  • Area Required: 1300 to 2200 square ft.
  • Franchise fee: 12 lakhs.
  • Royalty Fee: 8%.

Application Process:

Visit the official website of Dosa Plaza and fill the form and send to the email address mentioned on site. Once the application is reviewed you will get the notification.

  • Indian fast food franchises – Dominos:

Dominos is the top brand in the fast food chain market. It is the leading pizza brands in India. It is one of the successful food franchises in India with a huge ROI. Dominos is managed by Jubilant Food Works Limited. To open this food franchise you should take a partnership with Jubilant Food Works. The total investment required is 65 lakhs to 2 crores. This cost varies on types of stores; some types of stores require 30 to 50 lakhs. Royalty fee required is 5.5% and for it is 4% for transitional and non – traditional stores. And it also charges 1.5 audit expenses and 1500$ for transfer and 1000$ for sessions training.

Contact Details:

Jubilant Food Words Registered and Corporate office.

B214, Phase 2, Noida-201305.

Contact Number:  +91-120-4005599


  • Indian fast food franchises – Yo China: Yo! China is a popular Chinese food franchise in India. Indians are great fans of Chinese food. Yo! China has a good return on investment in a short period. You can be assured about safe and zero risk investment.

The total investment required is 5- lakhs to 1 crore.

The investment includes a franchise fee of 1.3 lakhs.

Minimum lands required: 55 t0 60 square feet. The expected ROI of a franchise will start after 12 to 14 months. 

Application Process:

For a franchise, applications go to the official website and submit the form.


Yo China Restaurant Support center.

Plot No: 154, sector 56.

Gurgaon, Haryana.

Contact number: 012-4274831


Contact person: Meghana Kapur,

  • Indian fast food franchises – Quiznos: Quiznos is another fast growing fast food franchise. Quizon’s aims to serve quality food which is not only different from the rest of the restaurants but has great synchronization with the taste of Indians.

Investment Required: 35 lakhs to 50 lakh including franchise fee, architecture, furniture, and other expenses.

Minimum Area required is: 1400 square feet and the outlet is 1000 square feet.

Training: Quiznos offer s great franchise support to all the franchises. They offer high

Professional business model and provide training programs to all franchisees. Quizon’s have 24/ 7 online support system.

Application Process: To apply for the franchise from Quiznos, fill the online application form of respective regional franchise. Quizon’s has stationed two franchises in both north and West Region and other for South India.

Quizon’s Indian fast food franchises in the North and West Regions in India:

Quizon’s franchise for north and west India is owned by Sub One Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd.

Online form: franchise application.php.

Address: 2/8-9-10, Sarai Jullena,

Opposite ‘Hotel Surya’.

Okhla Road, New Delhi-110025.



Quiznos Indian fast food franchises in South Region:

The southern franchise of Quiznos is held by Apollo Elixirs.

Online for: franchise application.php.


Apollo Elixirs Pvt.Ltd.

Plot No: 40 Road No7

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033.

Phone: 7893099004.


There even many food chain franchising that offering business all over India.

  • Indian fast food franchises – Newyork Pizza & Fried Chicken: This is a new food franchise available at low investment. The investment required is 30 to 50 lakhs depending on the city. Break-even period is 5 years.
  • Indian fast food franchises – Papa John’s Pizza: Another new food franchise, the investment required is $ 129.9K -$ 844.2k.
  • Indian fast food franchises – Burger King.
  • Indian fast food franchises – Pasta Cup.
  • Indian fast food franchises – Wang’s kitchen.
  • Indian fast food franchises – Dunkin Donuts.

They are many amazing food franchise opportunities to choose the best and make good profits.

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