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Introduction to internet jobs from home: Now a day’s internet has become the best way to make money, by sitting in the home. The thing is you should have a computer or a smart phone with access to the internet. These are some of them listed below

A guide to internet jobs from your home

  1. PTC (Paid to click) websites

PTC websites are advertising companies which display adds on their websites. Basically, web marketers or simply people who promotes business online, needs huge traffic for their websites. Sowhat they do is, pay huge amount to PTC sites. The thing you need to do is make an account in the Paid to click websites,and then you have to see the adds displayed on the websites.You don’t need to have any skills for doing this job. According to the length of the add viewed, you will be paid. It may $0.001 USD to $0.1 USD for the add based on its length.They are many PTC websites on the internet, but very few of them are genuine and they will pay money. Some of the genuine sites are

  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Scarlet Clicks
  • GPTPlanet

All these PTC sites have a minimum threshold amount, such that if you reach that amount only you can be able to withdraw the amount. While selecting the website you should be checking, since how long the website is running and check reviews of it to escape from fake websites. The website should be running since a period of two years or more than that. By checking all those you need to select the website.

  1. Online Typing jobs

In olden days we used to read books for learning, to read stories, etc. But now a days what happened is these books are been converted to pdfs. In this case the book is totally typed in the Microsoft word and is been converted into pdfs for easy access of books and reducing the paper wastage. This creates a lot of opportunity for them who are been checking for the online typing jobs. The recruiter will be giving the hand written text in format of pictures,images. We need to type that data in the image into Microsoft word format and we have to submit it to the recruiter by mail. Similarly, the text would be also in the format of voice clips. You have to listen the content what he is saying and type the same matter in the Microsoft word. For this work you would be paid per page what you are typing.

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Online Typing Jobs.
Online Typing Jobs.

In freelancer websites, you would be getting typing jobs easily. As said above recruiter gives you images and tells you to type the data in the Microsoft word. The thing you need to do is to create an account in the Freelancer sites and update the profile. The skills required for this job is typing speed minimum 40words per minute. Initially after creating an account you have bid for the projects of data typing or data entry for the least amount. If the recruiter likes your profile and you have bid the least amount among all the competitors, you will be getting this project. You need to complete the project in the time period given to you, so that the recruiter rates your profile which would be useful for the upcoming projects.

Next one is the captcha typing jobs, which means the captcha is given in the form of images, you need to type that captcha which is there in the image in the box. There are many websites which offers captcha entry jobs. You should first create an account in these websites after submit all your details what they ask and the you need to start your job. For these jobs you will be getting very less like around $0.45 USD to $1.5 USD for 1000 captchas. Before creating an account in the website, you need to check the reviews of that websites as well about the payments, because many those websites are fake. Some of the websites are

  • Mega Typers
  • Pro Typers
  • QlinkGroup
  • Pix Profits
  • Captcha Typers
  1. Online Survey Jobs

Market research company means the companies which takes reviews about a product or the plan or the idea by taking survey on it. Normally if a company want to launch a product, they will research about it and they want to know what people are thinking about it. These companies will give the survey questions to the market research companies and they will start survey on their websites. Now the users of the website will answer the survey based on their opinions. For completing the survey, they will getmoney. For people who are searching online part time jobs this job will be good.Based on the length of the survey, time spent they will be given money, for short surveys they will be getting $ 0.15 USD to $0.5 USD and for the big one they might be getting up to $ 50 USD.

Some of the Best online survey websites are

  • YSense
  • Your Surveys
  • SwagBucks
  • Opinion World
  • Timebucks

You will be having to reach some threshold amount to withdraw the amount from your account. Different websites have different amounts as threshold amount. If you have only some time and you wanted to do part time job online, this would be the best job. But before creating the account, do so research on which websites are running from more than 2 years and check the reviews about the website. Also check about the payment proofs to make belief about the website before starting the work or creating the account.The payments in these websites would be through Paypal cash, so you need to have paypal account also as they asks about it in the registration process.

  1. Translation Jobs

You can bet on this as this would be nice for people who are looking for internet jobs from home. People may not know all the languages as there are some hundreds of languages. So, if a client comes with a project and explain it in some other language what the company people doesn’t know, then they will hire a translator to translate it to understanding language of company. Similarly, If someone wrote a book in some language and he wanted to publish them in different languages, but he doesn’t know others languages he hires a translator and make the book to be translated and then he will be publishing it. So here in these cases the translator job plays a crucial role. If a person knows many languages, based on the recruitment he will be getting jobs.

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Make Money with Your Computer from Home.
Make Money with Your Computer from Home.

You can find translator jobs in freelancer sites, mostly they would given work to translate from English to some other language or some other language to English. You should be perfect with both the languages and you shouldn’t make any grammatical mistakes.

Some of the websites that offers translating jobs are

  • Appen
  • Language line
  • Verbalizelt
  • TextMaster
  • Gengo
  • CyraCom
  • LionBridge

Based on the experience and the command on the languages you will be paid. So if you know any two language perfectly, search jobs on them through online freelancing sites or other websites.If you are certified by American translator association, then you will be getting more than the non-American translator.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is an excellent option for who is looking for internet jobs from home. Generally, an Affiliate marketing is nothing but sharing about the product what manufacturer makes, to the customer and if customer likes that product he will purchase through the link what affiliate marketer shares. Through this process Affiliate marketer will be earning some percentage of commission. The manufacturer or whole seller sells his products by his own marketing. If he wanted to make more money through selling products what he does is apart from his marketing he recruits affiliate marketers and make some commission dealing with them.  If we don’t have money to investment then selling the products what manufacturer manufactures will be the best way of making money.

Things what we have to do while Affiliate Marketing

  • First we should know what product is in demand and gain some knowledge about it
  • Then you should be checking blogs, websites related to that product
  • Make sure that you get the link from the Manufacturer
  • Now share the link or post the link in that blog, blog should be having huge traffic such that more people will be visiting the link

They are some Affiliate marketing websites,

  • ShareASale Affiliate
  • Amazon Associates
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • eBay Partners
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Leadpages Partner Program
  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

If you have your own website or a blog, you can create lot of amount , what you need to do is to create a account in the Affiliate Marketing website and selecting the products links which is related to the content of your blog or website, then share that link in your website. According to the sales made through your link you will be getting commission.

You can also use your facebook page, twitter accounts and Instagram account to share the links if you have huge following in these social media.

  1. Online Tutorial

We consider this as the best online or internet jobs from home. Mostly all would be having some or the other skill which are perfect at. Why can’t you teach that skill to others and make money. Tutorial may not be only studies but also many cultural activities like singing, dancing etc. You can teach your juniors about the subjects what you are perfect at. You can also teach some coaching classes like web designing, web developing, some software which would be related  to computer science students and also the skills what are required for all other branches of engineering. If you have full knowledge on any subject then you can create your own youtube channel and post all those videos.

Now the question is how do we get online tutoring opportunities, its simple there are many websites which recruits tutors for online coaching. Some of the sites are

  • Chegg tutors
  • Skooli
  • Wyzant
  • eTutorWorld
  • TutorMe

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