Make Money With Blogging:

Make Money With Blogging – Making money has become a passion these days. People are implementing different ways to earn money in a smart and easy way. Blog are the best way to earn money and build up your presence on internet. Everyone wants to earn money, making money on blogging is best way. This article gives you complete information of ways to earn money through blog.

Make Money With Blogging –  Best steps to make money On Blog:

  • Write Content that gets lots of traffic.
  • Convert visitors into email subscribers.
  • Send subscribers content that build trust.
  • Sell products or services as per visitor’s interest.

Make Money With Blogging – There are multiple ways to monetize your blog.

The Best ways all fields to earn money is Advertising, Even in Blogging the best way of making money is through placing ads on your blogs. There are money types of Ads depending payment.

  • CPC(Cost Per Read Ads): Every the visitor click this ads you will be paid for that click. These Ads also called Pay Per Read Ads. CPC/PPC ads are placed on the content or side bar.
  • CPM Ads: For these type of Ads you will be paid based on number of visitor viewed your Ad. CPM Ads also called Cost per 1000 impressions.

Google Adsense is the best network that helps you placing the Ads on your blogs. There are many others networks like infolinks, etc.  With these advertisement placement service you don’t need to contact the advertisers directly, these programs will choose the relevant Ads for your blog based on your content.

Make Money With Blogging – Text Link Ads:  In this advertising process you need to place text based ads within the content of you articles. For example if you writing articles some skin care you can place text link ads within the content of your articles, so viewers can easily refer the related product.

In this ad marketing you cannot just link ads to your content; you need to be a member of that product affiliate advertising.  Even process to join is also very easy you need sign with the related advertiser.  Text Link Ads are good source of income to your blog.

Another Form of Ads that are similar to Text Link Ads is In-Text Ads.

Make Money With Blogging – In-Text Ads are place inside the content of your articles, the text with this ads double underlined. Whenever the views moves mouse over these text ads a small advertising pop-up will be displayed. If the viewers click the link you can earn for every click. For this ad campaign you need to register with In-Text ad provider that will place sponsored link within your content.   

Make Money With Blogging – Private Ads:

Selling is Ads is also another best way other than placing Ads through advertising services. If you blog getting good traffic, advertiser will directly contact you instead of third party. In this process you can set your own prices for selling your blog space without involvement of third man.  Contract will be done between blogger and advertiser.

These Ads will be in form of banner, buttons or links. Even you can earn through writing reviews of an advertisers product or service. Another option can be writing underwritten post or series where you can write about any topic, advertisers pays you for “Brought to you by” mention in content.

There are many more ways to earn money through Ads. Blogger can earn good amount of money for hosting banner Ads for certain period. You can sell your sponsorship space in your newsletters and videos.

Make Money With Blogging – Audio Advertising:

Audio Advertising, something you don’t know Pay per Play are audio ads that are played if anyone visits your website.  These audio ads have span of very few seconds, if viewer views it completely you will be paid minimum amount of $5 per visit. Another type of Audio Advertising is Podcast Ads, if Podcast ads run on your websites, they generate weekly update for your viewers to know new updating on your website along the ads. These ads also help you increase the income.

Make Money With Blogging through Affiliate Links:

Affiliate Marketing is the best source of income in internet. In affiliating marketing you will be paid commission if viewer from your site purchases the product.  For each sale from your site commission will be paid. In this process advertiser will you a unique link, this link helps to authenticate for every sale from your blog. These links are called Affiliate Links, these links are directly included in your content or banner Ads. You will earn commission whenever the reader click the unique link and purchases the product.

Top companies like Amazon, flipkart etc are using the affiliate marketing to increase their sales.  Through this Affiliate program you can create partnerships with advertisers.

Some Websites that have links to loads of affiliates:

  • ReadBank.
  • ShareAsale.
  • Rakuten.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Skimlinks.
  • Avangate.
  • Affiliate Window. 

Make Money With Blogging – Another option to make money on your Blog is by Selling Digital Products:

Selling products like eBooks, Online courses, Images, videos, Apps, Themes, Worshops, Gift cards, Plugins etc. Monetize your blog by selling digital products that can attract your viewers.

Make Money With Blogging – Develop Business through Your Blog:

Blog are best ways to expand your business. If you planning expand your business on Web world, Blog will be the best sources to drag customers. You Blog can become attractive source to present your business on internet, Create quality content based Blog presenting your business services or products. This type of content marketing can give loyal customers.

Even if you are planning start a business, blog can be best sources of marketing. For ex if you planning to sell some home made products, you can create blog that presents complete information of the products.

Many other ways of Make Money With Blogging:

  • Email Marketing.
  • Creating job forums.
  • Conducting Surveys and Polls.
  • Host a Webinar.
  • Live Workshop.
  • Earn money by selling custom templates or themes.
  • Selling Services.
  • Find the Sponsors for events.

These are different ways to monetize your website online. Depending on the subject of the website implement the above techniques to earn more money.

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