Make Money from AC Service Business, Licensing

Introduction to make money from AC service business

Are you interested in starting an air conditioning maintenance business in India? You need to go through this blog for getting the proper business plan and check whether you are at the right pace or not. Here you will get all the detailed information about how to start HAVC – Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning business. Nowadays everyone is having air conditioners in their house and office as the temperature has increased in India due to the pollution effect. This has led to the more production of Air conditioners with different kinds of filters and many with wow factor facilities. This calls for the point of business to start with, where you can have a team who are experts in AC repair and maintenance service.

The idea to make money from AC service Business

Air conditioning is the maintenance of air temperature at a particular condition, Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) is a service-oriented business that is high on demand. In HAVC business you must install and repair the air conditioner. Air Conditioning Business is a home-based business wherein capital investment is not much and you can initiate the air conditioning maintenance business with some equipment, once you get the persistent consumers then air conditioning business will be a money-making business opportunity.

HVAC business opportunities

Nowadays every commercial area is considering the air conditioning system and its air conditioning maintenance, thus, the demand for the air conditioning service business persists in the market.

Air conditioning systems need maintenance after a particular duration of time; therefore, the HVAC service business will never end. Before beginning air conditioning business you must have the required experience and skills in this industry, you should also equip yourself in all technical segments of air conditioning business.

The heating and air conditioning business need proper handling of apparatus therefore before beginning the heating and air conditioning business you should have to gain experience about the HVAC business. Here in this post, you will get the exact business idea for the air conditioning business which will aid you to initiate the HVAC business.

AC service business plan to make good money

The main and significant task while beginning any business is the preparation of an air conditioning service business plan without which you cannot gain success in business, so you require a business plan for heating and air conditioning business.

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Business plan for AC service business.
Business plan for AC service business.

While preparing a business plan you must consider the financial resources involved that you are going to hold as an investment in air conditioning business and you can manage your equipment and services on the basis of the investment you are planning for the business.

Also, it is important to take into account the various marketing ideas and the expenses while setting up a business plan and to finalize your HVAC service business model if you are planning to set up from home or you like to go for this business by taking any shop for rent. In case you have determined to begin the air conditioning business from home then it will exclude your capital needed for the rental space.

If you are in preparation to start the air conditioning service business by taking a shop for rent then you must spare an extra amount for rental purposes also you have to make arrangements with the owner for the proper documentation needed for renting the shop.

Air conditioning business license

While starting an air conditioning business you must deal with some paperwork as well.

Business License for AC service.
Business License for AC service.
List of air conditioning business license

Registration of firm: It is up to you to start a small scale or medium scale HVAC business. You can register the business either as a proprietorship or partnership firm, it is purely based on your interest. If you are willing to initiate this business as One Person Company, then you need to register your firm as a proprietorship. For this partnership firm you have to register as LLP – Limited Liability Partnership or as Private Limited Company with ROC – Registrar of Companies.

GST registration: You should also apply for the GST registration which will provide your firm with a GST number that is obligatory for every business.

Trade license: You must get a trade license from local bodies.

Pollution certificate: Air conditioning business could generate pollution or waste, thus, it is recommended to get has the pollution certificate from the pollution board.

MSME/SSI registration: MSME/SSI Registration will permit you to have the government subsidies and schemes that are associated with the HVAC business.

Trademark: You can safeguard your business brand by simple registration by obtaining the trademark license.

Supplies for air conditioning maintenance business

Once you have initiated the HVAC business you need the suppliers for the air conditioning system so it is suggested to check out for the wholesale supplier who can provide you quality supplies at a sensible price which will aid you to save money and upsurge profit margin. Ensure the wholesaler will provide the required supplies in an emergency if there any or else you must have the stock the products prior to the need to be on the safe side which will add up in the capital.

Skills needed for HVAC technician

For starting this business, you should be HVAC certified, so in case you are already functioning in the HVAC from starting then there are no issues. In case you are fresh in this industry then you should get certified, wherein you must search for the institute that will provide you the best technical information about heat ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you are certified and have contented customers then you can showcase your service testimonials to new clients and it will aid you in your Air Conditioning Maintenance Business and to develop the client base.

Equipment required for air conditioning business

For the HVAC business few types of equipment like electrical wire stripping tools, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hand tools, pressure gauge, leak detectors, gas, and air measurement equipment, ohm meters, wirings, duct tape, capacitor tester, tube connectors and ducts, sockets, combustion analyzer, pumps, thermostats, gas analyzer duct tape, and pressure gauge are required.

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Also, you must purchase safety gear like shoe covers and head protection gear. Along with the desired equipment, you must have a transportation van to transport your required equipment and staff from your business place to the consumers’ place.

Employees for HVAC servicing business

It is quite tough to run air conditioning maintenance business individually because the HVAC business needs manpower and as the client count increases you must have extra assistance to deliver the service in time and hold the clients.

Build a team of experienced workers who will aid you in your business, also ensure that the workforce is following all the safety measures and they do wear the safety gear.

HVAC marketing ideas

The final and significant task in the air conditioning maintenance business is to advertise your service and market your air conditioning service business brand using the proper marketing strategy. While advertising your business to get the customers you must keep in consideration that you have to focus majorly on the local area in the starting stages so that it will be easy to get the leads from your locality.

You can build the customer base, especially with the commercial areas by informing your family and friends to advertise your business. Also, print the HVAC promotion materials and distribute them in your nearby areas. Apart from all conventional business, you can advertise your business using the HVAC digital marketing options wherein you can create your profile on social platforms and post about your air conditioning service business.

The conclusion of AC service business in India

With a proper business plan for AC service, one can make good money from it. You may like the Fish Farming Business Plan.


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