Make Money from Cotton Buds Making, Cost, License

How to make money from cotton buds making business

Cotton buds manufacturing business is a profitable business along with low capital. One can easily establish and make money from the cotton buds manufacturing business.  A cotton swab is a product that has a plastic spindle with cotton coated on both sides. This is widely used in different medicinal and hygienic purposes which are available in various considerable designs nowadays. Cotton earbuds are produced in the early 20s but now cotton buds are kept at home for ear cleaning purposes and consumable frequently. What are we waiting for? let’s get into the details to make money from cotton buds making business.

An idea to make money from cotton buds making

Earbuds are having 3 major parts which are plastic spindle, absorbent material, and cotton (Rayon) for its property as good absorbent, high fiber strength, and its low cost. The spindle could be of rolled paper stick, wood, or plastic.

Cotton buds business opportunity

Nowadays, the demand for cotton buds in the market is growing and a cotton bud is considered essential for the healthcare of all individuals irrespective of their age. These buds are also utilized as a makeup accessory and even in for cleaning of electronics and sensitive items.

Initiating cotton buds making business is a wonderful idea for a start-up business. Even though the market is occupied with some well-known brands but the local brands are also available at an affordable price which makes it an option for customers to purchase them instead of well-known brands.

License for cotton earbuds

Registration of firm: It is very essential to begin your business either as a proprietorship company or as a partnership firm. When you are interested in starting this business as one Person Company, then you must register your company as a proprietorship firm. For a partnership firm, you should register as LLP- Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST registration: For any business currently getting a GST number (this is compulsory for all business post-GST rule), with a tax identification number and an insurance certificate is very important.

Trade license: It is required to get a trade license from local bodies.

MSME/SSI registration: MSME/SSI registration will qualify you for availing government schemes and facilities, so if you are interested to receive any of the government subsidies or schemes then you should apply for MSME/SSI registration.

EPF registration: If you are hiring people for your operations as staff then employees provident fund for your staff. This employee’s provident fund is mandatory for all the business that has greater than more than 20 employees are working.

Trademark: To avoid any problems with your business brand name make sure you register it with a trademark that will protect your brand.

IEC code: Whenever you feel that your business has brought extra gains and it’s better to export to foreign countries then you must have IEC code which is obligatory for exporting products for any business.

The raw material required for cotton swabs

There are their items that complete the making of cotton buds and as per name marks that cotton is the main material in the cotton buds preparation.

Spindle: Spindle is the central part of a cotton bud that is usually made up of plastic material. Spindle also can be prepared by using rolled paper or wood. A spindle is usually a lightweight material and having should have a standard length of 5 cm to 7 cm long.

Absorbent material: The absorbent material is then coated layer which is present on both sides of the spindle which will aid to absorb.

Cotton: Cotton is used for covering the absorbent material that is a good absorbent and has fiber strength rayon is the perfect material used with cotton for wrapping the absorbent material.

Packaging pouch: Any product must be packed after the production and it is also an important step in this business where you must pack cotton buds with a packing pouch as per the need.

Area required for cotton earbuds business

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Cotton earbuds.
Cotton earbuds.

This cotton buds business does not require a lot of space for its operation and thus it is popular as a home-based business. So instead of renting for a store if you have sufficient space in your house then you can begin the business from your home this will reduce the investment. While choosing the location for cotton buds making you should make sure that the area is sufficient to accommodate the equipment for storage of raw material.

Cotton earbuds making machine

Many types of cotton earbuds making machine can be availed in the market but you must select the proper machine which is proper for operations suitable to your business.

Automatic cotton bud making machine: This process is included with computer PLC process control and warm wind drying technology that helps to dry the absorbing coating layer.

The vacuum manipulator controlled by microcomputer servo motor aids to feed the cotton layer and wrap around absorbent material. An automatic cotton bud machine comes with packaging technology where you can pack the buds after production, and there is no requirement for another packaging machine separately.

Spindle fabrication machine: The spindle preparation methods and its machinery are based on the material used in spindle making. The wooden spindle gets its shape with the help of lathe machine processes. Paper spindles are developed with the help of die cutting machine from heavy grade paper later on thin paper is rolled around it to make it tight. Plastic spindles are formed by the extrusion molding processing machine, in which plastic is melt and extruded through a die which is then sent to hopper machine for wrapping it with cotton.

Cotton buds making machine: Cotton bud making machine aids to prepare various specifications of cotton with a strong compressive performance.

Packaging machine: The completed cotton buds are sent through packaging wheels where these buds are rolled with the pouch. The packaging wheels have sensors that count the buds and as per the procedure, several numbers of buds are placed into the packaging bag which will be packed with the packaging wheel.

Then entire assembly bags are assembled for transportation. All machines should be accommodated on a flat surface to avoid vibration and damping otherwise it will cause wear and tear of machinery.

The process to make cotton buds

Several methods are used to cotton bud making-

Step 1 Spindle fabrication: There are many ways to spindle making which is based on the raw material used for preparing the spindle.

Die-cutting: Paper spindle is made with the die-cutting of heavy paper and then roll it strongly to prepare the paper spindle.

Extrusion molding process: Plastic spindles are developed with the aid of the extrusion molding process. Here the plastics and other additives are mixed and heated together which are then allowed to pass through dyes then they make the plastic spindle.

Step 2 Adhesive materials: The adhesive material is then applied on both the ends of the spindle.

Step 3 Cotton applications: The cotton is wrapped around the glue coated with spindle end; which is approximately 0.05 to 1 gram of cotton is wrapped around the spindle.

Step 4 Compressions: The wrapped cotton is passed through a narrow channel to get the round and smooth shape for the swap.

Step 5 Chemical coating: To prevent spotting and mildewing could be added with a chemical coating agent’s cellulose polymer solutions.

Step 6 Packaging: After the cotton, buds are prepared they are ready for packing through the polyethylene pouch or carton box.

Expenditure or cost to start cotton earbuds making business

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The cost to start cotton buds manufacturing business.
The cost to start cotton buds manufacturing business.

The expenditure for cotton buds manufacturing business

The cost involved in the earbud making machine is Rs. 1,20,000

The cost of raw material is Rs. 30,000

The packaging cost is Rs. 10,000

The cost of advertising the product is Rs. 10,000

Salaries for the employees if you hire is Rs. 50,000

The total cost involved in starting the earbud making business is Rs. 2,20,000

Where to sell cotton earbuds

Health care center: The health care centers as well are now making use of cotton swabs so if you approach other health care center you can sell your business product.

Medical store: In your cotton bud preparing business even the medical shop is the best way to connect with customers. Everyone interested in cotton bud mostly reaches the medical store, so you can supply cotton bud to your local medical shops as well.

Electronics and sensational item cleaning: For the cleaning of electronics parts and some sensational parts such as a computer motherboard you can use cotton buds. Thus if you can target the electronics repairing shops for your business promotion then you may supply to them as well.

Cosmetics and makeup: Cotton buds are not only used for personal cleaning hygienic reason but it can be used in the cosmetics industry like for makeup on the body. Thus, beauty treatment salon is a place where a cotton bud in their items hence lies another opportunity to sell your buds in this segment.

Marketing strategies to sell cotton earbuds in the wholesale market

You can sell the cotton earbuds produced in the wholesale market of your city.

Online marketing to sell cotton earbuds  

Online sale: The present state of online marketing is very essential to showcase your present business with the aid of online marketing. By designing a website for your business or through dealing with another hosting site, you may sell your products.

B2B websites: The websites like – Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, ExportsIndia could be useful for a bulk order for your products.

B2C websites: To sell the products directly to the customer you may reach websites like– Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc.

Cotton earbuds branding and uniqueness

Promoting material: Promoting materials like business cards, brochures could be printed and distributed in different locations near the units. You can also publish the detailed information of the start-up in the local newspaper.

The Conclusion to make money from cotton buds making business

With a perfect business plan, you can make good money from cotton buds manufacturing business.


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