Make Money from Rubber Stamp Manufacturing

Introduction to make money from rubber stamp making manufacturing

If you are planning to start your own small to medium scale business with little investment, there are certain initial preparatory steps such as the creation of your business plan, meeting your attorney, lay out your ideas, principles or plans with an actuary (who analyses statistics and calculates the costs of insurance risks) and acquiring permission to start your own company. Now you need to think of starting a variety of businesses to minimize your competitors and make profits. So, just think of the smaller ones which give you good profits. Now everyone thinks to start a business, just for a change think of starting a business for things which are essential to start a business. Now let us see how we can make money from the rubber stamp manufacturing business in India.

Ideas to make money from rubber stamp making manufacturing

Once you are done with these preliminary steps, you need to think about the materials and supplies that you would need such as seal, logo, or emblem for your company. Here comes the point to think of rubber stamps making business in handy, which are proven to be very useful tools for the businesses to run smooth and simple. Rubber stamps are often considered as least important but they make it easy for many businesses by saving effort, money as well as time. The rubber stamp business opportunity is making good profits nowadays as everyone requires rubber stamps to start any kind of business.

Many of the rubber stamp manufacturers are at a larger scale, so why don’t you think to start the business at a small scale and make the rubber stamps available at an affordable price to all the small scale businesses.

Now the main question arises in your mind ‘how to start rubber stamp business in India.’ This blog helps you out in guiding you all the ways to start the business.

Address stamps used in offices are generally used on a pile of envelopes, thereby saving the time and energy of re-writing the same information over and over again. These stamps are also useful to label documents to declare the status of the document as done, for forwarding or on hold, and also to specify a document to a particular person.

The market potential for a rubber stamp manufacturing to make great money

Below are the reasons why rubber stamps business is gaining good market-

  • Rubber stamp making business can be started easily in a small place or even in your residence.
  • This business requires only a small investment of capital for rubber stamp making business. It can be established and maintained along with your other different additional ventures.
  • The process of starting rubber stamp manufactures is very easy and hassle-free.

Different types of rubber stamps available in the market

Apart from knowing the importance of rubber stamps in businesses, it is equally important to know about the types of rubber stamps used. Three main types of rubber stamps are generally used nowadays. They are:

Traditional rubber stamp

A traditional rubber stamp is often mounted on a wooden piece which also serves as a holder. Ink is provided to this rubber stamp by using a stamp pad that can be refilled with ink when it dries up. The impression made by this rubber stamp can be transferred onto a paper. This is said to be the most affordable type of rubber stamp used. It can be used to generate large sizes of imprints. It is commonly used by craft enthusiasts. One drawback is that the image or imprint made by these rubber stamps may be blurred either due to the inadequate ink or improper pressure used to make the imprints.

Self-inking rubber stamp

Self-inking generally comes with an in-built mechanism that provides ink to the rubber. In this type of rubber stamp, an ink pad is built into the stamp which gives a rich, well-targeted, and properly positioned impression onto the surface where it is placed. Unlike traditional stamps, it’s very clean and tidy. In this type of stamp, the rubber is pushed down on to the surface or paper, hence it is also called a pushdown stamp. It is also called as print.

Pre-inked rubber stamp

Pre-inked stamps are considered as the most convenient among all the other types. The ink or dye is built into the body of the stamp itself. It is comparatively small and less bulky than the self-inking type of stamps. The imprints produced by this type of stamps are the brightest and sharpest than those produced by other types of stamps. This type of stamp can be simply focused or positioned on the surface like the self-inking type of stamp. It uses a special type of ink and so it can produce hundreds and thousands of impressions. One drawback is that it is the most expensive type.

Business plan for initiating rubber stamp making business

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Business plan for rubber stamp making.
Business plan for rubber stamp making.

To start your rubber stamp making business, the following steps need to be taken into consideration. The creation of a detailed and extensive plan is a prerequisite for starting any business. This plan should specify the following requirements

  • Arranging the funds to start rubber stamp making business amount of investment that is required
  • Market positioning strategy
  • Competitiveness
  • Cost of the rubber stamps should be considered
  • Rubber stamps sale price research
  • Analyzing the profitability of the business

Rubber stamp making process

Rubber stamps can be produced in two different ways; either using traditional methods or by using modern ways with the help of machines. The type of rubber stamp manufacturing process is selected based on your skill and capital.

The traditional way of manufacturing rubber stamps

  • The traditional way of rubber stamp manufacture is the oldest and cheapest method which completely depends on labor-intensive work (involving manpower).
  • The process involves the vulcanization of the rubber in a press with the use of mold (that is made of letters).
  • Though the traditional way of rubber stamp manufacture is less expensive, it is a very time-consuming process.

The modern way of manufacturing rubber stamps

With the advancements in technology and the introduction of several machines and mechanical appliances, the rubber stamp manufacturing process has become very simple and easy in all aspects. This modern process is a more expensive and less time-consuming method than the traditional way. This method involves the usage of stamp making machines. It is known to be a widely used, fast, perfect, and most efficient way of rubber stamp manufactures.

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Rubber stamp making machine

The rubber stamp making machine cost varies based on the features. There is even an instant rubber stamp making kit available in the market. There is also a professional rubber stamp machine, which is a bit costlier than other rubber stamp making machine.

You can also avail of a few rubber stamp machines for sale to minimize your business cost. But check the condition before taking it. At present polymer stamp making machine is also available in the market. But just check your feasibility before availing them. Especially check the market before starting the business.

Apart from these things, first, you need to find affordable rubber stamp maker machine in the market.

Important steps in to be considered before starting rubber stamp making business

The following points should be considered when starting your rubber stamp making business.

  • It is of utmost importance to avoid any spelling mistakes in the text of the stamps you are producing. Any spelling mistakes on these stamps will create a very bad impression on your business.
  • Always make sure that the raw materials and equipment used for the manufacture are of good quality. Ensure that the handles you are using are of good quality. The quality of your product plays a key role in advertising your business because nobody opts for cheap quality goods.
  • The best marketing strategy should opt which can be using magazines, newspapers, or through the internet (social media).

Investment to start rubber stamp making business

You can start the rubber stamp making business by arranging Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. The computerized rubber stamps making machine cost is Rs. 85,000.

How to sell your rubber stamps

You can create a good market for rubber stamps by giving attractive ads on your business, by displaying different designs, etc. Promote your business through social media postings, and accepting online orders and delivering them on time.  

Promoting rubber stamp making business

Effective and efficient advertising of your business can get you many clients. Nowadays, with all the advancements in technology, apart from the distribution of flyers and business cards, there are several other ways to promote or advertise your business. An interactive eCommerce website with custom rubber stamp design with live preview is one such way to promote your business. Also, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used for promotional purposes where you can write blogs to explain about the products you sell and their importance in daily life to the customers.

In the initial stages, you have to focus and try to acquire a good number of clients and with time the business gets exposure with verbal communication. There is a huge demand for rubber stamps in the market and there is also a possibility of achieving great profits in this business if the proper and efficient promotion is done. In case if you miss this: How to Make Money from Making Vermicompost at Home.


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