Make Money from Surgical Bandage Manufacturing

Introduction to make money from surgical bandage manufacturing

Hello, young entrepreneurs are you thinking to start a business with low investment and easy business idea to start with. Then why don’t you think of surgical business ideas, especially starting a surgical bandage manufacturing business? Now in this blog, we will be discussing how to initiate the surgical bandage manufacturing business. This project can be started on a small scale with moderate or tolerable capital investment. This surgical bandage manufacturing business is a better option for many aspirants due to the constant demand for these surgical bandages throughout the year. These bandages are made by using a suitable quality white bleached cotton gauge cloth.

Ideas to start and make money from surgical bandage manufacturing

A surgical bandage comes in the form of a roll having a length of about 3 to 4 meters. The surgical dressing bandage is majorly needed in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, health centers, and clinics. There is a need for surgical bandage tape in these places throughout the year and so, they order them from the surgical bandage manufacturing companies in India. To supply these orders on time, a manufacturing company should have proper machinery. Now, you can understand the importance and demand of these surgical bandages and you can, therefore, decide whether to start this manufacturing business or not. Once you decide to start this surgical bandage making business, the first thing you will need is a license for your business.

Market potential of surgical bandage manufacturing to make great money

Due to the increasing growth in the healthcare facilities network in the present-day scenario, there is an increasing demand for a variety of both medical and non-medical items. Therefore, it is reasonable or feasible to start this surgical bandage manufacturing project.

A wide range of products especially non-drug items such as surgical bandage is required in higher volumes as consumables in hospitals and even in basic health units. At present the industry consist of around 136 units in the organized sector hence there is a good scope for new investment.

How to start a surgical bandage making business in India

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How to start a surgical bandage making business in India.
How to start a surgical bandage making business in India.

The guidelines for starting a surgical bandage making business are explained in the following steps:

Acquire knowledge about the surgical bandage making process

The first and foremost thing you need to do before you start the business is to acquire knowledge about the manufacturing process. The raw material used for making a surgical bandage is a bleached cotton gauge cloth of appropriate quality, conforming to IS-758/1925. The width of the cloth should be between 2.5 to 15 cm and length should range from 3 to 4 meters. This cloth required for the manufacturing of bandages is obtained or procured from the local markets.

Initially, you have to make sure that the cloth is germ-free by disinfecting it with some process. Now the cloth should be rolled up and placed in the indicated place of the machine. Now with the help of a cutting machine you are supposed to cut the cloth in the desired and indicated size. Now, for this purpose, run or start the cutting machine. You need a ½ hp motor to operate the Cutting Machine and a 1 hp motor and 220 volts to operate the Rolling Machine.

Area required to setup surgical bandage manufacturing unit

If you wish to start your business on a small scale, then you don’t need much space for operating the manufacturing unit. A relatively small space of about 100 sq. meters will be sufficient to start the business. You need to make sure that the location which is selected for the manufacturing unit should not be far from the local wholesale market, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes so that you can avoid high transportation costs that you spend on the delivery of your products.

Surgical bandage manufacturing business plan to make huge money

The most important thing to do before you set up the bandage manufacturing unit is designing a good business project plan. If you find any difficulties in the creation of your business plan, you can opt to take help from the professionals who are capable of creating a good business plan at a nominal fee.

Investment  or the cost to start a surgical bandage manufacturing business

If you can afford to finance your surgical bandage manufacturing business unit, you need not worry about arranging finance. But if you are looking for financial aid, you need to have a business plan report with proper documentation. To get a fund or financial support to start your business, you need to submit your report to the investors or financial institutions.

List of license, permissions, and registrations required for surgical bandage making business

First, you need to decide about the type of business structure under which your surgical bandage manufacturing unit is going to operate. Also, you should check with the appropriate local authorities to get information about the licenses and permits that are required to run your business. You need to acquire permission from drugs Control Act and a manufacturing license under the provision of the act will have to be obtained. You also need to obtain permission from the surgical dressing manufacturers association India.

Raw materials required for manufacturing surgical bandages

The important raw material used for the manufacturing of surgical bandages is either cotton yarn or cotton fabric which can be sourced easily from the local markets. You can also directly obtain the surgical bandage cloth from the nearby textile factories.

The machinery required starting the surgical bandage making business

The basic equipment or machinery required for the bandage manufacturing business are as follows: rolling machine, trimming machine, cutting machine, folding and pressing machine for the gauze, mixing tanks are necessary for processing medicated dressing, hot air-dry oven, steam sterilizer, worktables, and surgical bandage packing machine.

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Investment or the cost to start a surgical bandage making business 

The cost of machinery including the motor cost ranges from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. You can choose it based on the business scale which you decided to start.

The cost of raw materials is Rs. 50,000

Other miscellaneous charges for electricity, etc. are Rs. 10,000

The entire cost required for starting surgical bandage making business is estimated to be a minimum of Rs. 4 Lakh.

You can decide the surgical bandage price by comparing it with the market prices, and then you decide the price of your product based on that.

Marketing strategies to promote your surgical bandage 

Marketing strategies to promote your surgical bandage.
Marketing strategies to promote your surgical bandage.

Promotion plays an important role to achieve success in any business. Particularly, in this surgical bandage making business, networking is the key to success. To promote your product, you need to talk to hospitals, clinics, local pharmacy retailers, nursing homes, etc. You should develop a proper marketing plan. You can maintain a website of your bandage making business to ensure confidence among the customers and encourage them to buy your products. If you want to supply your products to a wider audience, you can create an online retail store. You can also contact surgical bandage buyers to sell your product in wholesale.

Last but not the least, have dedication and patience and try to concentrate on the production and supply your products to the customers. You can also take a surgical bandage franchise to start your business. You can get the opportunities if you contact the cotton bandage manufacturer. You need to wait till your product gains trust in the market and customers buy your product with confidence. Once you inculcate this trust and confidence among the buyers, you can attain sustainable profits with your business.


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  2. Sir I am working in health care last 12 yr and selling rs 30 lakh surgical products I wat to start surgical gouze manufacturing small unit max Amount rs 4 lakh please guide me


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