Make Money with Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Introduction to  make money with ice cream cone making

Ice cream cone making business has a wide market in India as well as in international market, ice creams are served in cups, some are available with sticks but the ice cream in cone one is favourite for all.

A guide to make money with ice cream cone making

If you are checking for the thorough process of ice cream cone making business, a detailed guide on how to begin ice cream cone making business with small-scale investment is available here. Everyone can initiate this business as an individual or in a partnership way; ice cream cone comes in numerous flavors with varied forms and multiple colors. Production of the ice cream cone is easy with few user-friendly equipment that are employed in ice cream cone manufacturing.

Potential of ice cream cone making business to make great money

Ice cream has amazing popularity as a dessert intake is growing over the years; the young generation loves cone ice cream as compared to cup ice cream because of many reasons. The ice cream in cup needs a spoon for consuming and after completion it has to be disposed in some place which is also another issue where as in the cone, of course, we don’t require spoon and the cone could be consumed with a nice taste as it is eaten along with the ice cream.

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Potential of Ice Cream Cone Making.
Potential of Ice Cream Cone Making.

The ice cream that has with stick or is with cup usually has flavor that company had predetermined, and consumer don’t have the choice of flavor; but terms of cone ice cream you can inform to add flavor according to your interest, you can opt for most of the flavors that you are interested to taste. The bite of taste cool ice cream on top of the base crunchy wafer cone gives an exotic feeling that can’t be explained in a word; this feelings is not available in ice cream with stick or that in a cup. Therefore developing an ice cream cone preparing business is cost-effective for small entrepreneurs.

Licenses needed for ice cream cone making business

For beginning ice cream cone manufacturing business you must complete some documentation regarding registration and licenses-

  • Firstly, you must register your company. You can register an ice cream cone making business either like a proprietorship or ROC (Register of Companies).
  • Get a trade license and pan card on which the name of your firm is mentioned. Ice cream cone is a food item and is categorised under food industry so one must have a license from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) which is obligatory for every food company.
  • Register your trade as SSI Unit.
  • GST registration is also necessary for this business.
  • You could also register your brand name as Trade Mark.

Area required for ice cream cone making business

The area of the business mostly relies on the business model. You can begin the ice cream with its manufacturing operations from your home, it only needs sufficient area to mount the machinery and less storage area to store material along with the final product after manufacturing.

While staring the business from home you must fulfil the needs that are mentioned by the government, there are few restrictions by the government such as keeping a pet is not allowed and you cannot make any other food. Home based manufacturing area will also help reducing your investment and thereby save your money.

If you are looking for any commercial space for production you must have the provision of water supply, electricity supply, drainage facility, and also finish up all documents related to land with the help of owner.

Raw material used for ice cream cone making business

The chief and basic raw material for ice cream cone is the wheat flour, corn flour, and tapioca flour. Besides this, you must process colors, sugar, flavors, salt, essence, baking powder, chocolate, and another ingredients that develops your ice cream cone tastier. Sugar is usually used for baking strength, quality, and of course for the sweetness. This also delivers a brownish color along with crispy texture to ice cream.

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Wheat flour is a vital raw material in cone ice cream preparation; corn flour is one more significant raw material that is mixed with wheat flour to give a consistent mixture. Tapioca flour is basically used in Southeast Asia and South America. The reason behind it is the tapioca is made from cassava plant that grows usually in tropical climate; the consistency of mixture is due to the tapioca flour.

All wet ingredient like color, the essence is mixed in flour with water, a baking powder is a dry constituent but it will be mixed by the help of water at the last to avoid its contact with moisture, the color is provided through natural edible products.

You must purchase some packaging material as well which is essential because for hygiene, after production one must protect the ice cream cone from moisture, and a packaging pouch could be used as promoting material as well.

Machinery required for ice cream cone making business

Ice cream cone making machine is one of the major aspects of manufacturing so you must select the proper machine for manufacturing. This accomplishes the major tasks,once you select the proper machinery for manufacturing.

Automatic ice cream cone making machine

There are numerous automatic machines are obtainable according to the capacity of production, so you must select by determining your production rate and capital investment. The automatic ice cream cone machine which produces 150 to 180 piece of the cone per minute will be around 1.50 to 2.00 lakhs.

The ice cream cone making machine delivers you a well-finished cone, you may evenhave different shapes and patterns by using this automatic cone producing a machine. Apart from ice cream cone making machine, you require some other machines such as cone holders, cone mixer, and dispensers.

Ice cream cone mixer

After the selection of the raw material you must mix it properly to make a consistent plate of it. Thus you require a mixer that makes your work much feasible

  • Each mixture is fast and easy to operate
  • Cone holders and dispensers
  • Cone holder aids to easily handle and for holding purpose.

Process for ice cream cone making business

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Process of ice cream cone makeing.
Process of ice cream cone makeing.
Ice cream cone making process and steps

Create mixture

First of all, you must mix the corn and wheat flour using the help of water by an ice cream cone mixer. Add the required amount of colors and essence as per the taste.

Load mixture into the cone making machine

Feed the automatic ice cream cone making machine with corn and wheat flour. As per the mold design provided in the machine the cone is produced after baking.

Collect the cone

While cones are baked in the cone making machine, you should draw it from the equipment.

Using the cone holders and dispensers, you may hold the cone and cool it for some minutes and then they will be ready for packaging.


After the cone making process is accomplished, you must pack the cone for sales.

You can employ a polyethylene pouch for packaging 50-100 piece of cones.

Packaging is very essential to save the product from the climatic changes and for hygiene. You may also use a packaging machine for this purpose and can use a special; designer and attractive packaging material that could be useful as promotional purposes.

Whom to sell the ice cream cone

You can advertise your business by conventional method as well as in new ways, do some local programs or join some kind of event to promote your product, you can even offer free sample products and request them for the feedback.

You can select a digital way to advertise your business by creating your own website from where you may sell and advertise your brand. Using social media like Facebook and Instagram to reach out your clients is also a best way. You may also prepare a sample product and provide to local wholesalers and offer them some promotional benefits on buying your product.

You can also contact the retailer for selling your product or they can even introduce your brand to previous clients which will help to build your client base.

Cost to start a ice cream cone making business in India

Cost to Start a Ice Cream Cone Making Business.
Cost to Start a Ice Cream Cone Making Business.

The cost of the machine is Rs. 65,000

The cost of ingredients is Rs. 30,000

Other miscellaneous costs like electricity etc. is Rs. 5,000

So, total costs involved is Rs. 1,00,000.

How much money can you make in ice cream cone making

You can expect 30% to 50% of the profit based on the demand and the number of companies you offer your cones.

As each cone you can sell up to Rs. 0.30 and you can earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month. But mostly it depends the marketing which you have done for it. You may also like to Make Money from Organic Gardening.


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