Marble Business Information For Beginners

Marble Business Information:

This all about Marble Business (Manufacturing).

Introduction to Marble Business

Marble and Granite business a surely a profitable enterprise in the right Market. Marbles and granites are compulsory materials building materials and they are popular for their beauty and durability on indoor surfaces. If you’re willing to start up a profitable enterprise supplying, installing and maintain their stone business, there are many things that you must have deep study before getting into the business. Marble business is a highly competitive business, they have a huge demand in the market with high competition. Mable tiles are used as building materials in hotels, homes, apartments, residential complexes, hospitals, and airport terminals. Architectural use for the interior, exterior and floor decoration in the building, decorative memorial stone, high precision instrument beds and surface plates.  And marbles are in demand for a table, Craftwork for interior decoration, nameplates. 

Marble Business – Learn the business Tips

To know to success tips for this marble and granite business, you should learn from the people who are already in this business. As marble business has huge market potential, it’s very tough to find a company in your areas who are willing to share you’re the business tips. You need to find the people who run companies like these in markets where you will not compete.

The polished marble tiles are having good demand in India. They are used for construction work of hotels, airport, railways, houses, hospitals etc. in great quantity. People are attracted to marbles tiles for their hardness, durability, smoothness, and finish. Realizing the potential for polished tiles, the govt of India included the marble tiles industry in its list export thrust sector. India is the main competitor in the international market are Chine, South Korea, Brazil etc.

Marble Business Plan and granite business plan

Every successful business start opens with a perfect business plan. To begin with, you need to make a lot of decisions about what kind of business unit you planning to operate.

  • For example, you want to become a distributor of ready-made products made by manufacturers.
  • Or you can be the importer of fine marble and granite products.
  • Or you can add value to those products by offering design and architectural services to your customers. 

There are several ways that you can participate in the market, and it is up to you to decide what the focus will be. Give serious attention to the size of the local market, stones are a huge demand material. And there will be many competitors in the markets offering services them.

Once you get decided with the type of service you are going to offer, next it chooses the best business structure, acquire necessary licenses and applying to the internal revenue service for a federal employer identification number or EIN.

Marble Business – Investment

Arrange your financing, if you have sufficient money to start the marble and granite business. At the early stage you buy inventory and run the business for few months, then you approach the local banks for loans. Before you invest you should check your business plan, background, your expectation as to when the business will become profitable, the amount of money you will need to open the doors, and other details. Not only the banks many other private financial institutes also offer loans for the start-up businesses.

Location for your marble business

Once your set with the business and investment, its now time to take details from paper to reality. Select the suitable location for office and warehouse.

  • If your business plan mainly focuses on sales and installation, find a location with sufficient parking for your installation vehicles and modest storage for tools.
  • If you are offering full fabrication services, it requires more area for equipment’s, space for a showroom, and a large working area.

Location for this business needs more money, you should take money from your own savings, private investors or loans from one or more sources.  For business you need premises, vehicles and some types of equipment can be leased, to preserve your start-up capital.

Permits and Registration for Marble Business

  • For all the sections you are willing to operate you need to register your company. Select a business name and incorporate the enterprise as an LLC.
  • Obtain trade license and factory license. Get BIS certification and tax identification number.
  • As a manufacturer, you need to trademark the product for brand recognition. There are few environmental protection laws guiding the business.
  • The marble tile business unit requires VAT Registration- If the annual taxable turnover exceeds Rs 5 Lakhs. VAT tax must be collected from the clients once turnover exceeds Rs 5 lakhs.
  • Find other certificates you need obtain in your country.

Machinery and Equipment in Marble Business

Wholesalers only need a large warehouse, forklift and delivery trucks for the business. Manufacturers also need to purchase an array of equipment. Some equipment needed by marble manufactures are hydraulic filter press, bucket elevators, line conveyor, pot mill and ball mill. Other equipment is shuttle kiln, agitator and glaze vat.

Raw Materials:  A important step can be achieved by asking co entrepreneurs how they have always sourced for their materials. Once you get a list of suppliers, ensure that compare prices so that you can stick with the process that is reasonable. You may as well embark on sourcing for raw materials yourself by doing some research.

Human Resources in Marble Business

For this business startup, you need some staff, you need a sales person, administrative staff, and Stoneworkers.

If you are capable of handling accounting, sales, and administrative work, you don’t require outsides. But If you are planning run in large scale or planning to expend it in future you need helping hand.

If you are planning large scale you require: Manager-cum-supervisor, Clerk, Accountant, Salesman, stone workers, labor, peon, watchman. 

Business Relationship Management in Marble Business

To get successful in marble and granite business you should maintain strong relationships with everyone from a supplier who provides stone and with the entrepreneurs who can direct business your way.  Marbles are high-end materials with a high cost for the homeowner. So, they search for all better options that suit their interior decoration, so you should be able the represent as many as colors and models of stone from multiple suppliers.

You should be updated with all business shows and business functions by meeting your suppliers regularly or by visiting their quarries and showrooms directly. Industry publications can best sources to get updates on supplier’s strengths.  You can also form strategic partnerships: if your local competitors deal with specific stone suppliers, their rival might offer you favorable terms to crack a market where they have been shut out.

Manufacturing Process of Marbles Tiles

  • Polishing and Shining: Once marble slabs or strips or marbles are ready for polishing, A large conveyor system moves them through the polishing line. The process typically starts with very coarse diamond abrasives and moves gradually to finer and finer abrasives- a process of sanding fine hard works.
  • Designing: Here Customers can view the slabs to select the one with color and veining desires. This is highly recommended, as each slab of marble will have its own unique characteristics.
  • Fabrication Process: After selecting the slab or slabs of marble desired, natural stone installers will measure the area in the home, to extract standards, and start the fabrication process. Once complete, the marble slabs will carefully have installed.

Marketing Plan for Marble Business and Granite Business

Make a perfect marketing plan for your business, so start by deciding how to sell your products. Implement perfect marketing strategies in selling your marbles. If your planning to sell your products on the internet, start a website with an attractive design with complete product information and prices. You can create social networking pages and spread on the internet. Or if you have salespeople calling on local business and homes you implement telecalling process and contact builder, contractor and real estate dealers who deal with products in huge quantities.

You should implement a high rated advertising strategy, that has a huge impact on your profit margin. You must leave no stone unturned in sourcing for the market. Once you have defined your target market, then you can begin to look for ways to reach them. Printing brochures and fliers are a good way. You can use print and electronic media. Once you can get your business in faces of people, then you can sure to have more clients.

Your marketing plans you deal with all your business plan. You should consider following terms and following you are marketing and business deals weekly or monthly.

You also should make perfect plan with

  • what level of business do you project during the first year you are open?
  • What will be the projected profits during the first year?
  • What will the projected profits during the first term?
  • Is it enough to sustain yourself in markets after your investing costs?

Franchising of Marble Business

The probabilities of you doing well with your venture are greatly increased when you join the ranks of franchisees and leverage their successful brand and track record.

Before you are far along in your plan to open a marble, tiles wholesale and manufacturers business, you should investigate whether buying a franchise could help you to avoid common mistakes.

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