Money Making Ideas for Housewives (Homemaker)

Introduction to Money Making Ideas for Housewives: Mainly housewives will be having a lot of responsibilities at home that is watching their kids, cooking food for family members, take care of children, and a lot more. So, they will be not having a particular free time to do the job whether they may be educated or uneducated. But they will also be having the free time of 4 to 5 hours after their husband and children go to office and schools, they can utilize this time by making money if they are interested and can use that money for anything either it may be buying household things or saving those for children future. Now, let’s get into the details of ideas for money-making especially for housewives or homemakers.

A guide to Money Making Ideas for Housewives in India

As we are speaking about women or housewives, they are already having a number of inbuilt skills like cooking tasty food, cleaning and maintain the house very neatly, as they only care for children they are also good at babysitting, etc. And also, many opportunities are there to earn from sitting at home if they are uneducated only. If they are educated, then they will be having many more opportunities like data entry work, online money earning jobs. I am sharing some business ideas which I know and that would be easy to start.

Online Jobs for Housewives

If housewives are educated or if they are having knowledge on the internet, then for them they are online jobs whether it may be typing jobs or Professional jobs based on the skills.

Typing Jobs for Housewives

They are many online typing jobs such as Blogging, Content writing, Ghostwriter, Data entry job, Transcription jobs. For these jobs, you need to have a computer as well as an internet connection and you should be having Good English writing skills.

Make Money by Writing Articles 

  1. Blogging for Housewives

Blogging is a work that needs to control a blog, which means writing about the niche and then publishing or posting them on a blog or website such that it should reach all who search about it. Mainly the niche that you select should be carefully selected such that it should have much traffic to those sites as well as you should have some unique knowledge about. If you are an educated woman and have some idea about the niche, then you can easily make a blog and then post unique content and can earn money easily. The money how they get is when they will be getting a blog linked to an Ad-sense account, based on the visitors to your blog per month you will be earning money. This is the best way of earning more money and also you only need a computer as well as a good internet connection to start a blog.

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  1. Make Money with Content Writing

Content writing is a job where you need to write content about something in your own words and that should be unique. Websites owning people who sell some products or who use the website for digital marketing, affiliate marketing will be recruiting content writers to write some content about the products or something related to the blog or website. In this also you need to gather information related to the topic and describe it in detail such that each and every viewer of the website should easily understand it. As this is a job under someone, you will be getting a salary like paying money based on the words you write.

You can also review a product that is new to the market and write content about it and upload it in a blog or website if you wanted to earn money on your own. But this is somewhat included with patience because starting when you make a website, you will not be earning a single penny until your website has gained some huge traffic.

  1. Ghost Writing for Housewives

If you are having any talents or skills like story writing, lyric writings, or if you are a journalist before then you can work as a Ghostwriter means you can write stories or lyrics and sell to someone else, by not expecting credit for the job either it may be good or bad. Some famous story writers, lyricists will be recruiting these ghostwriters as they don’t have time. You can get work offline through your network as well as freelancer websites also recruit online.

  1. Freelancer jobs for Housewives

Freelancer websites are those where you can find recruiters as well as professional workers. On these websites, you will be getting paid for doing simple tasks or jobs that you do. You need to create a profile on these websites based on the skill you have like web designing, CAD designer, translation jobs, etc and then you need to bid for the projects for the least and you should be showing your past skills and works what you did. For housewives who had done jobs before and due to responsibilities, they can’t do jobs, for them, these are good jobs.

  1. Data Entry Jobs for Housewives
Data Entry Jobs for Housewives.
Data Entry Jobs for Housewives.

They are also data entry jobs that are very simple, you just need to see the data in the images or written pdf which is given to you and type that data in Microsoft word and submit it. You can get offline data entry jobs in your local area as they are many jobs, and also you can get online data entry jobs on freelancer sites. As E-books are mainly used nowadays, you could get jobs like transforming old books into the format of E-books, so there are many jobs regarding these transforming books.

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  1. Translation jobs for Housewives

These are also data entry jobs but what you need to do in these jobs you should translate from one language to another language and type that data in Microsoft word, you can get these in freelancer sites, you should be knowing languages minimum of two and if you know more languages you will be easily getting jobs in any of the languages you know. You could get jobs like translating a book in some language into another language in the format of an E-book.

Some jobs may be like you will be given audio format text messages, you need to listen to the audio and then type that data in Microsoft word and you need to submit it.

  1. Youtuber

YouTube is a platform where you can show many skills by making videos that might be teaching videos, acting videos, short films or you can make a video about your company and can promote your business also by YouTube. You need to make videos and edit them and upload them to your youtube account, then it may be viewed by people and if the account is linked with ad-sense, then you will be getting money for the ads viewed while watching your video. Mainly housewives can make cooking videos because they will be trying new recipes every day, they can make videos while cooking and can upload on youtube.

Offline Jobs for Housewives

They are many jobs or business ideas for housewives sitting at home and working only at a free time from home.

  1. Gardening ideas for making money

As women generally have a habit of growing plants at whatever place they might have, so why can’t you convert this habit to making money. You need to spend more time initially while ploughing and sowing seeds and after that when plants start growing you only need to water the plants daily, that’s it you can sell fruits and vegetables what you grow and make money.

Money Making Ideas for Housewives.
Money Making Ideas for Housewives.

If you don’t have a place at the home to plant trees there you can use techniques like terrace gardening like growing plants in pots, it requires very little space and you need to pour manure weekly to get more productivity.

  1. Tailoring for Housewives

Women are most fond of dresses, sarees, etc and they regularly buy clothing for each and every festival, so tailoring business has good demand. If you know to tailor then you can earn money by sitting in the home, you just need a sewing machine, threads, cloth material, etc. Same as all the business, in this, also based on your skill and creativity the customers increase. But you should be learning to tailor initially and also you need to buy a Sewing machine and other dress material which are required.

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By starting this, you can also start buying and selling sarees business, because many women will be coming to tailor, if you would sell trending sarees then you would be definitely clicked in the market.

  1. Beautician jobs for Housewives

Women are highly addicted to beauty, so they will be caring for beauty all the time and often go to the beauty parlour for makeup, skincare, hair styling, and nail care. So, there is good demand for beautician, but you need to certified beautician by doing some courses such that people believe you. There is also the chance of becoming assistants to models, you can become a makeup artist, hair styling for heroes and heroines.

  1. Catering Business for Housewives
Catering Business.
Catering Business.

As women are good at cooking food as they only prepare food for people in-home, so you can make this cooking as business and make money. We generally cook food for hundreds of people at functions, parties, and marriages or we will give orders for caterers based on how many people cook food. As women make many recipes and also very delicious, they can use this opportunity for making money if they are interested.

  1. Cleaning Service for Housewives
Cleaning Service.
Cleaning Service.

Nowadays, people are too lazy to clean their houses and also some people due to lack of free time, don’t clean their houses. So, you can check this in your locality and form a group of people and start a cleaning service business. You don’t require heavy investment for this, vacuum cleaners, broomsticks, are enough to start this business. This can be operated part-time that may be 4 to 5 hours per day. The customers can be easily available in Gated Community areas and apartments.

  1. Handicrafts Making

Arts or Gift items made by hands have good demand in the market. Products like greeting cards made with hands, showcase items made with scrap which will be less in cost as well as having good look can be made in home by housewives in their free time and can be sold. They can sell those products online in e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, etc, and also offline in gift shops with proper packing.

Money Making Ideas with Curry Point for Housewives

If you are good at cooking and it is only a matter of leasing a small space in a good traffic area and run the business in the afternoon and evening. As many people are becoming lazy to cook and many job holders don’t have time, this is guaranteed money-making business for housewives.

Best Money Making Ideas and Tips for Housewives in India
  • Home Tuitions
  • Candle Making Business
  • Selling Sarees from Home
  • Taking Online Classes from Home
  • Making Pickles at Home and Selling
  • Candle Making Business
  • Spices Making and Packing
  • Hand Made Soaps Making Business
  • Making Masks and Hand Sanitizers from Home

Conclusion of Money Making Ideas for Housewives

There are many ideas and opportunities for money-making especially for housewives if they know how to use the internet and if they are good at English reading and writing skills.

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