Money Making Online Games in India

Introduction to money making online games in India:

Yes, if you wanted to earn money through your mobile by playing games then there are a lot of apps that give real money. People make huge money by sitting at home and just by playing.

A guide to money making online games in India

In online money-making apps, there are different categories like betting, rummy games, Quiz games, and Normal games. By knowing your interest in what games, you wanted to play and you can choose those games and play.

  1. Fantasy sports game apps

These fantasy sports games are those where people predict members who will perform well in the real match. If a cricket match is conducted between two teams, then you can select 11members who perform well in-game, based on the performance of the members of both teams they will be given points. A finally the participant whose team score is more is awarded based on ranks and prize money.

People who watch games regularly and have knowledge in that games such as about players, how the weather conditions affect the match and how the player performs on the pitch conditions etc. if he can judge all these and predict the game, for them this is a good opportunity. People can earn thousands of rupees by this came if you predict well and also luck plays a major role in these games.

How to play fantasy sports games

Firstly, by opening the play store and download the app then register in the apps, and then the apps will be giving you the registration bonus for new registration, and by that amount, you can play the game. There will be a lot of contests by variation of prize money, a number of players in the contest, etc. you need to participate in that contest by creating your own team of 11 members by both the teams. You need to create a team by checking all the terms and conditions of the app.

While creating the team in the cricket fantasy league you should select one wicketkeeper, three batsmen, three bowlers, and a minimum of two All-rounders, and the remaining two you can select any of the players. And then you should choose one vice-captain and captain because the points scored by the captain will be doubled and the points scored by the vice-captain will be multiplied by 1.5 times. So, you be very careful while making captain and vice-captain, the highest scorer you predict should be captain, and the scorer should be vice-captain. Some of the Fantasy sports games which give money are

  • Dream11
  • 11 Wickets Fantasy
  • KhelChamps
  • MyTeam11
  • Hala Play
  • Fantasy Power11
  • Leaguex
  • FanFight
  • Fanmojo
  • GamePro11
  • Fantain
  • Fanbash

Fantasy cricket games are popular but there are also games like kabaddi, Football leagues. So, if you like these games and have more knowledge about them, then this is the best game to make money. Different apps give different amounts as registration bonus or joining bonus. Payments may be directly through bank transfers or like through Paypal cash or Paytm cash.

  1. Online rummy games for making money

Online rummy games are legal and you play rummy by sitting in your home, this also earns good money but this game is highly based on the factor of luck.

From olden days, in India, if there are parties, functions, or festivals all the members of the family will be sitting and playing cards or rummy, but due to betting and playing these games, they were banned and so then now again these became legal in laying online platforms. You can earn money by registering, by referring friends also in these games. If you have a laptop or computer or phone and also an internet connection, you can easily earn money by playing these games. These are 100% legal, 100% safe, and secure.

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Online Card Games.
Online Card Games.

There are many rummy-playing apps, where you can invest money and play. Some of the apps are

  • Classic Rummy
  • Adda52
  • Khel Play Rummy
  • Taj Rummy
  • Rummy Circle
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Deccan Rummy
  • Rummy Passion
  • Ace2Three
  • Rummy Central
  • Rummy Villa
  • Indigo Rummy

These are apps that are genuine and give you a cash bonus, just you need to register and play a game that is in the lobby, you may play any game you want. These games are available to play anytime you want 24 hours a day. You can withdraw money at any time you want into a bank account.

People who are addicted to Rummy and goes to club daily to play games, they can use their time by sitting in the house and can play these games.

  1. Online quiz games

A lot of people will have more knowledge in General studies, Current affairs and what is happening in the world about sports, etc. For them, this kind of apps is good to earn, and also you can earn more knowledge through this kind of apps. You can earn thousands from this kind of game. They are some quiz apps

  • Qureka Quiz App
  • Loco Quiz App
  • Brain Bazi Quiz App
  • MobShow Quiz App
  • Play Prime Time Quiz
  • Zupee Quiz App
  • Just Play Quiz App
  • GameOn Cricket Quiz App

These are the best games for earning money because as we improve knowledge, as above mentioned they are some of the best Quiz games, just you need to download the app, register in the app with all your details. Then there will be quizzes at a particular time, they will give notification about what time they will be conducting the quiz, At that time you should be online and attending the quiz, If you say all the questions correctly or if your rank is first, then you will be getting the prize money. Thousands of people participate in some quizzes and only 3 to 4 people may be winners, in this type of quizzes, there will not be any entry fee also. 

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Online quiz games.
Online quiz games.
  1. Paytm first games

By seeing all the above games what Paytm did is kept all the games in one app that is Paytm First games in this you can play fantasy sports games, play Online Rummy and quiz games, and many more games where you play games and earn. Paytm is giving the bonus cash if you download the app and register. As this app is related to Paytm the cash you won in the games would be withdrawn through Paytm wallet and this the best app to play all three games.

Just you need to have a Paytm account and then download the app, then register through your Paytm number and then play the games you want to play and earn money and also refer to the app if are satisfied with that app.

  1. Online streaming games

You can also earn through online streaming games, people who love video games and play games daily then for them this is the best online earnings. You will be playing the game but what happens in online streaming is our game that is been played can be streamed online by the viewers on YouTube. After creating the YouTube channel for streaming, you should ask for donations. You need to turn on the Twitch after you sign up for the account.  You don’t need to have a lot of subscription and views to get donations but to increase your earning to need to get subscriptions as well you gaming strategy should be different from others and you should definitely play well in the games. You should collect bids, subscribes. You should attract the viewers to watch your game.

After the Pubg game come to the market, many online streamers had come and they play the game online. This is one of the best part-time jobs to earn money by just playing the game with your friends. You can relax by playing video games after coming from your work as well as you can earn a lot based on your gaming.

Games like Pubg conduct tournaments season to season and the winners of the tournaments will be getting lakhs of money. This way also you can earn money by winning tournaments.

  1. 8Ball poll

8 ball pool is a snooker game in an app or website. You can earn money by challenging the opposite contestant like betting, who will win the game will be getting money. Firstly, you need to download the game then while playing you should add money from your bank and then bet that money. Many people play this game because it was from a long time back. This was the early game which was earning game before others games had come.

There are many other games like Ludo to play online and win money. They will be giving prime cash while winning games and after winning this cash can be converted to real money.

And also, in colleges there will be tournaments for games like Pubg, ludo, mini militia, etc based the high demand of the game at that particular point, there will be some registration free and you can win prize money if you are the winner.

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