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Online Teaching Jobs In India: 

Technology has improved our lifestyle giving new definition to everything from communication to socialization, from shopping to traveling.  Now coming to education even in this sector also technology has shown its large impact. In earlier days teaching is done in class in effective way, but the days are changed even teaching, learning everything is done online. A new thought of personal teaching made students to learn everything personal through online. They learn subjects or project everything through the websites that provide the teachers of their concerned subjects.

So here comes the main topic, if you planning to make money at home and having good educational qualifications and attractive presentation skills to become teacher. Then you can become online tutor and earn good amount money.

Prepare yourself before you start a career of online Tutor:

  • Choose the subject in which you’re expert and you should be able to present in most interesting way so that students can understand easily.
  • Should understand the curriculum or syllabus you are going to teach, it helps to maximize the effectiveness of lesson plans. You should practice and prepare the subject you are going to teach.
  • You should improve your presentation skills and English.
  • And post your CV on all job boards and websites that offers Online tutor jobs.
  • The payment mode for online tutor can in cash or paypal or paytm. So create Palpal and paytm account for your money transactions.
  • You should carry on uninterrupted and high speed internet connection.

Online Teaching Jobs – Tips to Take Up Online Teaching Job:

  • You should sign up into all the portals that offer online teaching jobs.
  • Your profile should be attractive and should represent you qualifications and relevant certificates and knowledge on particular subject you choose to teach. Be careful while preparing the profile, websites will verify you details.
  • You should mention the time you are available to teach and pay you expecting depends on your work.
  • Online tutor will give a virtual space and you use technologies like live chat and white board for teaching.

Online Teaching Jobs – Best Portals for Online Teaching Jobs:

You find hundreds of online teaching jobs revolving in internet. So here you can get verified websites that provides online teaching jobs without any investment. 

Online Teaching Jobs – is the one of the best websites that provides online teaching jobs around the world since 13 years. You can join for free and start working as an online tutor.

Online Teaching Jobs – Udemy:

Udemy is one of the most popular website on internet that over 10 million students. Through this site student can learn by purchasing videos tutorials online. If you want start career as online tutor just create your tutorial videos and submit here with expected price. Udemy has more than 4000 courses related videos.

Udemy provides easy tools to create courses, you earn good amount of money by selling courses online. Udemy gives another option to earn money by promoting other courses as an affiliate. You can promote UDEMY tutorials on you blog or website and earn money for every purchase of tutorial on your website or blog..

Online Teaching Jobs – TutorVista:

Tutorvista is another best website that offers online teaching jobs. If you good at Math’s, Physics,Chemistry, Biology and English you can join this website for free and get an online teaching job. This website has wide span of students and online tutors that helps you get good job with decent amount of money. This site offers full and part time online teaching jobs,  Tutorvista has around 2000+ online tutors and even require hundreds of online teachers of US students.

Online Teaching Jobs – At Home Tuition:

AtHomeTuition provides online tutoring to students all over the world from grade 3 to grade 12. This portal serves nearly 40000 online tutors. This website implements voice chat, messengers and interactive while boards for effective communication between teachers and students.

Online Teaching Jobs – Tutor: is another best option for qualified teacher looking for online teaching job. This site helps you to make money by getting good online teaching job with good amount of money. Tutor has nearly 2500 online teachers; this website needs teacher in subjects like Accounting, Statistics, Calculus, Chemistry, College Statistics, Economics, Finance, and Physics. If you are expert in any of the above subjects helps you to become online tutor. For chemistry tutor this site pays $ 800 to $1600.

Online Teaching Jobs – TransTutors:

TransTutors is one of the best online teaching portals. Through this website students gets answers to their questions and teachers make money by answering the questions of students. You will get paid for answering questions of the students; this site pays $3 per answer. This website has nearly 2 million students and 20000 teachers.

Online Teaching Jobs – BuddySchool:

BuddySchool is another best portal for qualified teacher who want earn money by online teaching. The joining fee for this website is free but it charges annual fee $10 for activating tutor profile. Once your profile is activated you can set your tuition fee and your profile so that students can contact you for tuition.

Online Teaching Jobs – My Private Tutor:

This site works for only in India and helps for students, teachers and institutions. If you’re looking for online teaching job or home teaching job this website is the best option. Through this website student can find best online teachers, teacher can find online teaching jobs, this portal helps institutions to market their online classes.

Online Teaching Jobs – Expert Tutor:

Expert Tutor an online education company by  Focus Group offers its services in all the metro cities in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kerala) all other places. This provides online teaching for CBSE, ICSE, IIT, JEE,CET,GMAT,GRE & TOEFEL , all subjects from class 6 to12 class and professional courses like CA, CS. This portal gives good opportunity for online teachers with good pay.

Online Teaching Jobs – Vedantu:

This is another online teaching portal, which plays a key role in online education and democratizes the education system by putting student at center of learning process. It offers one to one, one to many and instalearn to its students in class 6 to 12 math and science classes and entrance exam classes. Company charges 10% of earning from the teacher, it offer web interface to teacher to teach and communicate with the students.

Some more website that offer online teaching jobs are:

  • Tutor City
  • Eduwizads India
  • Tutor India
  • BharatTutor

Above are the most popular website that offering online teaching jobs, but before you join those portals take deep glance on FAQ and Terms and conditions to get complete information about to policy and payment method.

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