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Introduction to online typing jobs in India: If you have skill in typing data quickly, and if you are searching for part time jobs to work from home then these typing jobs are the best jobs in India.

A step by step guide to online typing jobs in India

In olden days, we used to read stories, lessons and many more through books but now a days we are reading them in pdfs or it might be E-learning because of the technology and as well as to save paper. So, this has become most bigger advantage to the Type writers or data entry people. There many typing jobs in India and few of those jobs are written below.

  1. Data Typing from Images

These data typing jobs are nothing but the typing the hand written data which is in the format of images on to the Microsoft word. Basically, the old books are to be typed in the format of Pdfs, mainly you would be getting this kind of jobs. There are many websites which offers this kind of jobs, but you need to check the details of thewebsite and also you should check the reviews of it. And before registering to these websites, you should check about the payment process and assure whether this is fake or good website.

These websites would pay according to the number of pages written or been typed. You may also get these jobs from Freelancer sites.

  1. Data Typing from Voice Clips

These data typing jobs are nothing but typing the data that you listen from the voice clips to texts on the Microsoft word. The conservation between the client and the boss may be recorded and would be typed for later discussion between them. Similarly, anything which is in the format of audio and if it should be typed then they will be typed by data entries. For this kind of jobs, they will be paid per hour, it means based on the length of the voice clip. There are many websites which offers this kind of jobs. Thing is that make an account in these websites and start getting projects and submit the finished work.

For this job you need to have computer, an internet connection as well as a ear phone to listen the content in the voice clips.

  1. Captcha Typing Jobs

You can consider this as one of the easiest online typing jobs in India. Captcha means a code which is written in a box while are signing in an account to ensure that you are human not a robot. These comes under simple typing jobs and these are very easy to work. The things you require is either a computer or a phone with internet connection. By doing this job, you will be getting $ 0.45 USD to $ 1.5 USD per 1000 captchas. Here are some websites which are genuine and are running since many years

  • Mega Typers
  • Kolotibablo
  • ProTypers
  • CaptchaTypers
  • VirtualBee

This job would be simple and easy to do but finally you will be getting very less amount of money compared to other typing jobs. If you have less time and you want to do some part time job, then this will be good job for you. These all websites will be having some minimum Payout or threshold amount to make withdraw your amount.

  1. Content Writing

This one is one of best online typing jobs in India, if you are good with english or any other regional languages, you can  make good amount of money by writing post content for blogs and websites.

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Content writing jobs.
Content writing jobs.

Blogging means sharing the content what you know perfectly to people or public by internet.  You will be writing in detail what you know about it. These will be written on blogs or their own websites. So, the recruiter now recruits content writers to write the data about a topic by gathering information. The content writers should have skills like typing the data fast, and also have good command in English or the language which is to be typed. The people who typing speed is more will be enjoying this as it is best when compared to other jobs.  The content writers will be payed per word they type. They are websites where content writers are recruited.

  • Crowd content
  • Content writers

Freelancer websites also recruit content writers, they will be given the topic to write by the recruiter. They are many freelancer websites and you can simply create a account and bid the projects based on content writing. After getting the project you better complete the given work in short period of time and submit it. Initially for some freelancer websites you need to pay after one-month trail.

If you just wanted to earn money through typing this is the best way, you can type data the content data about what you know and the content what recruiter gives, but in case you wanted to create your own blog  and earn money, then it will be a long time taken process. Initially you to create a blog then you should buy a domain that it might be .com, .in, .blogger etc and then you should create huge traffic to the blog or website by creating your unique content. Now according to the traffic and rules of ad-sense you will have to link your blog with the ad-sense. Then you will be earning through the adds which are been displayed on the blog or website. You can also sell the products through Affiliate Marketing on your website, such that you can make some commission through selling.

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  1. Resume Writing

This is my favourite online typing jobs in India as it gives much freedom by writing resumes in certain formats right from your home and computer. If you are professional Resume writer or at least you can create a good resume which will be impressed by the recruiter then you can earn huge money through part time resume writers. Among all the typing jobs this job may earn high amounts in less time. If are not a professional resume writer and you wanted to become a professional resume writer, then here are few which you are searching for

  • National Resume Writers Association
  • Career Directors International
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer

Online Resume Writing jobs are found in freelancer websites and also Resume writer websites. You may not need to a professional to write resume in these sites. You just need to create an account in these sites and then create your profile such that the recruiter should be impressed through your profile. And then you need to complete the work in given time.

  1. Ghost Writing

There will be top rated story writers, journalists, Book writhers or author of the books, and these writers will recruiter ghost writers for other stories or contents. As they are bored or to come with a different story or content, they give this opportunity to Ghost writers. If you have good content and you wanted to publish it online but you are not willing to take credit of that content, then this is good opportunity to make money. Basically, you will be not getting credit for the content you write and you are not the writer of that content officially. The recruiter may see your skills and based on your content you will be getting money. If you wanted to become a story writer in future and wanted to know about your own writing skills, for them this is the good one to start immediately as you will be knowing how you are reaching to people and as well as you can earn money.

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This job will be mostly offline, like you have to create network of people among the side of your interest like story writing etc. You need to work as assistant writer for the most famous people and share the ideas you have with them and impress them. By that way you would be getting opportunities as Ghost writer. If the main writer wanted to give you credit for the work you done, he would be sharing about you as assistant to him.

Online Ghost writer jobs means same as offline but you would be writing the story or content to the people you don’t know as you will be connected online through websites. Many freelancer sites will be recruiting the ghost writers, some of them are

  • Writology
  • Freelancer
  • HireWriters
  • Toptal
  • BlogMutt
  • Upwork
  • Guru

Finally, the thing is If you don’t to get credit for the work what you do this is the best online typing jobs. The payment will be based on the content you write and also based on you experience.

  1. Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs.
Transcription jobs.

If you have good skills in typing the data fast and as well as good listening and can able to type that data what you listen, then this is best opportunity to make money part time from home. For example, you are watching a movie in some other language what you don’t know. Then you will keep the option movie with captions in English. For this some people who be listening the conversations of the movie and type the conversation. These are that kind of jobs, you will be listening speeches, stories, etc. and you will be converting them into text. There would also translation jobs involved in it. It means listening the voice clips in some other language and typing that content into text in different language.

These jobs are also found in the Freelancer websites, you just need an account in those websites to start the work immediately. You may be interested in Clove Oil Extraction Methods and Process.


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